You probably already know that the 4th Floor Galleries are available for private rental for wedding ceremonies at San Francisco City Hall. You are perhaps thinking of booking one of the 4th Floor balconies and want to get a little bit of info before doing do.

First of all, welcome! I’m Zoe, one of the most experienced San Francisco City Hall wedding photographers. I’ll be your guide to everything you need to know about wedding ceremonies on the 4th Floor of SF City Hall.

You may know there are three distinct areas available for private rentals. The 4th Floor constitutes 2 of these areas. The other area that’s available is called the Mayor’s Balcony. I’ve a separate post about that space below:

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However, the 4th Floor is widely regarded as the crowning glory of City Hall – the most beautiful and sought-after area for private wedding ceremonies. After all, if it’s good enough for billionaire heiresses…. 

Let’s dive into what this particular area has to offer, and what you need to know about wedding ceremonies on the 4th Floor of SF City Hall. 

The area has some unique features – striking among any wedding venue, not just the alternative locations within City Hall. 

Just to set the scene, the 4th Floor is made up of 2 identical mirror-image ‘galleries’, so-called because they are like mezzanine levels right at the top of the building. 

One of the 4th Floor galleries at san francisco city hall
One of the 4th Floor galleries, seen from the opposite gallery | Photo by Zoe Larkin Photography

A wide view and spacious environment 

For one thing, the environment of the area is just spectacular. You’ll have a wide view, with the other gallery visible directly across from you. Though people may be visible there, a skilled photographer would zap folks from your photos when it’s distracting. 

Greater privacy 

It’s high up, so you can enjoy the feeling of being up in the rafters, away from the hustle, bustle and noise of Civil Ceremonies taking place below. 

You are set apart from the tourists that are a common sight in the building. As your private area will be roped off, you won’t even notice anyone else as they cannot get close. This is also good to note in COVID times. 

Better lighting 

The color palette is incredibly elegant and refined with light, flattering and neutral colors. 

Natural light streams in through the large semi-circular windows, and bounces off the white reflective marble floor. This creates the softest, most beautiful lighting conditions. 

Let’s just address the first question that always gets asked – which is the best option, North side or South side? 

That’s an easy one! The 4th Floor North Gallery wins hands down every time. The South side gets very harsh light as you can imagine, resulting in photos with high contrast. 

Shadows are very pronounced, and the background may even look totally black. Light will hit your face when you’re on the South side. Not great! Photographers look for even light to get the kinds of photos you’re dreaming of. 

However at certain times of day, this isn’t a problem on the South Gallery.

Have the processional of your dreams

The shape of these areas is very long – they’re basically corridors. This is great for walking into your wedding processional and really making an entrance! The unique space affords your ceremony a true sense of occasion. 

Bride processing down the aisle at wedding at san francisco city hall
Bride processing down the aisle on 4th Floor with her parents | Photo by Zoe Larkin Photography

To reach the 4th Floor gallery, enter the building on Polk (also known as Dr Carlton B Goodlett Place). As soon as you get past security, walk a few steps and you’ll see the elevators on your left-hand side. 

Enter the elevator and hit 4. On your near side (exit and then go behind) you’ll find the South Gallery. Walk the other direction – the far side – and you’ll find the North Gallery. 

4th Floor floor plan at SF City Hall

You can have up to 100 guests attend your 4th Floor ceremony. This is the same as the Mayor’s Balcony. However, it’s more convenient because the area is larger, so 60 guests can be seated as opposed to 40.  

Just like with the other areas of the building, I always recommend booking either one of the earliest slots (9am or 10am). 

The earliest appointments are best for avoiding crowds. Light-wise, morning is going to be brighter with cleaner light. For winter ceremonies at 3pm, there is an orange tone that’s visible in your photos. This isn’t bad per se, but as it’s such a neutral area, it can be jarring to see such rich colors of the light. The light starts to fade around 3.30 pm in the winter months, hence why the color of the artificial light starts to take over. 

How wedding ceremonies on the 4th floor of San Francisco city hall look after 3pm during the winter months
An example of the darker, warmer color tones during the winter months | Photo by Zoe Larkin Photography

You can book your appointment up to a year out. 6-9 months out is common for popular dates, though somewhat last-minute appointments are sometimes available if you can be flexible as to the time and date.

Do you need to book the 4th Floor to take photos there?

Nope! City Hall is a public building. Anyone is permitted to enter and take photos wherever they please in the public areas. 

