Midori + Pablo | Dreamy Lands End Sutro Baths sunset beach engagement

April 13, 2017
magical light sunset couple photography

I’m delighted to be able to share with you these beautiful images from Midori and Pablo’s engagement shoot. The San Francisco couple is so in love and looking forward to their wedding next March. If this dreamy engagement shoot is anything to go by, they are going to have the most beautiful day!

Midori contacted me all the way back in January, three months ago. I was new to the US and getting the word out on my photography services anywhere I could. She found my profile randomly on MeetUp and immediately got in touch.

From the moment we first spoke I knew she had a special kind of vision for her shoot and loved the locations and ideas she described. We met up a couple of months later and brainstormed some ideas – this girl has a killer creative vision which I was super inspired by. Midori is a creative at heart with a ton of artistic soul.

Fast forward another month and we finally got the shoot her and Pablo’s sun-drenched celebration of their engagement in Lands End, San Francisco. We had waited a long time because we wanted the weather to be just right. Midori had her heart set on the backlit, golden hour feel with that serene and characterful Californian light… and this was something I was determined to give her, despite the incredibly wet winter and spring we’ve had, and are still having!

Midori and Pablo are a very cute, happy and self-assured couple that complement each other. Midori was definitely the mastermind behind the shoot, with Pablo tagging along but by the end he’d definitely loosened up and was really getting into it. His goofy side definitely shone through and I love to use some of those less formal images too, and even the ‘outtakes’ as that really shows the personality of the couple. You aren’t cookie-cutter people, so why settle for cookie-cutter pictures?

If you are planning an engagement shoot any time soon, and you live in or near the Bay Area, I’m sure you’ve all seen Lands End and specifically the Sutro Baths all over Pinterest and beyond! But far from being a flavor-of-the-month kind of deal, I think there is something timeless about this unique area of our coastline.

As you can see in these images, the light for one thing is spectacular, so soft and flattering and that is something that never goes out of style. The variety of the different kinds of landscape and terrain is also of particular appeal, though there are usually several other competing photoshoots going on simultaneously, not to mention the other assorted vacationers, sunset-photographers, kids playing, dawdling couples and many others, it is possible to carve out a little space and time that is just for you!

With a little patience and respect for everyone else that enjoys these beautiful surroundings, it is possible to capture timeless images especially paired with classic fashions such as the two gorgeous dresses sported by Midori, plus Pablo’s dapper can’t-go-wrong black suit with white shirt combo. If you’re getting married soon and are interested in an engagement shoot on the coast of San Francisco, please get in touch and let’s hear your ideas and see if we can work together to create your dream engagement shoot!