EDIT: πŸ“Œ Email received from Growpad on 8/2/21: “Due to undisclosed reasons, we have stopped the service”. Growpad is no longer live, so none of the previously-given information will work.

I don’t know how on earth I got into this niche of talking about Instagram automation tools, but hey, here we are. I launched a YouTube channel, my second ever video was a review of Jarvee. It took off, gaining thousands of views.

I gained a (still small) audience, they responded positively every time I posted about Jarvee.

Fast forward a few months, and I’ve had quite a few problems with Jarvee. I talk length about that in this video. But my audience were still there, still wanting Instagram automation tips.

Enter Growpad.

This was like the ultimate antidote to the frustration, the numerous workarounds, the constant risk of being blocked, burning scrapers, and frankly, stress of Jarvee.

Growpad is simplicity itself. Let’s find out what it can do for you.

Affiliate Disclosure
This post contains affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. All opinions are my own. Learn more here.

Growpad was kind enough to let me try out Growpad Premium for just over a month. Other than that, I haven’t been compensated to create this honest review.

This blog post goes alongside my video where you’ll see me setting up Growpad for the first time and taking it for a little spin. Check it out below πŸ‘‡πŸΎ

The IG growth tool that’s perfect for non-experts

As you can probably imagine from background as a wedding photographer, I’m no expert on IG automation. I review these tools as a regular user, trying to build and grow a modestly-sized Instagram account.

Results vary depending on:

  • Quality and type of content
  • Frequency and time of posting
  • Your niche
  • Location and the location of your followers
  • Choice of and use of hashtags
  • Number and type of actions
  • Utilization of Instagram’s newest features
  • Your account’s standing and history on Instagram
  • and many other factors!

For this reason I’m going to focus more on how to actually set up and use Growpad.io, and less about what kind of growth is ‘normal’ or typical.

It’s really crazy how difficult it’s now become to use Jarvee without the complex, time-consuming and expensive workarounds.

Benefits of Growpad over other IG automation tools

πŸ”’ Doesn’t require you to hand over login information to a third party

Many Instagram growth tools require you to enter your password into a separate software. Instagram is able to detect that your account is logged on different IP addresses. This can cause issues if you perform actions on your phone and then the bot is also out performing actions somewhere else! Even with a proxy, this is not ideal as Instagram’s detection methods are very sophisticated.

Growpad works in a completely different way, with no third party access to your Instagram account.

πŸ”– Works via a Chrome browser extension while your Instagram is logged in

Instead of the traditional third-party access, Growpad works exclusively via a Chrome browser. Once you download the extension (which is free, just with lower limits), Growpad will be able to run on autopilot. It does this same way you would by liking, following, commenting etc on posts via Instagram.com on the web browser.

πŸ–±οΈ Uses an Auto-Mouse functionality to simulate real user behavior

Auto Mouse is a separate program that works in conjunction with Growpad. If you are not comfortable with a mouse that moves by itself, you can perform the prescribed actions yourself manually.). Auto-mouse performs a randomized set of actions – for example moving on screen, double-clicking, scrolling and waiting – right there in your browser window.

Yes, this means your computer is essentially out of commission while Growpad is running. There are a couples of ways to get around that. 1) Run Growpad at night or 2) Get a cheap secondhand laptop or Chromebook where Growpad will run.

⏲️ Built-in pauses to keep you within safe limits

You can select how many of each different action you would like to perform each hour or each day. But Growpad goes one step further by taking preventative action, to avoid those action blocks/ temporary blocks from happening.

It has pauses or cooling down periods baked into the actions you perform. Once it gets a little too ‘hot’, you will not be able to perform actions for between 1 – 16 hours. That makes sure you won’t be tempted to keep on going. Also, the built-in pauses mean you can keep this tool running around the clock. It will stop when it needs to, providing your not overtaxing it with a silly number of actions.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» No scrapers, proxies or extra software required

It got quite stressful with other bots. I had to constantly get new scrapers. I once had 8 burn out in 3 days – and good ones too that had been warmed up and were purchased from a reputable seller. An awesome thing about Growpad is that there is no need to purchase any other services, proxies, multiple IG accounts, run VPS’s or anything else.

🎯 Target users by other account’s followers, hashtag search, popular post likers/commenters and more

Just like with any Instagram bot, there are a bunch of different ways to target users. To name a few, you can go after a big account in your industry and target its followers. Or you could target by users that post via a certain hashtag, or likers / commented on a viral post. You can also add filters like ‘posted within the last 0 – 7 days).

It’s really crazy how difficult it’s now become to use Jarvee without the complex, time-consuming and expensive workarounds.

πŸ€– Performs actions such as liking, following, unfollowing, DMing, commenting, story viewing

I’m only getting started with the tool, so I feel like I’m only scratching the surface. But I do know that it is good for at least those actions and a lot more besides. The standard features any Instagram bot needs to do are all of the above engagement tasks.

