Martha | Beachside farmer’s daughter styled bridal shoot

December 7, 2017
model in boho blanket walks down beach at bridal shoot

Take me back to the beach! This San Francisco beach styled shoot took as its theme the simplicity of farming life and juxtaposed that with the coastal setting. Taking the idea of a simple way of life even further, I developed the idea of a farmer’s daughter’s wedding day and what that could mean. Props and style evoked a bygone era of innocence.

The props I chose to style this shoot were fairly simple and all contributed to the idea of living off the land and conveyed rural charm and simple beauty. They included paniers filled with fruits and vegetables and select props such as a shabby chic captain’s chair, a glass of milk, some driftwood, oyster and mussel shells, a small succulent plant, a wooden crate and a few pale pastel-colored cushions.

I incorporated some vegetables into the bridal bouquet which I crafted myself, using pink roses, chrysanthemums, flowering eucalyptus and then built out the shape with kale, asparagus, baby carrots with their greens attached and coastal succulents.

The muted colors of sea, sky and fog provide a high-key canvas

The muted colors of sea, sky and fog provide a high-key canvas perfect for a fine-art, film-like photography style. I adore the incongruity of evocations of farm life set against the epic vastness of the ocean with its punishing wind (which we were at the mercy of on our shoot!).

Martha, our ‘bride’ wore a pink satin calf-length pleated skirt and a matching pink halter-neck style top with gorgeous soft lace detail. This soft, feminine color worked very well against a background of muted blue and warm beige. She also wore a sea-shell choker necklace that was a nod to the beachside location.

One of my favorite themes in my photography and styling is juxtaposing contrasts. As well as sea vs. land, there was also the deliberate choice of a tattooed, edgy model that further disrupts the expected norms of a ‘farmer’s daughter’ and adds an urban feel. Subverting and challenging norms are favorite pastimes of mine 😉

Subverting and challenging norms are favorite pastimes of mine

Enjoy the images from this dreamy beachside San Francisco shoot!

Are you planning a norm-subverting wedding and doing things your way? Cool! I’d love to hear what you are planning. I am a Bay Area wedding and elopement photographer specializing in non-traditional intimate weddings for non-conforming couples. Get in touch if you have wedding photography needs you’d like to discuss, whatever stage of planning you’re currently at!

Creative Team:


Model: Martha Reyna – – IG @msmarthareyna

Photographer: Zoe Larkin – – IG @zoe.larkin

Assistant: Anthony Maureal – – IG @themogli

styled shoot at beach in san francisco basket on beach held by model bridal styled shoot ocean beach close up of bridal boutique in pale pastels girl lifting skirt exposing tattoo on styled shoot model holding basket of fruit vegetable basket modeled by bridal model close up of basket of vegetables tattooed legs on the beach portrait of girl bridal model at beach girl in straw hat on beach looking down cute flowers on bridal styled shoot bridal model laughing in straw hat on beach close up of succulent plant held in girl's hands woman on beach in chair bridal style side profile of bride on beach bride on beach through the veil shot smiling bride model in veil on beach pink pastel outfit holding a glass of milk girl in flower crown with white fabric on beach bridal model relaxing on beach bridal model reclining on beach dressed in pink close up of bridal flowers being held by bridal model bridal model clutching wedding bouquet on boho blanket close up portrait of bridal model on beach floral bouquet with vegetables and pastel pink flowers tattooed bride's arm with soft feminine feel bridal model wrapped in boho blanket with california sun behind model clutching straw hat at farmer's daughter bridal styled shoot