Hello! Can you tell me a bit about you?

I have a page dedicated to little ol’ me right here. That should give you a bit of background! If you like what you see, I suggest we meet up because it’s so important to see whether our personalities fit together. A big part of getting great wedding images consists of chemistry. I’ll be with you all day on your wedding day, we’ll be exchanging a plethora of messages and phone calls in the months leading up to, and even after your wedding, so a good working relationship is key!

I’ve seen some dramatic, high contrast, moody low-key photography on another photographer’s site that I love! Can you do this?

I’m afraid I have to pass. Wedding photography comes in many different shapes, guises and styles. A photographer’s style is their own and the important thing is to fall in love with the images that most appeal to you. When you hire a photographer, it’s because you love what they – and only they – can do. Photography is a business but it’s also an art. The type of wedding photography I produce is bright and airy, with a predominance of high key light tones, soft, artistic, intimate, with shallow depth of field and very feminine. If you are not keen on my imagery, then I’m not the right photographer for you.

What is your style of photography then?

I’ve written more about my style and approach here. In a nutshell, I mix an editorial feel with a photo-journalistic approach. My style is a story-telling approach, capturing unscripted moments of emotion as they occur, the big moments and the details. Editorial is quite edgy, creative and looks like something from a style magazine. Photo-journalistic on the other hand is kind of the opposite of posed shots, and is more about being unobtrusive and documenting moments as they unfold without direction. I like doing more editorial or fine-art style shots when we do your portraits, but take more of a documentary style approach doing guest table shots. I particularly love speech-reaction shots as the guests hoot, jeer and crumple in laughter. To read more about the different styles of wedding photography, and figure out which is right for you, read this article from Junebug Weddings.

Can we do some posed shots?

Sure! While I think a shot list can be counterproductive… and I’ll explain why below… I can definitely capture those big family shots and particular groupings as they are the definitely record of who was there, which becomes even more meaningful as the years advance. You’ll be able to furnish me with a list of the group shots you’d ideally like but I strongly suggest sticking to no more than 12 groupings.

OK so why is a shot list counterproductive?

A long list of must-take shots will hamper my ability to do what I’ve been hired for, which is to work in real-time and take journalistic-style images in a documentary manner. Working to a Pinterest board will seriously impede my creative flow and time I have to capture natural, unscripted moments. If there’s anything unusual taking place at your wedding, such as a performance or a cultural tradition, we’ll of course chat about that beforehand so I’m aware it’ll be happening, but other than that you can be sure I’ll take all the ‘usual’ images without prompting.

What’s your pricing, and can you work with us if we have a small budget?

My pricing is outlined clearly here. It’s rare to see photographers’ pricing laid out like that, but I appreciate that your time is valuable and I’m not going to assume you have all the time in the world to call me or send me and email just so I can pluck a number out of thin air! The idea behind giving you my pricing upfront is so that you know immediately whether I’m in the budget you had in mind, or not. If not, then feel free to get in touch anyway and we’ll see if we can work something out. I love unusual, artistic, alternative and highly imaginative weddings in my portfolio, so if you’re planning a wedding that meets that criteria, get in touch. Please respect that this is my livelihood and my only source of income, and while I love to say ‘yes’ rather than ‘no’, I don’t appreciate lowballers!

What’s your payment schedule? Can we pay after the wedding?

My payment schedule is 50% of the total is due to secure the booking, 25% within 2 months, and the remaining 25% within 1 month of your wedding. I’m afraid it isn’t possible to pay after the wedding, my apologies. Payment for overtime hours or album/ print purchases however, is due post-wedding though of course.

Why do we have to pay a deposit?

It’s standard in this industry to pay a fairly large deposit to hold the date with the remainder being due just before the wedding. Why is that? There are only so many Saturdays in the year. There are only so many Saturdays during the wedding season. When I take a booking, it means I have to refuse all other enquiries that were asking about that date. If I’m turning away weddings because your wedding is taking place on that date, I would need a non-refundable deposit so I know that I’m definitely photographing your wedding.

smiling bride and groom collage

Our wedding is a midweek shindig and we don’t need many hours of coverage. Can you still work with us?

Of course! My packages are for 6-hour minimum weddings, but if your wedding is shorter I can still provide photography for your special day. My rate is $250 per hour for a 2-hour minimum which includes delivery of the images digitally.

What’s your turnaround time?

