Core Brand Values

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Showing vulnerability

For years I’ve written a deeply personal, introspective blog documenting my quest for better spiritual and mental health. It started at a time in my life when I was in therapy as a last resort. As the path before me began to lighten, I noticed that I found it rewarding and stimulating to share my, even though at times they were excruciatingly painful. It gave me strength to share and to be vulnerable putting out things that people normally don’t even talk about, let alone publish online.

Carrying on my quest for vulnerability, in 2017 I started a Meetup group about new creativepreneurs being vulnerable, a safe judgment-free space for creative entrepreneurs to be honest about their struggles in business and their personal lives, in the hopes that just by talking about their pain points they may grow in understanding of their issues and be supported by others in the group.

I’m interested in the real you and I’m willing to be real in return.

I encourage my clients to open up about what matters to them, including of course any concerns or anxieties surrounding your wedding. I’m all ears and I won’t think things you bring to me are weird or ‘not my problem’.

All of this means I’m someone who hopefully makes you feel that you can be truly yourself, with no need to pretend. I’m interested in the real you and I’m willing to be real in return.

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Cultivating curiosity

In 2014 I journeyed West to California for the first time. What brought me here was a curiosity to explore a part of the world I didn’t know at all. I wanted something different from the life I was used to in Europe – even if it was just for 90 days, the maximum time allowed for UK citizens. I was hungry for experiences and I still am. Travel has always been a huge part of me. ‘Why not’ was my guiding mantra. I let my adventurous spirit guide me. I had no idea that just two years later, I’d be marrying the man I met on that spur-of-the-moment 3-month trip to Oakland, California.

Every wedding is a discovery and the chance to be moved.

I’m passionately curious about people and love nothing more than building a one-on-one relationship with each one of my clients. I’m always exploring and constantly evolving. I love to push the boundaries of what I can provide for my clients, how I can do things differently from the norm, how I can give the best value and experience possible. Every wedding is a discovery and the chance to be moved.

This means you get a tailored experience with me that takes into account the uniqueness of you, your relationship and your values. The love stories I have been party to have made me realize: there is no such thing as a typical love story. I’ll honor and explore what makes you unique.

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Embracing non-traditionalism

My own wedding is about as non-traditional as they come, but all of this made perfect sense to me and the man I married – and that’s all that matters! I’ve never been the type to fit in partly because I’m very independent-minded, sometimes stubbornly so.

In 2016 I was at the end of a lengthy fiancé visa application process. I needed this document for permission to enter the US and marry my man! I had booked my plane ticket not knowing whether my visa would come in time. It did – just two days before my flight to Boston. I packed my two suitcases which contained everything I would be bringing with me for my new life in California. Two days after arriving, we hurriedly booked a spot at the local City Hall, with the two of us plus 6 family members. I raided my suitcase for the only dress I had. It was black and I’d had it for over a decade. It was a 10-minute ceremony and it was so us.

I’m an advocate of starting your own traditions rather than following them

I really understand that each person’s non-traditional wedding is very different from the next. I won’t come along with any expectations that a wedding simply must have x, y and z. Your wedding is as unique as you are. Weddings come in so many guises from the short & simple (like mine) to the quirky, weird and wonderful, and that’s not to mention the many different cultural backgrounds that we are so lucky to have represented here in the Bay Area. I’m a lifelong outsider and an advocate of starting your own traditions rather than following them.

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Capturing emotional stories

Back when I was an art student in London, I produced a monthly zine called Pin Ups. In this low-key, black and white Xeroxed publication, I interviewed and photographed 10 individuals each issue that I knew in whatever capacity. The range of people was diverse in every way. On one side of the page I’d have a straight-on, mugshot-type photographic portrait I’d made of them, sporting a neutral facial expression but still showing so much about who they were. On the facing page there’d be a partial transcript of what they’d told me during our recorded interview, except with myself as the interviewer edited out.

This personal project is kind of how I see my role as a photographer now. I am sort of the narrator of the story but I’m not in it. I’m careful not to impose strict guidelines or to pose you in awkward ways that just don’t feel like you. I want you, who you are as a couple and as two beautiful individuals, to shine.

I want to make your inner feelings visible.

I want to get the best out of you and the way I do that is to give you the opportunity to be truly yourself. Just like that project involved conducting long interviews with participants, I also really want to spend time getting to know you. The more comfortable we are around each other, honestly the better the pictures will be because you’ll be relaxed. I want to build trust and portray the candid emotions of your wedding. I want to make your inner feelings visible. I want to tell emotional stories through my lens.