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In this almost 20,000-word ebook, I will take you through everything you need to know to start your wedding photography business.

From naming your business, filing the correct forms with the state or city, deciding on a legal structure, accounting, banking, CRMs, contracts - I got you!

This is one purchase you'll make that will actually move the needle when it comes to setting up your wedding photography business the right way, avoiding costly and time-wasting headaches.

Note: This ebook is intended for residents of the United States as it deals with business structures and legal considerations that are pertinent here.

New to shooting weddings and want to learn all the best camera settings for any kind of wedding?

In this ebook, I'll guide you through absolutely EVERYTHING I've learned in order to master my camera, so I'm never left fumbling with my settings in front of a client.

This 24-page, beautifully-designed resource will show you in great detail and precision, exactly the settings I would choose for each and every aspect of the wedding day, activity and lighting condition.

Note: This ebook is intended for prime lens shooters and is based on the Canon DSLR (5D Mark III or IV) system that I use.

About my resources

Hello and welcome! I'm a wedding photographer based out of San Francisco that also loves making content for other wedding photographers and fellow small business owners.

Thank you so much for being here! 

My main products I have right now are my ebooks, linked above!

For free resources, my YouTube channel is a great place to be. I share everything I've learned on my journey so that you can avoid making the same mistakes as me and benefit from my experiences. You can visit the channel by going here: Zoe's YouTube channel.

I also create valuable resources on my blog, with topics ranging from local SEO to Instagram automation and reviews of various marketing channels I've tried. Check that out here: Zoe's biz blog