best camera settings for wedding photography

How to master your camera and get the best possible wedding photos - every time!

the practical guide to help you learn how to get the best out of your camera so you can be fully present

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Learn what exact settings work the best for each and every possible situation a wedding day could throw at you!

Perhaps you've photographed a few weddings but getting the right settings was a constant stress.

Or maybe you’ve taken some pretty decent shots, but want an easily replicable, winning formula that will give you amazing results without you even having to think about it.

Whatever point you’re at on your journey to becoming a wedding photographer, we've all been there. Too many out-of-focus shots. Accidentally leaving your camera on the completely wrong ISO. Busting a gut on the wedding day, only to look at the photos later and be really disappointed.  

This short ebook can give you an exact settings you need to know so that you never have to worry again about whether you're getting it right.  

When it becomes second nature, taking amazing photos becomes easy. You let go of the worry, and instead you're free to embrace creativity and be truly present for your clients. 

All of this without wasting your time, written by me, a working wedding photographer (ah, hi!) who set up my own photography business 5 years ago. 

Want to give your clients the most beautiful memories from their day - without breaking a sweat?

Are you wondering how wedding photographers take so many great photos without even having to think about it?

Here's what we'll cover in this PACKED ebook

Phew! There is so much I packed into this beautifully-designed ebook! It gets straight to the point of showing you exactly the stuff you need to know. The stuff that will move the needle for your shooting. The stuff that will truly help you to grow in technical proficiency. 

An essential cheat-sheet for any newcomers to the wedding photography world who want the quickest and easiest way to learn the correct camera settings. Without stress. Without worry. Without overwhelm. I'll explain each and every point I'm making.

When you know the logic behind WHY certain steps or techniques are being recommended, you'll be able to assimilate the information much more easily. 

 In the book I go into detail about topics like:

☑ The wedding day flow 
Understanding the structure and feel of the day is key if you're going to maximize the moments you capture

☑ Tips for successful images 
I'll go over some tips that no-one ever tells you, that I found out the hard way, and that can really change the game! 

☑ My own style & vibe
Every photographer has their own style, so it's important to see that ours align, because there are many ways of shooting.

☑ Common mistakes to avoid
We've all seen those generic listicles of 'common mistakes' but this page really lays it bare for you! 

☑ Breakdown of final image gallery
Wedding photography tips tend to focus on individual images - but I also give you the 30,000 foot view.

☑ Lenses for each scenario
Weddings are varied but they are also predicable. I've seen so many, I know which lenses to use for every scenario. 

☑ Aperture guide
A solid foundation is necessary to get the right balance between your subjects in focus but the background blurry! 

☑ ISO settings you need
ISO is one of the toughest settings to master for many photographers - and the most overthought!  

☑ The most important tip for in-focus shots
Trust me, I've been shocked at how many of my shots completely missed focus. Lazy focusing is usually to blame!

☑ Flash tips
Whether you use on-camera or off-camera flash, I have  simple guidelines that will help you nail your settings!

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The more you practice and get out there, the most second-nature my tips will become!

You're not interested necessarily in being a career photographer, but you need some quick tips so that you can photograph a friend's wedding! You still want to do a great job and haven't got time to consume hours of videos and read dozens of random blog posts. 

You are about to shoot a friend's wedding and need some help!

Who is this ebook for?


You are not completely sure what's involved, but you have this idea that maybe you want to shoot weddings. Whether full time or as a side-hustle. And starting off on the right foot is key. You don't believe in wasting time so want to learn the quickest way you can. 


Maybe you thought it would be easy. After all, aren't weddings just like anything else you might shoot? Not so fast! Weddings in my opinion definitely have their own flow, their own quirks. You need to approach them a little differently to maximize your efforts. 

You're looking to change direction somewhat with your shooting style

My style uses all-prime lenses and a shallow depth of field. I shoot primarily a candid style that captures a lot of moments that I want to be as technically 'perfect' as possible. If you're looking to change from zooms to primes, you're in the right place!

I’m Zoe Larkin, a wedding photographer and content marketing enthusiast. In my business, I help not only brides & grooms, but countless other wedding photographers and small business owners through the resources I create.  

I fell in love with not only the business side of things, but also the technical side of shooting and creating imagery that stands the test of time. 

No editing tricks - just great photography!

My goal is to create timeless, realistic imagery that truly captures fleeting moments - and to inspire and empower others to do the same.

My aim with this ebook is to help you take the stress out of figuring out your camera! Weddings have enough going on!

My hope is that you will learn some great tips and have a sort of 'cheat sheet' that you can keep in your back pocket, no matter what the wedding day (or any other photography event) throws at you! 

a practical guide, written by an established and successful wedding photographer

Your guide, Zoe of Zoe Larkin Photography!

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Need more help?

What form does the ebook take? 

It’s a pdf electronic book that can be read on any device that supports pdf. Being a very versatile format, this includes computers, tablets and phones.  It is delivered immediately! As soon as you hit 'buy' it will be in your inbox almost instantly. You can read it as many times as you like!

Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to master my camera? 

I can’t make any promises or guarantees about how long you will take to really absorb the info. I can say that the more you photograph, the easier that process becomes. Much like driving a car, using your camera gets into your muscle memory and before you know it you are shooting on autopilot!

Do you offer refunds if I’m not happy with my purchase? 

Of course! If you read the ebook and find that it does not deliver on what was promised, contact me and I’ll give you a full refund within 30 days of purchase. 

What makes you qualified to write about camera settings?

I'm an experienced wedding photographer, and unlike many industry educators, I still make almost all of my income through actually shooting weddings! That means that all of this knowledge is fresh in my mind. I love sharing what I've learned in my journey both as a wedding photographer and a business owner on my blog. Definitely check that out!

Do you have any other resources like this?

I have one already-published ebook called ‘How to Start a Wedding Photography Business’ that pairs perfectly with this one. 

I also have a YouTube channel where I dive into how wedding photographers can get found online (focusing more on marketing strategies and hacks to get in front of your target audience while saving time and money. 

Just out of curiosity, how long is this ebook?

The ebook is a few thousand words and 24 pages. It's less about the words though, and more about the sheer amount of utility and actionable settings you'll be able to take from this. 

Buy the ebook 'Best camera settings for wedding photography' NOW!

New to shooting weddings and want to learn all the best camera settings you should use for any kind of wedding?

In this ebook, I'll guide you through absolutely EVERYTHING I've learned in order to master my camera, so I'm never left fumbling with my settings at a wedding or in front of a client.

This 30-page, beautifully-designed and illustrated resource will show you in great detail and precision, exactly the settings I would choose for each and every aspect of the wedding day and lighting condition. From which lens to use, through ISO choice and the appropriate shutter speed and aperture to select, I have you covered.

You will get the book in .pdf format and it is possible to read this on a tablet, computer or phone. You will need to download the file and then you can read through it at your own pace.

An essential cheat-sheet for any newcomers to the wedding photography world who want the quickest and easiest way to learn the correct camera settings.