Are you curious about Tailwind’s latest feature, Tailwind Create? This nifty piece of software, available as a paid add-on of your Tailwind Plus plan, will actually make Pinterest pins for you – without you having to do the legwork of designing!

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I review the tool in this video below and take you through every step of the design process. This was me actually using Tailwind Create for the first time, so you’ll get to see my first impressions as a brand new user. It’s super intuitive for beginners.

To anyone that’s new to Pinterest scheduling, Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduler tool that helps you to stay consistent with your pinning, find like-minded pinners, build community and ultimately drive traffic to your blog.

For more information about how to schedule your Pinterest pins, be sure to check out this detailed guide linked below!

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What is Tailwind Create?

Create beautiful pinterest pins fast and free with Tailwind Create
Tailwind for pinterest - new logo

Tailwind Create is a brand new tool from Tailwind, launched at the end of 2020, that actually creates Pinterest pins for you.

Yes, you read that right. How does it create Pinterest pins by itself? Simply by using the power of AI (artificial intelligence), the software will automatically create dozens of pin designs for you in mere seconds.

You simply then select the ones you want to use (with the ability to make tweaks to the designs it has generated), then download them.

Depending on the tier you’re on, you’ll be able to create a certain number of pins per month.

I would advise creating 3 – 5 pins per blog post, for variety. Pinterest loves fresh pins! Doing this also allows you to get the most mileage out of each blot post you launch without the possibility of your pins looking too spammy.

The name of the game with Tailwind Create is that it saves you time. Are the designs going to be as beautiful as something you’ve commissioned a graphic designer to create? No, probably not.

But, in one click, you can transform your photos into personalized pin design ideas. You can customize quickly, switching out fonts, colors and even the wording on each pin.

How much does Tailwind Create cost?

Tailwind Create is a new product so as of the current time I’m writing this, there is a special launch price of $6.17 per month. This is in addition to the regular Tailwind scheduler, which is currently charged at $119.88 per year.

Tailwind Create launch price of $6.17 per month with discount promo code

You’ll notice that the regular $9.99/month Tailwind scheduling product actually comes with 15 free pins in Tailwind Create. That’s pretty generous and allows you to create say, 3 pin graphic variations for 5 blog posts (or 5 variations for 3 blog posts!) every month.

Personally this is enough for me!

Tailwind pricing per year is $119.88 but you can get 100 pin schedules for free (and 15 Tailwind Create a month free) with my special Tailwind App discount promo code

If you’re not already on Tailwind, you can sign up using my link which will give you 100 free pins (no time limit, no credit card required). While you’re there trying out the tool is the perfect time to try out Tailwind Create to see what pins it can create automatically for you!

 Don’t forget when you use my exclusive Tailwind discount link, you’ll get an exclusive 100 pins you can schedule for free [TAILWIND PROMO CODE

How do you use Tailwind Create?

In my video, I take you through the exact process of using Tailwind Create yourself. But if you want the quick version, or prefer to read, stick around! Here are the steps you’ll need to know to get started with Tailwind Create.

Step 1: Access Tailwind Create by clicking my link and launching ‘Design in Tailwind Create’ once you’ve connected your Pinterest account

You’ll see the prominent icon at the top of the screen. You can access this from your dashboard or publisher.

screenshot showing how to access Tailwind Create from the Tailwind dashboard

Step 2: Set your brand preferences

screenshot of the Tailwind Create brand preferences dashboard which lets you design Pinterest pins automatically

The first time you use Tailwind Create, you will want to take a moment to set up your brand colors, upload your logo if you have one, set your website or brand name, choose your default fonts etc.

If you don’t already have these, that’s OK! Tailwind has lots of ideas for sample color palettes and great font pairings.

You can also tweak these for every pin, if you wish. Customize as much or as little as you like as we go through the automatic design process.

