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Soulful imagery for those who value the        over the         



Hey, I’m Zoe!

san francisco wedding photographer

As a Bay Area wedding photographer, I have perfected a unique blend of directive posing of you and your loved ones with photojournalistic captures of the rest of your day 

My trademark shots are what I call the ‘in-between moments’. It’s all about creating space where you can be your full, true self.  

In short, I’ll make you look f***ing cool on your wedding day.

She was a real artist, very organized and professional, as well as friendly

Zoe’s photography absolutely made our wedding. Zoe was excited, inquisitive, thoughtful and detail-oriented about our wedding dreams. Zoe was very responsive with communication. The photos are simply beautiful works of creativity and art.

morgan & jeff

The truth is that we feel awkward and uncomfortable when we don’t feel safe to be ourselves — when it’s all about the pressure of a perfect photo. 

But once you have the chance to work with someone who understands that it’s the experience that creates meaningful photographs, that’s when the magic happens. 

But what if we’re awkward?

A photographer can set the tone for your entire wedding experience 

So why choose me to capture it?

This is a joint collaboration. It’s not about me simply showing up to take pictures. You deserve more than an outsider. The artists you invite into the fold should align with your vision, encourage your unique style, and create space for you to fully immerse into your day… your way. 

Years of working with LGBTQ+ couples

LGBTQ+ forward

Awesome team members with a lower price point 

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Find info through my blog and videos 

Content-first approach

Nostalgic point & shoot film snaps

Film add-on

Efficient and helpful responses via email

Fast communication

No surprises, just upfront pricing for peace of mind.

Transparent pricing

Zoe has this magical ability to exude calmness and excitement

In addition to being extremely knowledgeable, organized, and helpful, Zoe is truly a joy to shoot with. She works tirelessly for her clients. We are amazed at how she was able to capture everything - from the bigger moments to the tiniest gestures. 

Larissa & Jon

Our vision for you

Unveil, reveal, and peel back the mask

We aim for you to be fully present in every moment, crafting a unique gallery that beautifully depicts your journey and those who shaped you. 

I care deeply to see and capture authentic connection and the small details that turn your story into art. 

Your wedding day isn't a performance. It’s about living the moment, not just capturing it. In the end, our photography aims to truthfully reflect who you are, intentionally pursuing life together and part of a community.


From stolen glances to cheeky kisses, from tender hugs to tearful whispers: when you look through your photos, those memories will live on. 

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Don’t want to spend your wedding day posing for photos?

I’m there to watch and listen as you are your truest selves. 

From stolen glances to cheeky kisses, from tender hugs to tearful whispers: when you look through your photos, those memories will live on. 

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We believe

in chasing moments over perfection

solid planning is the key to living in the moment

in storytelling with authenticity 

in nurturing lasting client relationships

photography should be fun and transformative

in working with integrity and honesty

your wedding can be anything you want it to be 

wedding photography is your first family heirloom

in celebrating underrepresented people 

our clients are heroes 

all love is equal 

She captured emotions that are just so intimate and moving

We were attracted to Zoe's work because of her interest in intimate weddings & her experience with LGBT couples. From the very beginning Zoe took to the time to get understand what is important to us. The pictures tell the story of our wedding day in ways that go way beyond our expectations.

Barry & Ed