Hello! Can you tell me a bit about you?

I have a page dedicated to little ol’ me right here. If I haven’t put you off completely, and you like what you see, let’s hang!

Do you only shoot small intimate weddings & elopements?

I limit my photography services to intimate weddings and elopements because that is where my passion and interest lie. It’s the kind of wedding I had myself – I believe and care deeply about this movement. I choose to devote my business exclusively to small, intimate weddings of 50 people or fewer. Also, as an introvert that’s where I am most comfortable & creative.

What’s your favorite kind of intimate wedding?

Where it’s truly laid back, stress-free, unconventional, adventurous, emotional and everyone loves everyone else present! BTW I loathe whole idea of a ‘wedding timeline’… Ugh! Sounds like work! I also totally love couples that challenge tradition and don’t give in to family/peer pressure, Pinterest or the wedding industry.

How do you work at a wedding?

I’m there to serve you. I totally get that you’ve invited just your closest, dearest friends and having one extra person there might shift the dynamic. But I don’t want to be just a vendor. I want to become a friend, starting before the wedding and continuing afterwards I hope. I never want to overstep boundaries, so if you’d rather have me there as more of a ‘fly on the wall’, I can do that too.

How would you describe your style of photography?

I’ve written more about my style and approach here. The type of wedding photography I produce is bright and airy, with a predominance of light tones, soft, artistic, with shallow depth of field and very feminine. I love pastel colors. In a nutshell, I mix a fine art feel with a photo-journalistic way of capturing unscripted moments. If you want to know more about wedding photography styles, read this article.

Can we do some posed shots?

Sure! I’m not a big fan of posed portraits which is probably yet another reason why I’m drawn to small weddings, but I can do formal, staring-into-the-lens family shots too, of course! I tend to think of a ‘feeling list’ being more useful than a shot list.

What’s your pricing, and can you work with us if we have a small budget?

My starting price is available here. I would love to work with you even if you have a tiny budget, just let me know what you have planned. I give away a limited number of discounted services each year to those in need and who are having weddings that sound dreamy.

What’s your payment schedule? Can we pay after the wedding?

My payment schedule is 50% of the total is due to secure the booking, 25% within 2 months, and the remaining 25% within 1 month of your wedding, though this is flexible.

Our wedding is a midweek shindig and we don’t need many hours of coverage. Can you still work with us?

Of course! Unlike many other photographers, I don’t offer packages or expect every wedding to last 8 hours. I have transparent pricing which consists of an hourly rate that you then build upon. I can work around pretty much any length of wedding with a 3-hour minimum. If yours is a super short wedding, don’t worry, I might still be able to do something for you, just get in touch!

What’s your turnaround time?

I will deliver images to you in about a month from the time of your wedding. I try very hard to get your images delivered to you within a month. I like exceeding expectations!

What editing do you do on the pictures?

Editing or post-production simply means turning the raw materials (literally, my RAW files), into the final jpegs you see. This means everything from straightening and correcting lens distortions, to removing distracting backgrounds using Photoshop, to applying my custom preset in Lightroom. Most of the legwork is color, exposure and white balance correction. Each photograph is lovingly hand edited by me. Editing takes frequent rounds of revision as images also need to look cohesive as a set.

Can we pay less and have no editing? Or can we have all the files and choose the best ourselves?

Editing style is part of what makes each photographer unique. You can take a RAW file and do a million different things to it, like make it moody and super-sharpened, or airy and filmic – that’s how powerful image processing software has become. What you are paying a photographer for is the final work of art, not simply what comes out after clicking the shutter button. Asking for the unedited files is like asking your baker for the leftover sugar and flour that went into the cake you bought…! I select all the viable images from your wedding, so you can rest assured no gems have been left on the digital darkroom floor.

Will you make my arms/ thighs/ belly/ nose look smaller then?

Fine image retouching, like the request you mention, isn’t included. This is a job for a trained retoucher, of which I am not one! However if you are very self-conscious that can be arranged for a fee on a per-image basis as it will need to be outsourced. I do take care of some minor retouching at my own discretion, such as removing exit signs and trash cans.

What camera do you use?

I shoot with two professional Canon cameras (5D Mark III) & professional ‘L’ lenses. I definitely want to start using prime lenses and will be investing soon!

How many images will I receive?

I am a firm believer in quality over quantity and I try not to make a selling point out of how many images I produce. What I strive for is quality which is something that only a talented wedding photographer can provide. Generally speaking, clients will receive about 50 images per hour of photography coverage.

Do I receive copyrights to the photos?

Most of my clients won’t require full copyrights buyout which is a considerable expense and is only for those who are extremely concerned about their privacy, For such clients, I do offer full buyouts, with details available on request. For the vast majority of clients, a copyrights buyout won’t be necessary or appropriate.

What will we be able to do with our digital files? 

You’ll receive a print release as standard which means you have the right to print the images and in fact use them in any way you wish (social media, online albums, your LinkedIn profile, on a coffee mug) – just not for advertising or commercial purposes. You may want to submit your wedding photographs to a wedding blog. The editors will inform you this requires my written consent, which I’m more than happy to give!

Are our digital files watermarked?

No, they’re not. They are high resolution files and they won’t have my name plastered all over them. A credit back to me when you post them online would be much appreciated.

Do you travel for destination or international weddings?

I would be thrilled to travel anywhere in the world to document your love story. As this is very much a bespoke arrangement, you’ll need to get in touch to give me the full lowdown. I don’t charge extra for travel, I just cover my costs.

Do you have insurance?

Yes I do! I am insured up to $2m through the US’s leading photographic business insurance provider. I can provide an insurance documentation summary to your venue but please allow two months to do this comfortably. I’m happy to liaise directly with your venue for this as requirements differ. Also I’m licensed to conduct business by the City of Oakland.

Isn’t this FAQ getting kinda long?

Yes! Good point. I’ll stop now, but if your question hasn’t been answered you can drop me a line any way you wish.