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Interested in having the whole of San Francisco City Hall to yourself for your Saturday wedding ceremony? Then check out Eduardo and Dieter’s September City Hall ceremony for full buyout inspiration! The San Francisco couple were kind enough to lift the lid on some of their planning experiences – so I’m going to share this, […]

San Francisco City Hall full buyout Saturday wedding

set up at San Francisco City Hall for full buyout wedding

March 26, 2020

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wedding photography timeline for san Francisco city hall wedding

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If you’re in the throes of planning your San Francisco City Hall civil ceremony, you’re in the right place! In this article, I’m going to guide you through how to create your City Hall wedding timeline. Because great planning is the key to a stress-free, flawless wedding day. Sure, a San Francisco City Hall civil […]

Sample wedding timeline for San Francisco City Hall ceremonies

March 21, 2020

I’m excited to share this Camp Mendocino wedding! Unique, meaningful and fun are the words that come to mind when I look back on Sara and Chris’ October 2019 wedding. Camp Mendocino holds a special place in the hearts of many locals. If you grew up in Northern CA, chances are you went to Camp […]

Camp Mendocino wedding photos

couple leading their guests at camp mendocino wedding

March 13, 2020

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How to get married at San Francisco City Hall - Official Guide by Zoe Larkin Photography

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If you’re planning to get married at San Francisco City Hall, congratulations, and welcome! You may be well underway with City Hall wedding planning already. Or perhaps you’re gathering ideas for your future wedding or elopement. Whatever the case, I hope my guide to getting married at San Francisco City Hall is helpful! San Francisco […]

How to get married at San Francisco City Hall – 2020 guide

March 12, 2020

I am delighted to announce that Zoe Larkin Photography will now offering family photography sessions in the Bay Area for past wedding photography clients! Family lifestyle sessions will give you the chance to have beautiful, relaxed photos as your family grows. You’ll have the benefit of working with someone whose style, presence and energy is […]

Family photography now available for past wedding clients!

bay area family photography

March 12, 2020

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restaurants for san francisco city hall wedding receptions

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Wondering where to have your reception after your San Francisco City Hall wedding? I’ve put together some of my favorite, achingly cool San Francisco restaurants that will be happy to your reception or meal after your City Hall wedding!  All of these epically hip restaurants serve excellent food and will take good care of you […]

The 12 coolest San Francisco restaurants for City Hall wedding receptions

March 10, 2020

Add the word ‘wedding’ into any service or product and the price suddenly shoots up. You’ve probably seen the undercover research, as this Huffpost article dives into. A reporter gets a quote for an anniversary party or family gathering. They call back and make the same inquiry except for a wedding and the price goes […]

The wedding tax – the REAL reason wedding vendors charge more

If you're planning a wedding you've probably wondered why wedding vendors charge so much for their products and services. Why do wedding-related items have such a huge markup? Are unwitting brides and grooms being taken advantage of by unscrupulous wedding vendors? We take a deep dive into wedding economics. This article lists 13 reasons why weddings can, and should cost more than non-wedding events. The answers may surprise you. #weddingeconomics #weddingplanning | Zoe Larkin Photography

March 6, 2020

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couple checking in at North Light Court, San Francisco City Hall for their Valentine's Day wedding

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Today I want to let you in on a little San Francisco City Hall inside knowledge on Valentine’s Day wedding ceremonies. City Hall doesn’t always publicize their special set-up for Valentine’s Day, so I’m letting you in on all the goss! 2020 was the 4th year that SF City Hall has instated the tradition, and […]

Valentine’s Day wedding ceremonies at San Francisco City Hall

March 3, 2020

A wedding photographer’s guide to a relaxed, drama-free wedding! My 25 tips are specifically for you to keep in mind on the big day itself. Short, sweet and to-the-point, read this right before your wedding and hopefully a few will come to mind on your big day! These wedding day tips are focused not only […]

25 day-of tips for a drama-free wedding & amazing photos

How to have a relaxed wedding day

February 28, 2020

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tips for photographing gay LGBTQ wedding couples by Zoe Larkin Photography

