Trans couple sought

Trans couple sought – sensitive storytelling to educate others and celebrate your love story



My name is Zoe Larkin. I’m an Oakland-based wedding photographer. I’m trying to find a Bay Area couple in which one or both parties identify as trans. I would love to tell your unique love story for a piece that will be published on Equally Wed – the leading voice in the LGBTQ+ wedding space.

I’m trying to find a Bay Area couple in which one or both parties identify as trans.

The piece would combine words and photography. Whatever you want to celebrate and honor or simply whatever comes out of our conversations. We could talk about your struggles, joys, what makes you happy, what you love about each other, your plans and the story of your relationship so far.

It would be all you, however you want to tell it. I see myself as the conduit for your personal and inspiring story.

I would meet with you and get to know you, and I see this being a process that takes some time. When we’re comfortable with one another (could be weeks or months later), I would LOVE to do a photoshoot with you, preferably a variety of places which might take place over different days. I love outdoor locations that are meaningful to you, and I’d also love to photograph you at your home once we’ve built up a friendship.

In return, you would get a wide selection of beautiful images of you that you could use in any way you wish. I could also help you by putting together an heirloom album. You would have your story told to a wide audience via this well-known website. It would be a chance to educate the wider world and have your story honored in a beautiful way. I have already had a couple of pieces published by Equally Wed, linked at the bottom of this page.

You would also I hope gain a friend in me! My business is changing to focus more on LGBTQ+ and alternative weddings for unconventional couples of all kinds. I step up and work with any people who are underrepresented in the mainstream wedding narrative. These are the love stories I am passionate about bringing to light.

This is a money-free exchange. No money would change hands.

But first I need to understand: what do people in this community need? How can I serve you? How can I best be sensitive to you? This is where I’m personally coming from with starting an ambitious project like this.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re married, dating or however you define your relationship. The only thing that matters is that you’re in a relationship with one another and that you (one or both) identify as trans.

I’ll be honest with you. I identify as heterosexual and I’m excited at the prospect of meeting people who allow me into their private world. It’s an essential part of my mission to reach out to those whose identities are different from mine and be humbled, inspired and educated.

Carrying on with the full disclaimer: I have never photographed a trans couple before. I promise to tell your story sensitively with tenderness, understanding and love.

My work can be seen here on my website and Instagram @zoe.larkin

If you are interested in taking the first steps to building this relationship, please contact me and we will take it from there.


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Peace to all,