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Woah, it's scary seeing my face that big across the screen. 

Like a lot of photographers, I'm most comfortable behind the camera. 

I never take it for granted how lucky I am that my couples allow themselves to be their beautiful vulnerable selves- crying, laughing, showing intimacy. 

Weddings are full of such tender emotion.

my name is


photographer for san francisco city hall weddings

A City Hall wedding is no less of a celebration just because it's a shared experience in a municipal building. 

It's the day your lives will become inextricably fused together. It's indescribable.

Whether or not you choose to have a larger wedding reception, your City Hall ceremony is day 1 of your married lives.

There are many ways I could go with answering this question. I'm a listy type person so here goes!

1. It's the kind of wedding I had myself and though it sounds weird had always dreamed about. Ask me about it! 
2. The very first weddings I ever got to second shoot at were at SF City Hall. I had just arrived in the US and that's what I happened to be offered.
3. The first clients of my own I ever got were also City Hall couples. Then a friend asked me to shoot hers. Things kind of snowballed!
4. I realized slowly that this is what I really love. It wasn't a lightning bolt kind of moment (sorry, that would have been a more dramatic story), but I realized through shooting dozens of them that I want to do more, and more, and more. 
5. That's the best way I can describe it, really. I have done a lot and I am just itching to do more as my experience, knowledge and confidence grow.
6. I live really close to it ;) Well, it's the truth.

Why SF City Hall weddings?

Photo credits above and homepage: Bethany Herron
Kristin Lin Photography

I started a BA degree in Philosophy but dropped out after 6 months to go to art school! (Pic - 2002)


I'm from London and lived in the UK for 32 years before I decided to cross the pond! (Pic - 2006)


I worked in investment banking for 7 years before the need to be creative pulled me back in! (Pic - 2013)


I got my first Canon film SLR at age 15 and used to develop film in the high school dark room. 




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