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Hello and welcome! I'm a wedding photographer based out of San Francisco that also loves making content for other wedding photographers and fellow small business owners. Thank you so much for being here! 

When I was starting out, I wish there was someone I could ask my questions to. A sounding board, a helpful friend, someone to champion what I was building when I was deeply unsure about it all.

I share everything I've learned on my journey so that you can avoid making the same mistakes as me and benefit from my experiences. I also create valuable resources on my blog, with topics ranging from local SEO to Instagram automation and reviews of various marketing channels I've tried.

Check that out here: Zoe's biz blog

Please note - due to an unprecedented wedding season, and choosing to focus on my clients, the shop has ceased operations for the time being. You won't be able to purchase any items listed on this page. Thank you for your understanding!


Online shop for wedding photographers

In this almost 20,000-word ebook, I will take you through everything you need to know to start your wedding photography business.

From naming your business, filing the correct forms with the state or city, deciding on a legal structure, accounting, banking, CRMs, contracts - I got you!

This is one purchase you'll make that will actually move the needle when it comes to setting up your wedding photography business the right way, avoiding costly and time-wasting headaches.

Note: This ebook is intended for residents of the United States as it deals with business structures and legal considerations that are pertinent here.

New to shooting weddings and want to learn all the best camera settings for any kind of wedding?

In this ebook, I'll guide you through absolutely EVERYTHING I've learned in order to master my camera, so I'm never left fumbling with my settings in front of a client.

This 24-page, beautifully-designed resource will show you in great detail and precision, exactly the settings I would choose for each and every aspect of the wedding day, activity and lighting condition.

Note: This ebook is intended for prime lens shooters and is based on the Canon DSLR (5D Mark III or IV) system that I use.

virtual meeting

Not only will we be able to see each other and chat virtually, you can feel free to screenshare and really hash things out. Want help with something you're stuck with? Allow me to help with any aspect of your struggles!

video call via google meet

1:1 phone SUPPORT

Let's strategize in real time, on the phone. I'll break down whatever questions or stumbling blocks you're going through. Use me as a sounding board or ask me to clarify absolutely anything in your business!

phone call with me

I'll send you a questionnaire and you can let me know your exact pain points in your business or online endeavors! I'll record a video response, hosted online, that you can replay as many times as you like. You'll get specific, actionable help!


replay at leisure

Consultations & Mentorships

want to book some 1-on-1 time?

Sometimes you need a little more personalized help - totally get it! That's why I've created packages for consultation & mentorship.

Step it up a notch




Video length: 10 mins

Phone call duration: 30 mins

Video call duration: 1 hour

I offer online mentoring sessions only. All services and goods listed on this stage are delivered virtually.

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You may be wondering what kinds of problems I help to solve. Well, take a look around my resources, blog, ebooks and YouTube channel and you'll see where my strengths lie. 

I love talking about (and consider myself an expert on) all aspects of photography business - from marketing to blogging & SEO, getting legal with your business, the client nurturing process, setting your prices and keeping your customers satisfied. 

I'm also happy to talk through any of the following subjects that I have some expertise in:

✅ Photography editing in Lightroom 
✅ Technical questions around using your camera equipment
✅ Showit software - advice & troubleshooting (web platform that this site was built on)
✅ Technical SEO 
✅ Blogging for small businesses
✅ Website consultations and critiques
✅ Getting started with affiliate marketing & making money online

Of course, I can't possibly know the answer to everything, but I'll give it my best shot! To ensure I am able to help with your specific question, please reach out and tell me more about your situation first.

How does this work? How do I know if you're a good fit?

About my mentorships

Please note - contact form has been removed. Services mentioned in the Shop are no longer offered.

Let's hear a bit about what you're looking for! From there I will send you a questionnaire to gather more information.

Then, I'll send you an invoice that you'll need to pay before we connect. 

I'll send you my scheduler and you can book a time that works for you. 

I'm waiting to hear from you!

ready to jump on a call? reach out here first!

contact zoe & see if we're a good fit