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// San Francisco content creation photographer

Price guide for bloggers & influencers //


Whether you’re a fashion blogger, an influencer, a lifestyle guru, an expert in your creative field or just want new content for your Instagram, website or brand, you need:

– High quality original content,

– Consistency, reliability and an ongoing relationship of trust,

– A photographer who’s fun, efficient, creative and just gets you, boo.

No more chancing it with those dodgy Craigslist photographers or your camera’s self-timer!


Why should you choose me?


Travel is included in Oakland or SF so no extra costs for standard travel expenses

I offer fast turnaround as standard with option for super rush job if desired

Happy to help with styling, assembling flatlays and general pre-shoot prep

I’ll also use your smartphone for instant content (stories, Booms, vids)

Up to 1hr free pre-shoot consultation time by phone/ Skype

Often available at short notice for last-minute shooting

You have the right to post content first, always

Guaranteed fun and respect! ☮

All my packages here are for Instagram and blog content and has been designed with value in mind.
Rest assured you are working with an experienced photographer who knows exactly to capture, takes direction and can get ‘the shot’! I constantly show you on the back of my camera what I’m getting so you can check if you’re happy!

Please check out my photography style on my Instagram @zoe.larkin to see if we’re a match!

Alright let’s get to it.


Blogger Packages 2018


1 hour Package – The Olia  


As many looks and locations as you like

Editing on all viable images in photographer’s style



2.5 hour Package – The Shantania


As many looks and locations as you like

Editing on all viable images in photographer’s style



1 month Package – The Tamryn


Includes 2 photo sessions per week of 1 hour per session (Olia – see above).



1 month Package – The Patricia


Includes 2 photo sessions per week of 2.5 hours per session (Shantania – see above).



Need something different? A custom package can be built based on your individual requirements. Just ask.

Important to note!

This part right here is not meant to be the digital equivalent of the fast-talking at the end of the car leasing ads on the radio, where they hit you with all the bullshit and how they’re gonna screw you, this is just putting out what I need to so we can be sure we’re on the same page. Everyone works differently, so this is what works for my business and it’s important you review carefully!

  • Prices are valid for shoots taking place within San Francisco and Oakland downtown/ uptown/ Temescal area only. Small travel surcharge applies to other locations.
  • Delivery is within 3 – 4 days of shooting. Rush job surcharge can be applied for guaranteed next day digital delivery of images. $50 for Olia package, $85 for Shantania package. Due before the shoot.
  • Clock starts when we begin shooting, and doesn’t stop when you are changing/ we are traveling. It’s continuous time that must be used in one session and cannot be ‘banked’ or saved.
  • Photographer has sole determination of images deemed usable. Image selection and delivery is left to the discretion of the photographer, so please advise in advance of any specific requests. If you are unhappy with anything specific, retouching can be undertaken for $30 per image if done by me, or if I will need to outsource it to an trained retoucher, and fees passed on to you. I can however retouch most common issues myself.
  • Copyright always remains with the photographer. Credit must be posted back to photographer’s Instagram at the time of posting, not added later. Photographer must be tagged in picture and mentioned in the caption.
  • You will need to sign my contract in advance and pay the full amount in advance of our shoot. If you also have a contract for me to sign. I’d be happy to. For high value packages, payment plans can be customized.
  • All packages described on this page are for bloggers, influencers and brands only and are not available to families, couples, large commercial enterprises or any other parties.

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Meet your photographer, Zoe! For more about me, check out my IG stories and click any of the image belows for my about page! I’m primarily a wedding photographer and also love working with small brands, influencers and all kinds of bloggers!