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Showing vulnerability

For years I’ve written a deeply introspective blog documenting my quest for better spiritual and mental health. I quietly observed (in my INFP way) that I found it rewarding and stimulating to share my burden, even though at times it was excruciatingly painful to put words to my deeds. It gave me strength to share things that people normally don’t talk about.

Carrying on my quest for vulnerability, in 2017 I started a Meetup group for new creativepreneurs to be vulnerable in a safe and judgment-free space, utilizing empathetic listening techniques.

I’m interested in the real you and I’m willing to be real in return.

I encourage my clients to open up about what matters. I’m all ears.

All of this means I’m someone who hopefully makes you feel that you can be truly yourself. I’m interested in the real you and I’m willing to be real in return.

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Cultivating curiosity

In 2014 I journeyed West to California for the first time. What brought me here was a curiosity to explore the unknown. I wanted something different from the life I was used to in Europe – even if it was just for 90 days. I was hungry for experiences and I still am.

Travel has always been a big deal to me. ‘Why not’ was my mantra. I let my adventurous spirit guide me. I had no idea that two years later, I’d be marrying the man I met on that spontaneous 3-month trip to Oakland, California.

Every wedding is a discovery and the chance to be moved.

I’m passionately curious about people. I’m always exploring and constantly evolving. Every wedding is a discovery and a chance to be moved.

The love stories I have been party to have made me realize: there is no such thing as a typical love story. I’ll honor and explore your uniqueness.

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Embracing non-traditionalism

My own wedding was non-traditional and very minimal. But it made perfect sense to us.

I’m an advocate of starting your own traditions over following

In 2016 I finally had my visa to enter the US and marry my man! My visa luckily arrived two days before my flight. I had two suitcases containing all my worldly possessions. Two days after arriving, we got married with 6 family members present. I wore the one dress I had. It was black and more than 10 years old.

I understand that each non-traditional wedding is different from the next. Individuality is my cup of tea. I’m an advocate of starting your own traditions over following.

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Capturing emotional stories

The story takes us back to my time as an art student in London…

I produced a monthly photocopied zine. I interviewed and photographed 10 diverse individuals each issue. One side of the page would feature a mugshot-type portrait. On the facing page there’d be a partial transcript of our recorded interview, except with the interviewer edited out.

This personal project is how I see my role as a photographer now. I bring your story to light in a unique way, so it’s all about you, not your photographer. You must feel like you – gentle direction but no awkward posing! I want for you as a couple and as two beautiful individuals, to shine.

I make your inner feelings visible.

I bring the best out of you by giving you the space to be truly yourself. Just like that project involved conducting interviews with participants, I spend time getting to know you. The more comfortable we are around each other, the better the pictures will be. I build trust so candid emotions can be portrayed. I make your inner feelings visible. I tell emotional stories through my lens.