Photography is both a precious and careful art. The master behind the lens is charged with the responsibility of capturing an ephemeral moment that would otherwise pass with the seconds of time.  When you hire a photographer, you are entrusting them to apply their skills, art and talents to capture specific, valuable moments that you want to cherish and remember forever. We knew that when we chose Zoe as our photographer, we had truly found not only a professional, but an artist who would be able to capture the essence of who we are on our wedding day.

There are truly not enough words to express our gratitude to Zoe for taking our photos. We highly recommend Zoe. She will meet your expectation for skills, pricing, and capturing that precious moment you wish to remember and cherish always. For us, that was our wedding day and we are so incredibly grateful to have worked with her. I'm thrilled that we now have these photos to remember and cherish for a lifetime. These are photos I will always treasure and share with my grandchildren one day. Thank you so much Zoe. You are truly amazing.

Stephanie N., Orange County, CA March 5, 2018

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You are an absolute gift! The images you captured breathe a new level of life into our experience, as we approach our nuptials, and I endlessly thank you for that. Thank you for letting us be your muse and thank you for allowing us to display appreciation for each other.

Talented, professional, flexible, and humble, Zoe is our # 1 choice for professional photography needs. Fellow transplanter, a fan of dance music, and lover of love stories, she does not disappoint when it comes to providing quality work. To all future Zoe Larkin customers, know that you will leave your shoot with not just a photographer, but a potential friend.

Your skill as a photographer and easygoingness as a person helped make for an authentically beautiful outcome. Often times, it’s hard to mentally separate from work enough to get those much appreciated butterflies of being within reach of our nuptials, and this helps in making it all real. You are a gem. Please, continue capturing love on film.

We enjoyed every moment of the shoot, in large part due to you. From the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU! These photographs are beyond beautiful. Grateful to the extreme.


William C-W., San Rafael, CA November 13, 2017

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Zoe was a dream to work with. She has an incredible sense of humility, care, and engagement that allowed us to feel instantly at ease - which is crucial for taking authentic looking photos! Even though she had never taken photos at our location, she instantly had an eye for the best shot, angle, and framing. She was determined to ensure we were happy with the final photos, and she did not disappoint. The final products were stunning, and we had PLENTY of favorite photos to choose from. She even got us our gallery within a week of the shoot! Not only do we now have a new photographer for life's precious moments, but we made a new friend.

Lindsay J-S., Alameda CA April 13, 2018

Looking over the pics that our friends and relatives can't stop raving about, I am amazed at how adept you are at capturing emotion in the moment; it really speaks to your capacity for empathy. It's the first thing i noticed when I saw your portfolio a few months ago. That quality, combined with your general aesthetic sensibilities resulted in photos that made us feel like we really won the wedding photographer lottery. We LOVE the photos. Yay!

Winter C., San Francisco, CA January 11, 2018

Our engagement photoshoot with Zoe was not only professional, but so much fun! … she will take your breath away with her incredible sense of eye for glamour and capture the dreamy aura of love created by you and your lover. Zoe seems to have an extra layer of creative dimension that you can pick up in her relaxed vibe when you meet her. She is absolutely what "good people" are defined as in any dictionary.

As an introvert, it was important for me to really feel like myself, not only in front of the camera, but with the photographer as well. It is hard to find calm and sincere people in the wedding industry who aren't hounding you or adding more stress to your big day. But with Zoe, I could tell she just genuinely cared about the overall well-being of me and my fiancé.

Zoe gave us more than enough room to be ourselves throughout the session. She has recommended poses, she lets you do what you have in mind, she is flexible with what is right for you. Some of the best photographs were when she caught us off guard from relaxing the poses we were holding. Those photos are hilariously "real"! I had no idea I could open-up so much so soon! My fiancé and I were comfortable enough to throw on some music to unleash some dance moves and to our absolute delight, we caught her bopping along as she worked the camera!

