**Please note: We have moved away from the done-for-you model, in favor of self-service options for albums. Because of this change, our supplier has also changed (to a higher-quality option!). You are able to design albums yourself, year-round. Get in touch by email for further information and I will set up your self-service gallery specifically for albums. Many thanks! Zoe**

Phew, the wedding’s done and now you’re looking ahead to buying a wedding album! A beautiful tangible wedding album will hold all your treasured memories and have pride of place in your home. Still on the fence? Check out this article from Martha Weddings.

Well, wedding albums have definitely moved on since the days of the ringbound album with the clear plastic sheet you’d lift to stick your 4 X 6s into (totes showing my age now)! The options I offer for wedding albums and books are sleek, timeless but modern, and designed with minimalism in mind.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Fine Art Heirloom Album and see it up close – the closest you can get to holding it in your hands!

The album design and production process step by step

When you have your wedding photographed by Zoe Larkin Photography, I offer Fine Art Heirloom Albums, which will blow you away with their elegant style, enduring quality and true craftsmanship.

Get in touch for more information about the albums themselves and to view the samples yourselves in my studio.

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I offer a full-service process from guiding your through image choices, to design, to delivery to your door. We will collaborate every step of the way to make sure you receive the album of your dreams, with no surprises.

Also on offer is the Coffee-Table Book which is a more affordable option with fewer customization choices, with thinner pages, simpler construction, and a less involved working process. Check out the differences in the table below, then read the separate article about that.

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Type of bookHours of CoverageGuest CountBudgetTime Commitment 
Fine Art AlbumMore than 4More than 20Higher budgetMore time needed (greater customization)
Coffee-Table BookLess than 4Less than 20 Lower budgetLess time needed (done for you)
wedding photography albums available san francisco bay area
Inside spread of wedding album by Zoe Larkin Photography

To get a quick look at the Coffee-Table Book, check out the video I made here.

1. You make some initial album choices

The process begins when you view my album samples! If you can’t make it to my studio, you can still get a good feel for the albums by viewing my detailed guide which you’ll receive online.

I’ll also keep track of the choices you were drawn to and will confirm these with you in the contract when you’re ready to go ahead.

There are a good amount of options, but it’s not overwhelming. I have a modest, tailored selection of tasteful leathers and linens. Think about coordinating your colors with your home. I also have custom photo covers and cover debossing.

Cover text? You’ll need to tell me exactly what you’d like it to read.

heirloom fine art photography albums available albums san francisco bay area
Linen cover of heirloom fine art album by Zoe Larkin Photography

Other requests can be accommodated even if you don’t see the options presented, but I do try to keep things as simple as possible.

2. You pay the deposit and the design process begins!

Once you’d like to move ahead, I’ll prepare your album contract which locks in the options you select.

Unlike your wedding photography contract, the album design & production contract only needs to be signed by one of you, so let me know who the point person is.

When you return that contract, you’ll also pay the first payment of 50% online afterwards via an invoice link I’ll send. Then the design can begin!

3. Choose the images for your album

Once I know the album you’d like and how many spreads you are thinking, I can tell you how many images will fit.

Albums come with 20 spreads as standard, depending on your choice. More spreads are available up to a maximum of 25 spreads.

As a general rule of thumb, I like to design with an average of 2 or 3 images per spread.

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A larger 12 X 12 album allows for more images because they won’t get lost on the large page. Some spreads will have just one panoramic image – PS this looks awesome, BTW.

It’s best not to crowd every spread, and to allow your design to breathe, with some white space too. When it comes to design, less is more.

I design with simplicity and boldness in mind, much like my photographic style.

How many images to choose?

So for a 20 spread (40 page) album: I suggest the following as a guideline for how many images to select:

8 X 8 album: 50 images * please note, this size will be phased out after the 2022 album designing season (January – March 2022 only) 

10 X 10 album: 65 images

12 X 12 album: 80 images

How do I choose my images?

You pick the images you’d like to be included in your wedding album design! (if you don’t have the time, keep scrolling for info on my “trust me” album.

On your online gallery hit the ‘favorite’ (heart) button at the top when the photo in question is enlarged on the screen.

how to select wedding images
In your wedding gallery, ‘favorite’ the image to add.

The system will prompt you to enter your email address, as only one email address is linked to each ‘favorite’ list. Then, it will ask you which list, so click ‘For my Album’!

