I'm here to guide you through the process of getting married in our monument and offer helpful advice.

The rationale behind this is that a little planning goes a long way! Knowing what you need to do ensures a stress-free day without a hitch (except the two of you getting hitched, natch!)

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I’m delighted to announce the launch of our brand new website! It’s still at zoelarkin.com but ohmigosh it looks so much better now. Don’t ya think?! So aside from an awesome new design, what else is new? Well this is the really big news! *Drum roll please* I’m refocusing this brand (www.zoelarkin.com) exclusively on SF […]

Introducing Zoe Larkin Photography’s new lewk


September 5, 2019

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Understanding crop ratios for print


April 2, 2019

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This short intro to crop ratios for print is for intended clients who are considering ordering wall art or albums. What is a Crop Ratio? Crop ratio means the ratio of one side of the image vs. the other side. The photos I take and deliver are 2:3 ratio. That means that the only way […]

Looking for a beautiful tangible printed wedding album that will hold all your treasured memories and have pride of place in your home? Well, wedding albums have definitely moved on since the days of the ringbound album with the clear plastic sheet you’d lift to stick your 4 X 6s into (totes showing my age […]

Thinking of buying a Wedding Album? Here’s how it works


November 8, 2018

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