What kinds of weddings do you shoot?  

I specialize in photographing small weddings of fewer than 50 people. I shoot ALL LOVE. I don’t limit it in terms of what kind of intimate wedding. Whether it’s traditional or out there, cultural, religious or irreverent, City or country, short or long. It doesn’t need to be a wild elopement on top of a volcano in Iceland to be of interest to me! It’s the cookie cutter weddings I get bored of, going through the motions of what a wedding day should be.

Why do you shoot intimate weddings?

For one thing, it’s the kind of wedding I had myself. I believe in and care deeply about this growing movement. So much so I wrote an ebook about why intimate weddings rock! You can challenge convention, embrace your quirks and invent your own meaningful traditions. Small weddings are where I am most comfortable & creative. I love the unique flavor each one has.

How do we know if we are a match?

I put a lot of soul, energy and authenticity into everything I put online, hoping it will reflect my brand and my values. I would love for you to spend a little time checking out my website and my Instagram, and if you feel a connection to my words and images, get in touch.

How would you describe your style of photography?

The type of wedding photography I make is bright and airy, with a predominance of light tones; soft, artistic, romantic with shallow depth of field. I love pastel colors, natural light and minimalism. I mix a fine art feel with a photo-journalistic way of capturing unscripted moments. I don’t like non-lifelike colors, desaturated greens or overly warmed-up tones. I try to keep things natural and timeless.

What is it like working with you? 

I keep things light, fun and silly. I joke around and laugh at myself. I want you to feel comfortable. Each couple is different, so I like to spend some time getting you to open up a bit. A majority of couples come to me saying “We are really awkward in front of the camera”. I work with normal, real people that have insecurities and want to have a fun, stress-free wedding day. You can read in detail about what to expect with your wedding photography experience.

About your pricing… I don’t see it on your website?

I keep this information offline because I don’t want to confuse you with pricing that isn’t relevant. San Francisco City Hall weddings vs. a weekday elopement on a beach in Santa Cruz vs. a full-day Saturday wedding in May all have different brochures and pricing that is fair.

What kind of pricing model do you use?

My clients are very diverse and their weddings are often very, very different from one another. Therefore I don’t have packages. No upselling – you only pay for what you want. I keep my pricing very simple. Whatever you choose, there is a base price (the minimum number of hours I can offer to make it worthwhile for me) and then you simply add on the extra you’d like.

What kind of price range are you in – budget, mid-range or high-end?

I’m in the mid-range for professional wedding photographers in the Bay Area. If you’re looking for a cheap photographer, I’m definitely not right for you. But I’m not the most expensive in town either!

We don’t need many hours of coverage for our Saturday wedding. Can you still work with us?

I get that smaller weddings are often shorter. Saturdays during wedding season are so limited and therefore valuable. If you are looking to book well in advance, I cannot usually offer anything less than 6 hours. If it’s very last minute, then maybe, yes! The key is communication. Do tell me about your wedding and if it’s totally rad, who knows…?

So how would we know how long to book you for?

I will work with you to create a photography planning document. I’ll do that before you sign or pay anything. Hopefully it will be useful whomever you choose!  

Can we just book the minimum and have you there for part of the day?

I encourage couples not to rush things on their wedding day. I’ve seen people trying to save money by cramming an 8-hour day into 6 hours. Your guests will feel and absorb that stressed energy. You be watching the clock all day long, rushing through every step of your day so that you don’t have to pay me overtime. Instead, consider that for the significant amount of money you are already spending, a little extra will also buy you the knowledge that EVERYONE will be relaxed, happy and unrushed!

What does the typical wedding photography coverage look like?

I tell stories through my lens, and love everything from styling your details that you’ve put so much thought into, to capturing the quiet ritual of preparation, to the post-ceremony candid congratulations, the groupings of your beloved family and friends, right through to the speeches that make you cry and the crazy dance moves. It takes time and creative freedom to capture this authentically. And you want your photographer to create their best work.

How far do you travel to photograph weddings?

I will travel anywhere in the world to shoot your love story! I am based in San Francisco (Mission District) and most of my weddings take place anywhere from Monterey to Yosemite to Mendocino. For travel of less than 50 miles from 94103 I don’t charge a travel fee. If your wedding is a little further away, I’ll need to know a few details like where and what time I’d be required, and I’ll quote you a price to cover my rental car, gas, time and any accommodation.

How do you work at a wedding?

I work stealthily in a way that doesn’t interrupt the flow of your day. It’s your wedding after all, not a photoshoot. I try to be an unobtrusive presence for most of the day, with gentle posing during your creative couples’ shoot, and polite direction during the formal family group portraits. I do take a candid approach and this has always been where my interest lies. It also means great things for you because you don’t need to stop what you’re doing and pose every few seconds. Just do you!

Who would be shooting our wedding?

My business is currently just me! I don’t have associate photographers to farm work out to. It’ll be me, the same person you will meet with and build a relationship that will be there on the day, by your side and continuing to nurture our rapport which will be so important in creating images in which you feel (and look!) comfortable.

How many photographers will be at there?

For full-day weddings with more than 50ish people, two photographers are provided, as I simply cannot do justice to all the many goings-on. Smaller / shorter weddings, it’s your choice, but I always think it’s worth investing in having me bring my amazing second photographer. I can show you examples where she has knocked it out of the park by capturing the exact same moment from a radically different perspective!

How many images will we receive?

I’ve never delivered fewer than 75 fully hand-edited images per hour of photography. It’s often in excess of 100 per hour, but this is contingent upon the pace of your day, your number of guests, events of the day, decor, details and surroundings. I encourage couples not to fixate on the numbers but rather the quality, when comparing photographers! If you end up with a 1,200-image wedding gallery, how many will end up as framed prints? 2 or 3 maybe. And in the wedding album? Usually around 50.

How long until I receive the images?

Within 2 months of your wedding. For City Hall weddings, expect your final gallery within 1 month. I deliver a 20-image sneak peek within a few days of your wedding.

What editing do you do?

Editing or post-production simply means turning my RAW files into the finished jpeg files in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. I color-correct, straighten, add noise reduction, tweak exposure and even remove distracting elements so the images are as good as they can be. Editing takes frequent rounds of revision as images must look consistent as a set.



What’s next?

Read a little more about the process of working together and let’s take it from there! If you’re ready to receive my informational pricing guides, please reach out.