The ‘For my album’ list will be added when you decide you’d like an album. This can only be tied to one email address so let me know which partner’s email address to link to.

screenshot showing how to pick images for wedding album
Choose the preset list I’ll have created ‘FOR MY ALBUM’. You can also create this list yourself if it isn’t there by selecting ‘create new list’ at the bottom.

You can favorite and un-favorite, as you please until you’re happy with your selections. Feel free to revisit another day and your selects will be saved.

How do I let the photographer know I’m done with my selections?

This is pretty simple, but I’ve included a step-by-step guide here. From your main gallery page, see where the ‘heart’ icon has a little green notification.

pixieset screenshot showing album selections
Go to the top right of your main gallery page when you’ve added your faves to the preset list

See that little heart notification? Hit that button, and a different view will pop up. Then, you’ll see the screen below with different icons in the top right corner.

how to share image selects with photographer on pixieset
You’ll see there is an option to ‘Send to Photographer’. Hit that!

Once you’ve hit the ‘send to photographer button, you can add a customized message or just hit ‘send’ at the bottom right.

pixieset screenshot sharing image selects with photographer
That will bring up the screen to send me an automated email to alert me you’re done making your selections!


4. Collaborate on the design process

I’ll get to work once I have your album choices and photo selects.

As I’ve mentioned, I see the process of designing your album as a collaborative one. With some smart web-based album software, you’ll be able to quickly and easily proof your design online.

You’ll flick through the virtual pages as if you were holding the album in your hands.

Using the ‘request changes’ feature on the online proofing system, you can let me know anything you’d like to change. Both ‘request changes’ and ‘approve design’ are located in the bottom right corner of the software.

Fundy Album proofer - how to approve a spread online
For each spread, you’ll be able to make changes or approve the whole design

5. Approve the design!

When all is good, you would approve the album design online. This is an important step, as I’ll need formal proof that you are definitely done with making your changes.

This is done by hitting the ‘approve design’ button on the online proofer.

Once you finalize your design but before we go to print is when the second payment is due. You can also simply pay everything on the first invoice.

Note: companion albums (also called parent albums) must be an exact replica of the main album, and ordered at the same time in order to qualify the discount. However, the cover can be different. Discount applies to whichever is the cheapest. If ordering 2 (or more) companion albums, the cheapest two will both receive the discount. 

So, that’s really it concerning the process of ordering your book! I also had a few FAQ’s to address – the questions I get a lot!

close up of Fine-art-heirloom-albums when you buy a wedding album with Zoe Larkin Photography

How long does it take?

There are two parts to this question – how long does the design take and how long does delivery take?


Firstly, the design piece really depends on how many rounds of revisions we go through.

If you approve the first design I send, then it’s really going to be a very quick process! But each round of tweaks takes time to implement, email, wait for feedback etc. Currently, I do all the design work myself.

I would advise to start the album process when you know you’re going to have some time available to collaborate on the process.

Allow up to 2 weeks for each time I get a design to you or tweak a design.

Up to 2 rounds of revision are included, extra rounds can be added on and will be added to the invoice for your final payment.


Allow a week for your album to get to you once you have approved the final design. It’s usually even quicker than this, but I want to allow a buffer to account for delays either with sending it off to print, or at the lab.

To allow for the fastest delivery time, we ship your album directly to you. I do not inspect the albums first. You will need to get in touch with me ASAP if there’s a problem with your order.

Please note we only mail to the contiguous United States. If you’re mailing an album overseas, it’s recommended to have it delivered to the US first and then to make your own arrangements to send on to its final destination however you wish.

If you’re not based in the US or cannot access a mailing address here (friend/family etc), unfortunately we will not be able to collaborate together on an album.

Will all my selected photos appear in the finished album?

Sometimes I do make small substitutions from the selections you’ve made. If you’ve selected two images that are near-duplicates I may remove one. If you’ve selected two images of ‘details’, and I think three would work better on a spread, I’ll pick another one.

If there is something missing, I may likewise go ahead and select what I feel would create a more well-rounded selection.

Basically, this is not something you should worry about too much. I am used to culling and curating images and figuring out what works best. I’ve spent years honing it. If you are OK with leaving the exact choice to me as a creative professional, that’s part of the service I offer in creating kick-ass wedding albums.