Step 3: Input your blog post or page URL that the pins will link to

tailwind Create pulls in the images used in your blog post so you can design pinterest pins using AI

Add the URL of your blog post and Tailwind Create will actually pull in all the images from that post. Select the ones you’d like to design with and click ‘Create Images’ in the bottom right corner.

If you don’t have a lot of images in your post, you can actually use stock images directly from the Tailwind Create dashboard! Pretty cool!

To access Tailwind Create’s own stock library, near the top of the page you’ll see this tab:

tailwind Create's free library of stock photos which makes pin design easy

You’ll also see that you can upload photos if you have additional images you want for your pin designs but which weren’t in the original blog post.

Step 4: View the designs Tailwind Create has made and pick the ones you like

On the next screen, within seconds you will see dozens of auto-generated graphics to choose from! Here’s a small selection of the first screen I saw when I loaded up my Tailwind Create.

ACtual selection of pin designs created by Tailwind Create automatically using AI (start designing for free)

There were many more than this – check out the video to see the full selection!

Step 5: Refine and tweak the pins you like (optional step)

Many of the pins are seriously good to go. But if you’re a bit of a perfectionist like moi, you may want to add some of your extra design tweaks. This is done by hitting ‘edit’ beneath every auto-generated design.

How to tweak and adjust automatically created designs in Tailwind Create for easy Pinterest pin design

Sometimes you may want to made an adjustment for readability, other times for variety. You’ll notice that straight off the bat, every pin has the same title, which I would recommend tweaking a bit.

Writing great pin titles and descriptions is definitely an art (which I have a separate post about below).

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Maximize your reach by having alternate descriptions which will help you hit more keywords and therefore reach new audiences.

how to change your Tailwind Create AI-generated pinterest pins to maximize visibility on Pinterest

Step 6: Download and save the pins you want or schedule directly

On the final screen, you’ll find it easy to either download or schedule your favorite pin graphics, tweaked and adjusted to your liking.

How to download your final pins created with Tailwind Create

I know I said to do 3 – 5, but for this test I got so excited I couldn’t stop myself and created 7 pins for you to see!

Personally, I recommend downloading rather than scheduling. This way, if you wanted to use them to add into your blog post or upload them to Communities at a later date, it’s better to have the original file so you can do as you please with it.

Here is a selection of those pin graphics in case you wanted to take a closer look.

examples of actual pins that Tailwind Create designed using AI - with refinements by Zoe Larkin
sample Tailwind Create pins - how to use Tailwind Create to create stunning Pinterest pins

That’s about it! Once you have your finished pins, you’ll want to schedule those out in the normal way. Tailwind is the tool I use myself to schedule out my pins every month.

That’s about it – hope it was helpful, folks! Leave me a comment and share your thoughts and questions on Tailwind’s latest awesome tool.

If you’re looking for more help growing your Pinterest (that isn’t trying to sell you something!) check out my detailed guide to Pinterest marketing for business below.

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I also have a BUNCH of Pinterest videos on my YouTube playlist, Pinterest for Business! Be sure to check those out for more useful tips.

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Whether you're a serious pinner or new to Pinterest marketing, you've probably heard of Tailwind, the best Pinterest scheduler tool. They've released a new automatic pin design tool called Tailwind Create - new for 2021! Tailwind Create uses AI to make the pin design process easy. By inputting your blog post URL, it pulls gives you dozens of AI-generated designs that you can download and schedule to Pinterest. I review the automated Tailwind Create pin creation process! #tailwindcreate #tailwind
I was curious about Tailwind Create - Tailwind's latest add-on that uses the power of AI to make Pinterest pins automatically! So I tried it out and wrote this honest review as a blog post and video so you can get to see exactly how Tailwind Create works. So, what can this AI software do? How much does Tailwind Create cost and how do the finished pin designs look? I walk you through my pin creation process & show you how I use Tailwind Create for automated Pinterest pin design! #tailwindcreate

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Honest review of Tailwind Create, the new smart way of making Pinterest pins automatically using AI

Tailwind Create review and tutorial – make Pinterest pins automatically with AI

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