πŸ›οΈ Miscellaneous features like a giveaway selector, grid maker, competitor analysis

Scroll around with the menu and you’ll find a ton of different features. You can also easily find accounts that you follow yet don’t follow you back (what Growpad calls ‘brats’) and vice versa (‘fans’).

πŸ’¬ Amazing support available through online chat box

Growpad has always been very responsive to me! But seriously, I know they are trying super hard to grow this tool now in early 2021. They seem to really care about providing a good service. If you have any issues they will take good care of you and walk you through a fix. Great at understanding the issues and effective troubleshooting.

⛏️ Extremely effective scraping functionality to scrape large volumes of Instagram users fast

Probably my favorite feature of Growpad is the effortless and risk-free user scraping. I touch on it in the video but may need to make another, Wow! This had me mindblown.

Remember how careful you had to be, scraping on Jarvee? No more. You can scrape upwards of 7,000 Instagram users in less than 5 minutes with Growpad. And the best part is, the risk is not on your account. It is not your account that is accessing Instagram’s API.

How to set up your Growpad

Step 1: Visit this link to start

Then follow the link to take you to the Chrome Web Store. Then, hit ‘Add to Chrome’ and on the box that pops up, ‘Add Extension’.

screenshot of Growpad in the Google Chrome Web Store showing how to add and install the Growpad extension

Pin to Chrome by using the icons in the top right hand corner.

Then, make sure the Instagram account you want to grow is logged in to this Chrome browser. (Tip: you might want to use a different Chrome browser if you are nervous about the Automouse clicking on something it shouldn’t).

Step 2: On the dashboard, hit ‘make tasks’

The way Growpad works, it gives you different strategies to create engagement tasks for itself to perform. ‘Making tasks’ is like the software creating its own little to-do list, based on the parameters and input you’ve set.

Once you hit ‘Make Tasks’, you’ll see a couple of options. The first is where Growpad automatically selects users. It is called ‘Growpad makes the best tasks for you’. This will allow you to simply enter a competitor name, posts via hashtag or posts at a certain location. Then it will perform tasks according to the weighting you give it (a little like the selection rank on Jarvee).

The second is ‘Advanced: make tasks from a list of usernames’.

The second is will allow you to input a list of scrape users yourself, from an Excel sheet it will give you. You can be a little more targeted and have better control. I would recommend the latter method if you are already pretty up to date with your niche and know the most effective targeting methods already.

Growpad Instagram automation screenshot and review

I will be showing in a later blog post and a more in-depth how to scrape users. For that, you will be using the ‘targeted users’ tab on the left.

Step 3: Perform tasks once Growpad has made them

You can see on the right hand side how many tasks Growpad has made. If you’re using the simple strategy, it will set 35 tasks for itself and then auto-generate new tasks as it completes.

How to perform tasks on Growpad

For the advanced strategy, you can put up to a maximum of 1,000 names for the ‘advanced’ strategy (pulling from a spreadsheet of scraped users).

When you’re on the ‘Perform Tasks’ screen, you’ll see ‘Automatic Task Opener at the top of the screen. For this to work, you’ll need the Auto Mouse software downloaded and installed.

Where to set up the auto mouse software on Growpad for automatic task opening

Step 4: Set up the Auto Mouse

Head over to the Auto Mouse tab on the left hand side, then it will guide you through the download link for either Windows or Mac. Once downloaded, open it up, then copy and paste your Auto Mouse token that you can do quickly and easily on that screen. That will verify in one second.

how to get your automouse software working on Growpad by copying and pasting your token

Just don’t forget to close the download bar that shows up on the bottom of Chrome every time you download something. Growpad doesn’t work if this is still on screen.

It’s really crazy how difficult it’s now become to use Jarvee without the complex, time-consuming and expensive workarounds.

Step 5: Go to Dashboard and click ‘Do Tasks’

Turn on automatic task opener

Back on your dashboard, you can now turn on the Automatic Task Opener. Growpad will work its way through your ‘Tasks to be performed’ list, by opening them in a new Chrome tab, taking a moment to perform human-looking actions and pausing, then closing that tab and opening the next task.

Be sure to hit ‘Start’ and dismiss the reminder that pops up in order for it to begin working.

How to activate and turn on Growpad automouse function - Growpad user review

If you don’t like the posts or users that Growpad has found to engage with, it’s easy to delete them so you are not wasting your action budget with irrelevant targets.

Growpad.io - User review how to delete tasks that are not relevant

Side note: I actually suggested to Growpad that it might be a useful feature if you could see from this screen how many followers/ following a user on that ‘Make Tasks’ list has. This way, you can delete anyone whose following is too big for them to notice you.

