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This whimsical image set with a pretty, melancholy feel, with pale pastel, washed out tones, yellow sun, driftwood, rough sand, soft lace and porcelain skin. The story was of a beautiful sad bride jilted on her wedding day, carrying a battered San Jose suitcase, walking along a windswept San Francisco beach, destination unknown. The vendor team cultivated a nostalgic, romantic old world feel. The California beach light was perfectly in line with the vision.








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Offbeat Bride

This quirky, 1950s inspired bridal photoshoot took place in the vintage bookstore Owl & Company in Oakland, California. We let the amazing backdrop of 25,000 used books guide our vision, as we brought together a stylish bouquets, a hand embellished repurposed 1950’s dress, and a victory rolls updo. Each member of the vendor team contributed to a 1950’s chic, glamorous feel. The result was sublimely stylish, unique and modern yet with a timeless and wonderfully dainty beauty about it.







Equally Wed

This gorgeous San Francisco engagement session featured two of my favorite clients, the fun-loving couple William and Shawn. In this shoot I wanted to bring out the unique story of this #engayged couple and honor their personalities and quirks. Their feature on Equally Wed was a pertinent one as it focuses on LGBTQ+ weddings and love stories.





Equally Wedethical weddings san francisco equally wed

This feature combined my writing and photography as I shared my own tips for putting on an ethical wedding for people who want their wedding to give back. Tips include going plastics free, carpooling & taking public transit, utilizing non profits’ spaces, and donating leftovers of all kinds to those in need. The article was a response to the issue of waste at weddings. This is a cause very close to my heart. I see waste and overconsumption all the time at weddings and I don’t feel the issue is addressed enough by the industry at large.