What if I just don’t have time to pick out my favorite pictures for the album?

I do offer another service in which may be of interest to clients who, with the best will in the world, just don’t have the time to devote. It’s called a “trust me” album. Allow me to explain how it works!

I’ll select the photos and design the album for you. That’s right, there’s no selections to be made. You can also skip the online proofing if you don’t have the time to devote to it.

The “trust me” album, has a couple of benefits, mainly that it saves you the time and effort of making your image selections. I’ll simply do it for you! As there isn’t so much of a back-and-forth between us, I can get it done quicker. You’ll get a lovely surprise when the finished album is delivered to your door.

As I say, I can either send the album to print and you’ll get the hard copy delivered to you. Or if you want a little more say but don’t have time to select the images (which is quite a difficult job!) you can proof the design online. You can substitute pictures in or out, as you wish.

If you are interested in this option please mention the “trust me” album in an email.

When should I order my album?

Due to an increased wedding workload (which rarely lets up due to shooting so much at City Hall), I can only turn my attention to design + production of wedding albums during the off-season months of January – March any given year.

If you are planning to gift an album for example for a holiday, anniversary or special occasion, I urge you to allow plenty of time – ideally at least three months. There are also plenty of consumer labs out there that may be able to work with you given a tighter deadline.

During my busy wedding and editing months, album design has to take a back seat.

Can I order my album years after the wedding?

Yes! My prices do change over time as the cost of doing business increases.

I keep all my delivered photo files, so if I’m still in business, I can design your album! : )

The album guide that you received has prices that are valid for the calendar year you receive it. Prices increase without notice. The longer you wait after your wedding, the more you’ll end up paying.

Please note: Once I take first payment for your album design, the album production must be within 2 years or else the deposit (which covers my time on the design process) is forfeited.

Do you offer companion albums?

Yes! What are companion albums, first of all? They are duplicate albums that you would, most commonly, give to parents or other relatives.

Companion albums qualify for a 15% discount on each album when they are an exact replica of the original album. (They can, however, have different cover materials/ colors/ text, but the actual spreads must be identical.) It is, of course, the less expensive album(s) that will get the discount in the case they’re at different price points.

You must order any companion albums that you wish to gain the discount on, at the same time as ordering your album (that is, they must be part of the same order, not two separate orders). Your album contract will therefore state that it contains a parent album or albums.

If you would like to order companion albums at a later date, or have a different spread-design inside (for example, more photos of that side of the family), that’s also completely fine – it will simply be treated as a new order rather than a discounted add-on to your album.

Can you incorporate photographs that you didn’t take?

I’m afraid not. The album is a bespoke piece of art for which I’ve been commissioned and which bears my name.

For this reason, I only use my own images that I and my second photographer shot with your album in mind.

There are many consumer album labs, including Google’s, that will auto-design some nice-looking books that could supplement the album I’ll create for you. Or you’re welcome to use on of those other labs, if what you’re looking for is outside of the scope of what I can reasonably provide.

I can include photos from engagements or any other shoots I shot for you, but not the work of other photographers whether amateur or professionally shot.

In conclusion

Albums are I believe the most compelling way of displaying your images because they tell a story, which lends itself well to my photographic style.

The intimacy and interactivity of flipping through pages is really special.

This article is meant to provide an overview as to what’s involved before you make your decision. Have you already received Zoe Larkin Photography’s album pricing guide?

To get more info, or if you’re ready to view samples with a view to buying a wedding album, please get in touch!

Pin this to your Pinterest board, and give me a follow while you’re there!

Ordering a wedding album with Zoe Larkin Photography is easy! Here's what you need to know before you decide to go ahead! It's a collaborative process and we'll make sure your wedding album looks beautiful before ordering. You'll be able to proof the design so it's the wedding album of your dreams! After your wedding, let's create something magical that will also be your first family heirloom! #weddingalbum #fineartalbum #weddingphotographer #bayareaweddingphotographer | Zoe Larkin Photography
heirloom fine art photography albums available albums san francisco bay area by Zoe Larkin Photography - buying a wedding album info
Styled images of the inside spread of a favorite album
buying a wedding album with zoe larkin photography - close ups of the wedding albums
Fine art heirloom album close-ups!
wedding photography albums available san francisco bay area

Thinking of buying a Wedding Album? Here’s how it works

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