Zoe's style is free-flowing, enchanting, and enlightening. She's a magical person and her photographs reflect her charm. It was a pleasure seeing her mind at work as she came up some on-the-spot locations to photograph us. We are so grateful to find a photographer who really has fun doing what she loves. We chose an environment that had bright and dark locations for our shoot (to reflect our eccentric personalities) and the techniques she used to bring out the vibrancy of colors in each surroundings came out jaw-droppingly gorgeous!  Her love for natural light is expertly used to capture creative moments with skill and elegance. Zoe's photographs whisper songs of romance.

Zoe offers more to your shoot than your typical photographer. She is clever, imaginative, progressive, unpretentious, and undoubtedly experienced. She is a dream wedding photographer come true.

Rosa Isela G., Alameda, CA April 13, 2018


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We were so lucky to find Zoe for our engagement pictures – she was so wonderful to work with!

I spoke with a handful of other photographers in the Bay Area and she was by far the most friendly and down-to-earth. The entire process was so easy. Zoe was incredibly accommodating to any questions that we had and any adjustments we needed to make for the shoot (weather has been terrible around here this season and being outside was so important to us).

Our pictures turned out so, so well! The photos we received captured the real, candid moments that my fiancé and I were really hoping for. The images we got were so beautiful and well beyond what we expected.

Kim C., Berkeley, CA November 13, 2017

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Zoe is amazing! She took lovely portraits of our wedding and even though it rained all the photos look like pure sunshine! She made us feel so comfortable and everything was effortless and natural! Recommended without reservations, don't book anybody else!

Zoe’s been amazing covering our small and intimate family wedding. Her photos are beautifully crafted, they have a very bright and airy style that we really loved. She was so professional and didn't interfere with our wedding day, instead added so much to it! She's really kind and fun also and you'll love her for her UK accent! 😀


Simone W., Mountain View, CA November 13, 2017

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It was such a great experience to work with Zoe. Having your engagement photos taken in a public place with strangers all around can be an awkward situation. With Zoe, she made us feel very comfortable and it resulted in natural and genuine photos that really showed the emotion of the moment.

Zoe was professional and prepared for the photoshoot. She carried a piece of paper with her that listed her ideas for the shoot, this saved a lot of time which resulted in more creative photos being taken. She gave us instructions and communicated with us clearly on how she wanted to us pose and she did it in a friendly and casual way which made the experience a lot of fun. It felt like we were just being a playful couple by ourselves instead of posing in front of a camera, it felt genuine and real.

The weather wasn't exactly in our favor as a thick fog rolled in, but Zoe found ways to work with what nature gave us. Her photographic style is unique where she can use a blank canvas to her advantage by finding details from things you typically don't notice like your hair, an article of clothing, a piece of leaf on the ground, and more. She has a creative mind that allows her to be flexible and versatile in any conditions.

Our experience was fantastic but words can only say so much. We recommend that you look through her portfolio and let her works of art do the talking.

Jessica F., Pleasant Valley, CA April 13, 2018

engaged couple in alameda california

Zoe was a dream to work with. She has an incredible sense of humility, care, and engagement that allowed us to feel instantly at ease - which is crucial for taking authentic looking photos! Even though she had never taken photos at our location, she instantly had an eye for the best shot, angle, and framing. She was determined to ensure we were happy with the final photos, and she did not disappoint. The final products were stunning, and we had PLENTY of favorite photos to choose from. She even got us our gallery within a week of the shoot! Not only do we now have a new photographer for life's precious moments, but we made a new friend.