The only exception to this is when a couple has already made an official booking for the 4th Floor, in which case the area will be cordoned off to the general public. 

We definitely encourage obeying the signs if someone else has booked it! If they’re not there yet and you don’t move anything, then it’s entirely possible to sneak in for some photos!

The only disadvantage is the only I’ve alluded to about the lighting on the South side being less than preferable. 

Another very minor point is to make a clear plan for your guests, as it can be hard for people to figure out where they need to go. They have to find the elevator, then figure out how to get to your specific ceremony area – and there are no signs whatsoever!

A bit of preparation goes a long way to ensuring the ceremony can begin on time. 

Other than these minor points, this really is the dream spot! 

The rental cost for the 1-hour ceremonies is $1,000 at the current time.

This doesn’t include chairs, which are an extra cost. If your budget allows, I recommend splurging on the Chiavari chairs which look way classier than the folding wooden ones!

Example of the Chiavari chairs at SF City Hall ceremony
Example of the Chiavari chairs at SF City Hall ceremony | Photo by Zoe Larkin Photography

For up-to-date pricing information, check out the links below. 

👉🏾 SF City Hall Events Page – One Hour Weddings info 

👉🏾 SF City Hall Events Page – Equipment Rental

How long is the rental period?

The rental period for all private area rentals taking place during regular opening hours is 1 hour in duration.

You’ll need to reach out to the San Francisco City Hall events team. This is separate from the Civil Ceremony information. They have their own office actually located on the 4th floor. 

There is a process for holding and booking a date which the team will explain to you. You’ll pay 75% as a deposit by cashier’s check or money order. 

Then there are contracts, insurance, vendor forms, various permits and fees. It sounds scary, but it’s really not. The team is there to help and will hold your hand through it all. 

👉🏾 SF City Hall Events Homepage

👉🏾 SF City Hall Events Contact Page 

group family photos on 4th floor of San francisco city hall
Family wedding photos on the 4th Floor of San Francisco City Hall | Photo by Zoe Larkin Photography

I’m an experienced San Francisco City Hall wedding photographer. My team and I have photographed many weddings on the 4th Floor Galleries and have guided even more couples around the whole building! 

When you’re looking around for the right photographer for you, be sure to find someone that is familiar with the space. Not just so they can get the best photos there, but because the right photographer can also be your guide and offer planning assistance and insider tips.

I pride myself on helping couples with all aspects of making their City Hall wedding days run smoothly. With a vast knowledge of all aspects of getting married in San Francisco, I’ll soon prove myself as a valuable addition to your wedding vendor team!

👉🏾 Experienced, friendly San Francisco City Hall wedding photographer Zoe 

My goal is to take every couple I work with to the 4th Floor Galleries, as in my opinion it’s the most beautiful area to shoot. Even if you’re having a Civil Ceremony, you can expect some photos from this amazingly beautiful area – subject to availability of course (it usually isn’t a problem!)

Sample wedding photos from the 4th Floor of SF City Hall

4th floor of San Francisco City Hall wedding 4th floor North Gallery of San Francisco City Hall wedding couple on 4th floor Gallery of San Francisco City Hall wedding elegant wedding photos - sf city hall 4th Floor northsan francisco city hall wedding photographer - Zoe Larkin Photography4th floor north gallery at san francisco city hall private wedding ceremony on 4th floor north gallery sf city hall beautiful wedding photos taken at SF City Hall 4th Floor Gallery private wedding ceremony 4th floor sf city hall photos group wedding photos on the 4th floor north gallery at sf city hall LGBTQ+ wedding at San francisco City Hall (4th Floor) cultural vietnamese and mexican wedding photos from sf city hall photographer couple  having first dance after ceremony at san Francisco city hall indian wedding at 4th floor gallery of sf city hallcandid wedding photography of san Francisco city hall private ceremony wedding photos from the 4th floor of san francisco city hall by zoe larkin photography classic and elegant wedding photos on the gallery level of sf city hall private wedding ceremony on the 4th floor north gallery, san Francisco city hall family pictures with wedding group on 4th Floor North Zoe Larkin Photography - sf city hall wedding photography for 4th floor private ceremonies

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I’m Zoe, a wedding photographer based in San Francisco! My style is candid, capturing authentic moments for my couples all over the Bay Area and Northern California. Creating content is my passion! Follow along the blog and Insta!


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Your 2024 guide to 4th Floor Wedding Ceremonies at San Francisco City Hall

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