About your photographer


Do you only shoot small intimate weddings & elopements?

I specialize in photographing intimate weddings and elopements because that is where my passion lies. It’s the kind of wedding I had myself – I believe and care deeply about this growing movement. I choose to devote my business to small, intimate weddings of approx. 50 people or fewer. That’s where I am most comfortable & creative. However even if you’ve having a larger celebration, feel free to get in touch.

What’s your favorite kind of intimate wedding?

Honestly? I love them all! Whether it’s an elopement, a friends-only kind of affair, or a small family group. I love kind people, adventurous types and goofballs! Especially people that throw their heads back and laugh with wild abandon. I like those. I adore couples that challenge convention, embrace their quirks and invent their own meaningful traditions.

How would you describe your style of photography?

I’ve written more about my style and approach here. The type of wedding photography I make is bright and airy, with a predominance of light tones; soft, artistic, romantic and with shallow depth of field. I love pastel colors and natural light. In a nutshell, I mix a fine art feel with a photo-journalistic way of capturing unscripted moments.

What equipment do you have?

2 X Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 35mm F1.4
Canon 50mm F1.2
Canon 85mm F1.2
Canon 100mm macro F2.8
Canon 24-70mm F2.8
Lighting, off-camera triggers, diffusers, reflectors… my kit bag is full!

Do you have insurance?

Yes I do! I am insured up to $2m through the US’s leading photographic business insurance provider. I can provide documentation direct to your venue and I ask that you allow two months to do this comfortably.


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At your wedding


How do you work at a wedding?

I work stealthily in a way that doesn’t disturb you or your guests, but at the same time I do interact with them because it brings out their best!

How many photographers will be at our wedding?

Due to the nature of intimate weddings that are my specialty, I find generally that one photographer (me) is enough. If your wedding goes over 75 people or there is a lot going on, I would advise that 2 photographers mean that all bases are covered.

How many photos do you take?

I will take a lot of photos and will deliver every viable image. There will be a wide variety of quality images taken with different lenses and from different viewpoints. Generally speaking, you will receive about 50-75 images per hour of photography, depending on the pace and flow of your day.


After the wedding


How long until I receive the images?

I endeavor to deliver your digital gallery within two months of your wedding. I usually get your images to you faster!

What editing do you do?

Editing or post-production simply means turning my RAW files into the jpegs you will receive, using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. This means everything from correcting lens distortions, to removing distracting backgrounds, to color & exposure tweaking. Each photograph is lovingly hand-edited in-house by yours truly. Editing takes frequent rounds of revision as images must look cohesive as a set, and it is a time-consuming process!

Our wedding is a midweek shindig and we don’t need many hours of coverage. Can you still work with us?

Of course! I have an information guide dedicated to City Hall and elopementsGet in touch to receive it!