Lindsay J-S., Alameda CA April 13, 2018

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I couldn't be happier to write this review for Zoe Larkin. We found Zoe and chose her to be our engagement photoshoot photographer. We had only had brief phone conversations and a few exchanged texts, but even with those brief communications, it was more than obvious that she was the right choice.  She is so friendly, funny, and really genuinely cares to know her clients and their needs.  She was also ahead of the game by asking us out front what we didn't like, and what we should try to avoid (in terms of poses, cheesy cheesy stuff, etc.).  We finally met in person on a beautiful Sunday morning, and she came to us.  She even agreed to do our photoshoot at Kuleto Estate in Napa, which is (I believe) more than 25 miles outside of her preferred shooting range.  That was extremely nice and accommodating of her, and not many folks would do that for their clients (in my opinion). She met us at our apartment that morning and then we made the drive up.  She is extremely kind, passionate about her work, and just so easygoing. She asked us questions about our proposal, our lives, our work, everything - she genuinely cared about us and what we were into.  We knew immediately that she would make us feel comfortable and get right into the photoshoot.

When we started, we had nerves.  I really wasn't feeling it because I don't like taking pics, generally.  However, after about 5 minutes that all changed.  Partly because we adjusted to the situation, but also because Zoe just has a real gift - making people feel more comfortable in typically awkward situations.  The rest of the photoshoot was awesome, and we got to do a ton of different poses in different scenery. In terms of the photos, she had a natural talent for finding not only the right backdrops and scenery, but also the perfect lighting for excellent photos.  You have to have a real eye for that sort of thing, and she truly does.  Our photos came out excellent, and we could not be happier.  Truly, select Zoe for any of your photography needs.  She is an amazing person, and we couldn't be happier to have gotten the chance to know her.

Joseph C. Emeryville, CA December 17, 2018

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Zoe is fabulous! Creative, kind, professional, patient. She has fair, easy-to-understand pricing and produces the most amazing pictures. She photographed our small wedding in a bookshop and she captured moments I didn't even notice on the day of! She was patient with me as I made decisions and figured out what I wanted, generous with her time (and tea!) as we met together to plan, and the perfect person to have around on our wedding day.

Because of the nature of our non-traditional venue and that it was a small wedding, she really helped me consider details that I wasn't thinking about and plan well - I honestly don't know how I could have planned everything without her!

All of the pictures from our wedding were perfect, and THEN she walked me through the process of making a printed album, and I am so grateful. I wasn't sure if I wanted an album, and she helped me think through the decision without pressuring me in any way. And then she was incredibly patient as I chose images, and then she came up with an amazing layout. After being uncertain if I wanted an album or not, I am beyond grateful for this keepsake! We will treasure it forever. It's such a lovely book - the cover and everything is beautiful. And then she managed to put together pages that walk us through the most amazing day of our lives!

Zoe is fabulous! You will love working with someone so kind, intuitive, patient and talented.

Lauren P. Oakland, CA December 17, 2018

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Incredible doesn't even begin to describe our experience with Zoe. Our first meeting was at a small coffee shop in Oakland, and we vibed from the moment we met. She's kind, personable, and warm. We talked for a couple of hours about all sorts of things, as well as how my fiance and I met, the proposal, and our vision for our engagement shoot. She was really into making sure it captured the essence of who we were as a couple, and I really appreciated that.

Between our meeting and the shoot she was really quick with communication through email, which was wonderful and left me stress free.
We chose a location for the shoot near highway 1, in a hiking place very special to my fiance and I. She was totally open for the mini roadtrip, and we had an amazing time getting to know each other on the way up.

The first few moments of shooting were a little awkward, as she told us they might be, but she has a way of making you feel comfortable, and we were able to relax after a couple of minutes and have a great time.

My fiance and I are kind of wanderers, and we ended up shooting in not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 locations in the area - all in a 2 hour slot! I love and appreciate her willingness to venture out and explore.

The photos are breathtaking, and the variety in locations and the quality are more than we ever could have hoped for. Her use of light really speaks in the photos, giving them a beautiful, happy, romantic glow. She's got an amazing talent that can't be beat, and I feel truly lucky to have found her to take our photos.

Lisa M. San Leandro, CA December 17, 2018