Paris + Lovell | Urban couple photography session at Port View Park, Oakland

October 10, 2017
man dips woman at sunset shoot port view park oakland

This shoot was published on Love Inc Mag

published on love inc mag

My taste for the weird and wonderful often leads me to places that are derelict, deserted or undiscovered. I love adventuring with couples that are open to my suggestions for couples / engagement photography locations that are somewhat off the beaten path!

A couples shoot or ‘love shoot’ is an opportunity for experimenting with different looks, styles and being adventurous with locations. Too often, a couple only ever has professional photography on their wedding day.

That’s too bad, because you may well be wearing uncomfortable formal clothes or feeling the pressures of the day. Perhaps the time for the couples pictures is severely limited. Or maybe you feel those pictures don’t really reflect the day-to-day reality of your life together.

Whatever the reason, a couples shoot or ‘love shoot’ is a great idea for making images that honor who you both are, and allowing a little more time to let the nerves settle so the real emotions start to shine through. And, no-one’s waiting impatiently for you to get back to the party.

Paris and Lovell are an Oakland-based couple though they’ve lived far and wide across the US, due in large part to their backgrounds serving in the Navy.

Lovell is in school for fashion business management & product design, and makes his own clothes, including the two different shirts he wore for this photography session. He previously ran a computer business in LA. Paris has worked in film and is in media school now studying directing.

Together they run a vanlife YouTube channel. Their ultimate goal is to move to the Bahamas in a couple years’ time!

They met while they were on active duty and got married in a small town in rural Washington while serving. They’ve been married for 3 years and never had a professional photographer at their wedding. Being the highly unconventional couple they are, they married after only being together for a few short months. ‘Why wait?’ they thought.

Meeting these two amazing people, it’s clear that they are so massively into each other. They canoodle like a pair of teenagers who are left alone for the first time! This is one of the best parts of my job – being able to encourage and make my couples feel comfortable over the course of what is a very intimate (and odd!) undertaking.

Whether newly engaged, tying the knot or celebrating wedding anniversaries, I love to hear my couples’ love stories and often ask about their stories when we meet. Not just as an ice-breaker and in the hopes they relive all the romantic moments and epic twists in the road that got them where they are today, but because I’m genuinely fascinated by love and I believe there is no typical love story.

This hard-working, hard-hustling couple was a joy to get to know and it’s my hope the images I made for them will be cherished for the rest of their lives. Oh, and that the feeling of fun was mutual!

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