At Zoe Larkin Photography, we pride ourselves on three main values: practicality, approachability and reliability.

We believe weddings are a reflection of a couple’s values. I've assembled a team that shares my approach to sensitive story-telling, open-heartedness, along with the utmost professionalism, excellent problem-solving skills—and a whole lot of energy & good vibes!

Our team of associate photographers.

Frequently asked questions

connection-focused photography, built around you

I’m all about going with the flow and helping those in front of my lens feel comfortable, since I know that how daunting that can be! I take the time to get to know people before I start clicking.

Finding that connection allows trust to build, which in turn creates a more relaxed environment. This allows for the most authentic captures! I’m an extrovert, always smiling and love to laugh, so chances are I will try my best to get you laughing as well!

I’m a 1.5 generation Filipino American immigrant and SF native. I’m so grateful to have grown up in such a culturally diverse city, which opened up my mind to connecting with different cultures—triggering a perpetual case of the travel bug.

Photography has always been my favorite souvenir. It allows me to easily recall special memories from my trips. I love the ability to look at a photo and remember how I felt—which is why I love taking photos of people.

I find so much joy in having the ability to offer that experience for others.






My wedding photography journey started in 2012. After majoring in Photography, I was asked to assist a wedding photographer in 2011 and completely fell in love with the experience.

I proceeded to photograph weddings and engagements while working for a medical device company in the Bay Area. Then, in 2017 I got married and moved to a new city. It was time to make my part-time hustle my full-time passion!

The driving force behind what I do is the memory of my grandma. She had Alzheimer’s and passed away a few years ago. It saddened me to witness her not remember such precious memories - and it taught me how important it was to preserve them.

Capturing these once-in-a-lifetime memories for couples excites and thrills me so much—AND it’s a lot of fun!

As a wedding photographer, I do my best to document your big day and capture your loved ones, as well as everything you worked hard on to make your dreams a reality.





happy-go-lucky oakland native with 10 years' wedding experience

Anchored in Oakland's rich heritage, I am a fourth-generation local with many stories to tell about my family’s deep roots here!

With a degree in Digital Arts and Graphic Design, I found my true calling in wedding photography over a decade ago. My passion lies in capturing happy tears on the wedding day, from whispered vows to heartfelt speeches. It never gets boring as each wedding is so different.

My experience encompasses a spectrum of celebrations, emphasizing LGBTQ+ inclusivity and cross-cultural expertise. My approach is a blend of gentle guidance and unobtrusive observation. I am smiley, easy-going, and easy to work with. I will be bossy and help direct the day at times, and other times you won’t notice I’m there while I’m snapping away getting those authentic candid photos.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I am a staunch advocate for kindness and equality. My personal world is filled with love of stand-up comedy (watching rather than performing!), swimming and scuba diving which I will happily do for hours, and my sweet, naughty Boston terrier, Carl.



jeanie's PORTFOLIO


experience meets passion with a heart for people and stories

I’ve been documenting love stories for over 14 years now. It has truly been one of the biggest blessings in my life.

Photography has taught me how to see beauty in the mundane, overlooked, and forgotten. Now it allows me to witness and document the beauty of being human over and over again—the depth of emotion, connection and imperfect perfections in us all.

Love is unique, not a cookie cutter or one-size-fits-all sort of thing. Every bond is a special one and I’m here to celebrate that and create with you and weave together your story through beautiful imagery. It is an honor and privilege to do this work.

In my spare time, I’m likely to be either cuddled up with a cat on my lap or having a dance party in my bedroom. I also love hiking in the woods, hitting up the vintage movie theater watching a new indie film, or buying yet another houseplant.





formally trained photographer with over 10 years in the industry

One of my strengths is being a people person – I can connect with people from different walks of life no matter their personality type.

That connection feeds into the relationship I build with everyone I’ve photographed over the last decade: making folks feel at ease and to capture their special moments organically.

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I strive to make everyone feel seen as they truly are.

I’m a chameleon that leans into what YOU need - whether that's making you laugh or creating a more romantic vibe.