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As a straight, cisgender wedding photographer I am extremely grateful and proud that a number of LGBTQ+ couples have trusted me with their weddings, engagements and love stories. Showcasing these couples’ photos has earned me more LGBTQ+ wedding bookings for the upcoming year, which I’m pumped about. Working with LGBTQ+ couples has been an incredible […]

Photographing LGBTQ+ couples as a straight, cis wedding photographer

February 25, 2020

Mellow + chilled… and I’m not just talking about the wine! Honestly, this Eristavi Winery wedding was the epitome of effortless Cool. With a big ‘C’. Urban wineries are becoming more popular these days. Traditional wineries will always have their place. For many San Francisco couples, spots closer to home have their unique appeal. Morgan […]

Eristavi Winery Wedding San Francisco


February 19, 2020

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Mayor’s balcony wedding at San Francisco City Hall

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Oh, for more of these stunning Mayor’s Balcony weddings at the glorious San Francisco City Hall! The Mayor’s Balcony is an elegant choice for couples that would like a little more privacy, a higher guest count and the chance to exchange personal vows at their City Hall wedding. To show off this private area of […]

Mayor’s Balcony Wedding – San Francisco City Hall 

February 15, 2020

These days, documentary-style wedding photography is the norm. The genre is also known as candid wedding photography, photojournalism, reportage, and a whole host of terms. Though there are some subtle differences between the terms (for the photo nerds & purists out there) I’ll use them interchangeably. Interested to know what the other wedding photography styles […]

Candid wedding photography – 7 tips for wedding couples

What brides need to know about candid wedding photography

February 10, 2020

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Glacier Point Amphitheater Yosemite Wedding by Zoe Larkin Photography

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Love these two and their Glacier Point Amphitheater wedding! This was my first time photographing a wedding in Yosemite National Park, and I sincerely hope it won’t be the last. A Yosemite wedding is also an excuse for a fun little getaway for you and your guests! Everyone wants to linger a little longer to […]

Glacier Point Amphitheater Yosemite Wedding

February 6, 2020

As a City Hall wedding photographer, I am sometimes asked about the standard marriage vows that couples will be taking on their wedding day at San Francisco City Hall. When you get married at a courthouse or city hall, there isn’t an opportunity for personalized vows like at a regular wedding ceremony. At least for […]

San Francisco City Hall wedding vows


February 3, 2020

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36 questions to ask your wedding photographer | By Zoe Larkin Photography, San Francisco wedding photographer

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I’ve created this list of 36 questions to ask your wedding photographer. Hopefully, this will help wedding couples to figure out some ideas as to what they might want to know more about. (You won’t be able to ask them all!) Whether it’s about style, presence on the day, deliverables or pricing, wedding photographers are used […]

Questions you REALLY need to ask your wedding photographer

January 31, 2020

Thank you for checking out this gorgeous, rainy day Monte Verde Inn wedding in Foresthill, CA! Located about 12 miles northeast of Auburn, CA in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains is the quaint private estate, Monte Verde Inn. As outdoor wedding locations in Northern California go, it’s pretty special. The property is a […]

Monte Verde Inn wedding, Foresthill CA


January 27, 2020

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How to afford a great wedding photographer

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Hello friends! Are you looking to cut your wedding costs? Wondering where you can prune off a few dollars and thinking – maybe the photography? As a wedding photographer I am writing this article with, let’s face it, a bit of a bias. But here’s the thing about wedding photography. What photographer you choose, matters. […]

40 ways to CUT your wedding costs & hire a GREAT photographer

January 22, 2020

Sharing J & B’s Quadrus Conference Center wedding in Menlo Park. This was my first time shooting at the venue. At first you may be wondering is a Conference Center going to be good for a wedding? What will it look like? The good news is, it’s an inviting space. Dreamy, even! It’s filled with […]

Quadrus Conference Center wedding Menlo Park


January 18, 2020

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how should wedding vendors share wedding photos

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Hey there, fellow wedding vendor! You’re receiving this blog post because I’ve just sent you a gallery of wedding photos from a wedding that YOU worked on and provided awesome work. I am so stoked to be working with you! I want to see you and your biz grow and thrive, that’s why I’m sending […]

Wedding vendors: best practices for photo sharing

January 14, 2020