Winnie + Marc | A Scenic Drive Wedding

June 26, 2018
just married couple walking out of san Francisco city hall

They met in the San Francisco dance scene of the late 90’s and early aughts. After thirteen years together, Winnie and Marc decided to get married.

During our first meeting, I asked the obvious question. “Why now?” I love to hear couples’ proposal stories and what brought them to the point in their lives where they decided to marry.

Winnie replied,

“Because that’s how long it took. Our marriage-to-be is rooted in a foundation of moments that have helped us grow as individuals, and have made us stronger as a couple: grand globe-trotting adventures, laughing over obscure references and inside jokes, arguing over the little things, date nights dressed to the nines, movie nights in our frumpiest outfits, all those good times spent with friends and family, and the challenging conversations and introspection it took to learn how to love and support each other well. It makes me appreciate what we have just that much more. I think we’re both excited to see how our relationship evolves after we’re married.”

The nuptials took place in San Francisco’s beautiful City Hall just before the end of the year. The rotunda, where their vows were exchanged, was lit up with the Tree of Hope. The 23-foot tree glimmered magically with holiday lights and thousands of origami cranes inscribed with wishes.

The couple’s closest friends were in attendance. Post-ceremony, they boarded a shuttle (decked out like a limo on the inside) for a few hours of visiting a few of their favorite spots. It was a great time for pictures, with everyone having such fun feasting, drinking, laughing and reminiscing.

We started our journey by taking few photos on Treasure Island, with the San Francisco city skyline as the dramatic backdrop.  Then, it was on to Golden Gate Park’s Panhandle – the couple’s “de facto front yard” – located right in their neighborhood. This park in the middle of the city – filled with mature redwoods, cedars, poplars and laurel trees – made for a lush setting on this warm-for-December day. The light was doing beautiful things, and I was lucky enough to capture some sweet embrace photos of the couple while their shadow projected onto a redwood.

After a few fun group shots, we finished up at Ocean Beach where – very true to form for this very San Francisco couple – they ran into a friend and his new baby! We definitely kept things authentic for this couple and true to who they are as people.

“Looking over the pics that our friends and relatives can’t stop raving about, we are amazed at how adept you are at capturing emotion in the moment. It really speaks to your capacity for empathy. It’s actually the first thing we noticed when reviewing your portfolio months ago. That quality, combined with your general aesthetic sensibilities, resulted in photos that made us feel like we really won the wedding photographer lottery. We LOVE the photos.” – Winnie + Marc

Unhurried City Hall weddings are a specialty of mine! I love to have couples fit in locations around the City and even beyond that are meaningful to them beyond City Hall itself and the immediate vicinity. Let’s do something fun and special to honor your story! Contact me to learn more.

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