In my spare time, I’m an avid hiker and backpacker, with wanderlust in my soul. Exploring the mountains has become an important part of my life and leaves me with a lasting sense of awe and reverence.

When not shooting weddings, you’ll find me spending time with my wife (whom I met at photography school 14 years ago!) or focusing on my self-care with meditations, affirmations and exercise.

I love all people (and animals) - making friends is my specialty. Snacks are my love language (100% will bring some for you on your wedding day).





Energy-centered, reiki-practitioning tamer of chaos

I’m a people-person, fiercely loyal, and a lover of beautiful things. I like to think of myself as a mom with an artist heart, a wild heart. Holding space for you— in all your messiness, vulnerability and perfect imperfections—is what I've been told I do best!

I’m a wife to my college sweetheart, and our relationship has endured for over twenty years. I'm the proud mom of two wild boys, two cats and heaps of plants in Walnut Creek, California.

I rearrange my home often. The physical space around me influences my well-being and mindset so completely. I love floral arranging, and often include “weeds” (which are just native plants that need a re-brand)!

I love all things woo-woo. I practice Reiki and tarot readings, and can bring as much or as little energy healing to your wedding day shoot as you like.

Pre-photography, I loved working at my parents' landscape architecture firm to help community build parks. Planning outreach events also helped prepare me to be calm and resourceful in anything involving large gatherings of folks!

I just pinch myself every time I get to spend these intimate moments with my couples and tell their stories.





Self-professed hopeless romantic addicted to love stories

Note: Tam will be on maternity leave this summer. She  hopes to return to our team come fall, though that is currently TBD.

I’m Tam, a full-time wedding and portrait photographer based in the East Bay.

When I am not documenting love stories, you can usually find me outside in nature, hanging with my husband and our dogs. I also love tending to my indoor garden, listening to music and traveling the world while searching for yummy food.

In photography, I’m most inspired by nature, romance, editorial-style photography and the interplay of light and shadows.

I have the tendency to romanticize the raw human experience. I believe that the seemingly quiet, small moments can be felt with as much depth and power as the big moments that occur throughout our lifetime. I believe wedding days combine both.

I’m an omnivert, meaning I have introverted as well as extroverted tendencies, it just depends on the circumstance. For example, I am a homebody that relishes downtime and solitude, while also shamelessly loving a raging reception dance floor.

One of my life goals is to witness and deeply embrace as much love as I possibly can. I can’t wait to capture your unique and beautiful love story!





enthusiastic, heart-led photographer with a passion for empathy

I’ve been capturing love stories and portraits since 2014 here in the Northern California region. 

I invest my heart and soul into my work and relationships of those whole love stories I capture. My passion for photography is a deep one, and it stems from my love for human connection, community and belonging. 

My most dearly-held value is to capture people exactly as there are, unapologetically. 

I grew up in the Pacific North West, homeschooled, barefoot, vegetarian—the whole darn thing!

I’m a total nerd about positive psychology, astrology and enneagram (7w8, triple-Gemini through and through!). In my quiet moments, I enjoy reading, podcasts and snuggling with my three-year old golden doodle, Scout.

My hero is Brene Brown and I particularly love her work on vulnerability, which I bring to and encourage from every couple in front of my lens. 





photojournalistic style that authentically captures your day

Corey is based in Los Angeles, but travels to the Bay Area for weekend weddings with an 8-hour minimum.

Your wedding day will go by fast. You get up early to do your hair and makeup with your bridal party, or squeeze in a quick round of golf with the guys, and next thing you know, the DJ's playing Journey's Don’t Stop Believin’.

I take great pride in preserving all those little moments that make up the biggest day of your lives. While the day might be a blur, your photos won’t be!

My love of photography started 15 years ago when I worked on the college newspaper. Be it photographing a guest speaker on campus, a student protest or basketball games, I have always strived to authentically capture the story of the day.

From those journalistic beginnings I moved onto events and portraits. I now focus on weddings, special events, and families, but the ethos is the same - to capture the moments you never want to forget.

When I put down my camera I love to play golf. Like photography, I am constantly looking to improve my game and nail that perfect shot!