**Please note: We have moved away from the done-for-you model, in favor of self-service options for albums. Because of this change, our supplier has also changed (to a higher-quality option!). You are able to design albums yourself, year-round. Get in touch by email for further information and I will set up your self-service gallery specifically for albums. Many thanks! Zoe**

An affordable way to keep your wedding memories alive

Welcome, clients, to my guide to the Coffee-Table Books that I am proud to offer! These are a stunning choice of printed hardback book that you can purchase as an add-on to your wedding photography with me or my team after the wedding! 

Watch the video linked below to see the book for yourself and get a little intro from me!

Currently, I am offering any type of wedding album or book only during the months of January to March, when I can fully devote my time to album design. Album creation is a collaborative and creative task, utilizing a part of my brain that honestly doesn’t get much exercise as a photographer and business owner. 

Therefore, I want to be sure when I take on an album commission that I can keep up my end of the deal, completing the work for your review in a timely manner and to the best of my ability. 

What is a Coffee-Table Wedding Book?

Zoe Larkin Photography’s hardback layflat Coffee-Table Books are a great way of remembering your day! 

Your 8 X 8 book will be made by hand from quality materials. It is assembled from professional-quality press paper with a linen or bonded leather cover and foil-stamped text.

Our lab is only accessible to professional photography studios, meaning you won’t find the same quality from consumer labs. Also, their turnaround time is unbeatable: usually within 2 – 3 days to produce, with 1 – 2 days to deliver to your mailbox). 

A book is the most compelling way of displaying your images. It tells your story through carefully designed spreads that showcase everything that happened. The big things, the little details – nothing is forgotten, while keeping in mind the perfect pacing and flow to tell the story. 

To keep costs low and time spent waiting for you to a minimum, I will carefully select images for your album myself. I can even advise on many of the design choices. This is a done-for-you option, where you’ll be mostly hands-off. You will, of course, be able to proof your design online, which I highly recommend. 

The intimacy and interactivity of flipping through pages is really special. It’s an experience I want for everyone, regardless of budget or being too busy to make an album. 

Who is the Coffee-Table Book for?

Coffee-Table Books used to be an option solely for City Hall clients. The reason is that these books are more casual, at a lower price point, and work best for weddings that are much more low-key in nature, where you only had a handful of guests and a couple of hours of photography, but still want a tangible memory of the day.

Type of bookHours of CoverageGuest CountBudgetTime Commitment 
Fine Art AlbumMore than 4More than 20Higher budgetMore time needed (greater customization)
Coffee-Table BookLess than 4Less than 20 Lower budgetLess time needed (done for you)

The Coffee-Table Book is perfect for more casual, smaller and shorter celebrations with less than 4 hours of coverage such as elopements and City Hall civil ceremonies. For more lavish or bigger weddings, the Fine Art Album is your best bet. This conveys a sense of occasion commensurate with your wedding style, guest count and budget.

However, due to budget / time constraints or if you really don’t want the bigger, heftier album option that starts at 10 X 10 size, I’m opening the Coffee-Table Books up to you as well!

Before we get into how the process works, let’s be clear on our terms here. 

What’s the difference between the Coffee-Table Book and the Fine Art Heirloom Album? 

The coffee-table book is, first and foremost, the more cost-effective option. Fine Art Heirloom albums start at around twice the price. The sizing options are different too, at either 10 X 10 or 12 X 12. This little book is only available at the 8 X 8 size.

Customizations options are fewer, with three different, neutral colors available for each cover fabric (linen or bonded leather). 

Bonded leather means reconstituted, so the leather isn’t made from one piece of animal hide (called full-grain leather), but rather scraps amalgamated together, with a proportion of filler material added. 

The build quality is not as high as the premium option, and the colors don’t print quite as vividly. The page finish is more matte on the coffee-table book (personally, I prefer it!) 

The most important thing is  they are still great quality for a great price. What they lack is the heft and thick, rigid pages of the Fine Art Album. 

Read more about the overall process of albums at the link below. Most of this is more relevant to Fine Art Albums, but it’s still useful: 

READ MORE  Thinking of buying a Wedding Album? Here’s how it works

I also have a video of the Fine Art Album right here.

What are the advantages with the Coffee-Table Book?

These books work well for time-poor couples that want something beautiful to turn up on their doorstep, pronto! 

All without the hassle of hand-selecting their photos (which many couples simply never get around to), agonizing rounds of revisions, and not to mention the overwhelming choice of customization options. 

Why do these books work for couples with less time (and/ or lower budgets of course)? As an options to keep the prices as low as I can:

  • You won’t be able to select the photos that go into the album. This will be done in-house (currently by me, Zoe, personally), with the best photos that work well for each spread. 
  • You will however still be able to proof each spread via my online proofing/commenting system.
  • Virtual meetings are encouraged rather than in-person meetings. However if you wanted to arrange a meeting to visit my space in downtown San Leandro 94577 that is fine. I only have one Coffee-Table Book sample available, however and no swatches. The only I have is in the white bonded leather and is pictured on this post. 
  • 100% payment is required upfront, rather than 50% to begin design and 50% to begin production, as is with the other type of album. 

Did you have a simple, unfussy wedding? Do you just want a nice book to turn up with minimal input from you? This is the choice for you. Trust your photographer! 

If you don’t like the design, you can always make your changes via the proofing system. You can even substitute out photos that you don’t like. 

Are you more the sort of person that would like control over every aspect of the design process including determining which photos are most meaningful for you? Definitely hit me up for the Fine Art Heirloom Album pricing and info – this is 100% going to be the one to fit your needs. 

What’s next to order your Coffee-Table Book?

Get in touch with me to receive the pricing and info guide! This also lays out all the next steps in detail, and everything is kept current there. You’ll be able to pick out cover fabrics, colors and choose the text to be foil-stamped across the cover. 

I am looking forward to undertaking Coffee-Table Book commissions between the months of January – March. 

If you’re looking to do a book sometime out of that period, it may be possible. However, please be aware that timescales may be longer due the priority being my heavy workload of current wedding clients. 

I hope this helped you to understand more about this product. Thank you for reading – looking forward to creating something lasting and beautiful with you. 

Coffee-Table Book photo gallery

Coffee table book inside spread details of Zoe Larkin Photography's layflat coffee table book close-up of foil stamping on front of coffee table wedding book details of spine and pages of coffee table book by Zoe Larkin Photography layflat coffee table book open inside spreads and pages of the coffee table book from Zoe Larkin Photography styled images of ZLP's coffee table book from the top and front close-up showing pages of the coffee table book for weddings by zoe larkin photographycoffee table books for sf city hall wedding clients - zoe larkin photography

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Coffee-Table Wedding Books with Zoe Larkin Photography

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