They let me know that by the next update, that screen will have this added information showing follower/following and post count:

And in case you’re curious, this is what the software looks like in action:

Example of what Growpad does once it is running - Growpad Instagram Automation review

It even tells you in the bottom left corner why this user was targeted and what action will be performed on this post.

Step 6: Tweak hourly action limits under ‘Settings’

If you do run into any issues, action blocks (or the dreaded ‘your account was compromised’ error, which I have gotten once since starting Growpad), you’ll want to tweak your number of actions per hour.

I tend to get a bit overconfident and I was doing 70 likes per hour and 1,000 likes per day. It’s up to you to have more sensible limits. Even with Growpad’s cool-down periods, it’s still just software that is subject to user error.

I currently have had mine set to 40 likes per hour and 800 likes per day. That has been working fine with no blocks for a couple of weeks or so. Bear in mind, however, I perform virtually no actions on my phone (except posting and replying to comments). Also, I don’t automate anything else right now like following/ commenting/ DMing etc.

It’s really crazy how difficult it’s now become to use Jarvee without the complex, time-consuming and expensive workarounds.

To sum up

This is definitely a powerful yet simple tool. That was really what I always wanted. I don’t run an agency (though agency pricing is available!). I wanted a simple and affordable way of automating Instagram engagement tasks for my small business/ personal brand page.

Nothing crazy, just a basic Instagram bot to give me some of my time back.

Having previously fallen victim to Instagram addiction, having a bot perform Instagram actions is priceless. As it happens, Growpad has way more functionality than I even need. It’s a surefire way to grow your Instagram in 2021 and beyond, with a minimal learning curve and an intuitive interface.

This Instagram automation tool is affordable. It has a very low monthly fee that you can pay month-to-month depending on when you need it. Plus, don’t forget to use my Growpad discount code ZOE for 10% off Growpad Premium which gives you 1,000 actions per day instead of 100.

⚠️ Disclaimer:

All content presented on this blog and channel is for informational and entertainment purposes only, sharing my own personal and subjective opinions. I do not provide services offering Instagram automation.

I make no guarantees that any results achieved with my account can be achieved with other accounts.

This software mentioned in this article will continue to change over time. Any advice offered in this article and the video linked on this page, will eventually become outdated.

Instagram automation tools are against Instagram’s Terms of Service and you may permanently lose access to your account if you use automation tools. Use Instagram automation software and services associated with Instagram automation at your own risk.

Please consult with a professional social media automation manager if you would like help setting up or maintaining your bot. Visit https://zoelarkin.com/jarvee to learn what the IG botting experts can do for you. πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

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Instagram automation for safe growth of your Instagram account on autopilot, has really taken a hit lately. Instagram has been clamping down on tools that use automation techniques, meaning many accounts have been shut down for good. Growpad is different. It runs on your own computer, with no need to give your Instagram password to a third party. If you're looking to replace the Instagram bots that no longer work, Growpad is it! So simple to use and having used it for a month, it gets results.
You've probably heard of Growpad, the newest and SAFEST Instagram automation bot that engages authentically on your behalf using a Chrome extension on your own computer via the Auto Mouse functionality. It's a robust, yet simple and intuitive piece of software that even Instagram automation beginners will find easy. Use Growpad promo code ZOE, you'll get 10% off your subscription to Growpad Premium. Get started for free! Check out my indepth tutorial. get off Instagram and get your life back!
Zoe Larkin
Zoe Larkin

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Review and set up tutorial of Growpad Instagram automation bot by Zoe Larkin

Growpad Instagram automation review & tutorial

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  1. Marleyy says:

    So i downloaded everything and my automouse feature is not working. When i turn on auto-task, the software is opening Instagram in a new tab, telling me why that person was selected as well as what action to perform, but i do not see my mouse moving on it’s own at all or doing the desired task…
    Also, when i go check the list of post that I have liked in the past, none of the ones the Growpad is saying to like are showing.. This means that although the tasks are being opened and closed in a new tab, it’s not actually liking anything. very weird to me.

    • zoelarkinphoto says:

      Hey what happened to your comment on the channel? Anyway, I’ve never had this issue myself so I suggest reaching out to Growpad’s (amazing) help team who have always been able to help me with the many small glitches I’ve experienced while setting up my Growpad. They are really responsive.

  2. Marleyy says:

    So i downloaded everything and my automouse feature is not working. When i turn on auto-task, the software is opening Instagram in a new tab, telling me why that person was selected as well as what action to perform, but i do not see my mouse moving on it’s own at all or doing the desired task…
    Also, when i go check the list of post that I have liked in the past, none of the ones the Growpad is saying to like are showing.. This means that although the tasks are being opened and closed in a new tab, it’s not actually liking anything. very weird to me. Hope i didn’t waste cash.

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