Currently I will deliver images to you in about a month from the time of your wedding. I try very hard to get your images delivered to you within a month. I like exceding expectations! Engagement shoots will generally take a maximum of two weeks to be delivered.

What editing do you do on the pictures?

Editing or post-production simply means turning the raw materials from the wedding (literally, my RAW files), into the style and look you see on my website. This means everything from straightening up all the images and correcting any lens distortions caused for example by using a wide lens, to removing unsighly trash bins and Fire Exit signs in the background, to applying my preset in Lightroom. But that’s only the beginning! Most of the real legwork is color, exposure and white balance correction. Images taken indoors take longer to edit because tungsten lighting casts everything in a yellow glow! Each photograph is lovingly hand edited and this often takes frequent rounds of revision and a fresh eye, as they also need to look cohesive as a set, too. I use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Can we pay less and have no editing? Or can we have all the files and choose the best ourselves?

Editing style is part of what makes each photographer unique. You can take a RAW file and do a million different things to it, like make it dark and moody and super-sharpened, or light and airy with film grain – that’s how powerful image processing software has become! What you are paying a photographer for is the final work of art, not simply what they have come up with after clicking the shutter button. And asking for all the RAW files or the unedited jpegs is like asking your baker for the leftover sugar and flour that went into the cake you bought. I select all the viable images from your wedding, so you can rest assured no gems have been left on the digital cutting room floor.

Will you make my arms/ thighs/ belly/ nose look smaller then?

Fine image retouching, like the request you mention, isn’t included. This is a job for a trained retoucher, of which I am not one! However if you are very self-conscious that can be arranged for a fee as it will need to be outsourced… if you really can’t love your arms/ stomach/ belly/ nose just as they are.

What camera do you use?

I shoot with two top of line professional Canon cameras (5D Mark III) & professional ‘L’ lenses. Why two cameras? Any photographer worth their salt has at least two so one can be a back up in case of the dreaded ERR99 appears on the screen during a ceremony, or it breaks of gets submerged in water. It also means that I can capture two different fields of view with the two lenses without having to yell ‘Stop right there!’ while I change lenses!

Do you have a second photographer?

A second photographer doesn’t come as standard – it’s a paid-for extra which I definitely encourage especially if you have a lot of guests or really appreciate having two different angles at all times. A second photographer can usually capture more of the ‘guest candids’ that are a standard of contemporary wedding photography. All of my wedding packages of 6 hours however or more come with an assistant, who is there to help me out!

How many images will I receive?

I am a firm believer in quality over quantity and I try not to make a selling point out of how many images I produce – because that would be emphasising the wrong thing. Trust me, you’ll have thousands of images of your wedding because each guest will probably take dozens! What I strive for is quality which is something that only a talented wedding photographer can provide. Besides, nobody wants a flip book for their wedding album. I deliver unique and moving images for my clients with each frame I deliver. Generally speaking, clients will receive at least 50 images per hour of photography coverage.

Do I receive copyrights to the photos?

Most of my clients won’t require full copyrights buyout which is a considerable expense and is only for those who are extremely concerned about their privacy, For such clients, I offer full buyout of copyrights to the images, with details available on request. For the vast majority of clients, you’ll receive a print release which means you have the right to print the images and in fact use them in any way you wish (social media, online albums, your LinkedIn profile, printed on a coffee mug – whatever you can think of!) – just not for advertising or selling purposes. You may want to submit your wedding photographs for publication purposes to a wedding blog – examples include Green Wedding Shoes and Style Me Pretty. The editors will inform you this requires my written permission, which I’m more than happy to give!

Are our digital files watermarked?

No, they’re not. They are high resolution files and they won’t have my name plastered all over them. However a credit back to me when you post them definitely be appropriate and expected!

Do you travel for destination or international weddings?

I would be honored and thrilled to travel anywhere in the world to document your love story. As this is very much a bespoke arrangement, you’ll need to get in touch for rates and to give me the full lowdown.

Do you have insurance?

Yes I do! I am insured up to $2,000,000 through the US’s leading photographic business insurance provider. I can provide a insurance documentation summary to your venue but please allow two months to do this comfortably and without stress. You can put your venue or planning directly in contact with me as each venue has different requirements.

Isn’t this FAQ getting kinda long?

Yes! Good point. I’ll stop now, but if your question hasn’t been answered you can drop me a line any way you wish.