Planning a quarantine wedding? Don’t know where to begin with all the things you need to make the big day go smoothly? Well, the good news is you can purchase a TON of your décor, attire, food and drink service items from Amazon!

That’s what makes this curated inspiration list so special. I’m a wedding photographer that has already shot a handful of quarantine weddings. I’ve seen first-hand what couples actually need (or in some cases, wish they had), to make their wedding a huge success.

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I know exactly the items that you’ll need during this crazy, unprecedented times. Less of the reams and reams of unnecessary decor, now obsolete. More stuff that’s actually needed – and sparks joy – without breaking the bank.

Innovative tech gadgets and streaming solutions to share your wedding with loved ones who couldn’t be there in person? Check.

Modestly-priced wedding dress and cute accessories that won’t break the bank? We got it.

Picnic paraphernalia and disposable food service items for your informal wedding picnic? Keep scrolling! 👇🏾

post-pandemic weddings are likely to be very intimate affairs - a wedding industry pro insider's take on DIY weddings

Whether you’re having a couple-only elopement, or a small wedding, pandemic and post-pandemic weddings are likely to be very intimate affairs.

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According to the Knot, a survey of more than 470 couples revealed that 96% were rescheduling their weddings; of those couples, 65% are pushing their weddings to later in 2020, while the rest are undecided or opting for a 2021 date.

If you’re interested in seeing how some of my other couples got married during lockdown, check out the post linked below!

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Small, DIY weddings are the future of the wedding industry?

With such uncertainty, it seems obvious that small, DIY weddings are the way to go. At least for now and the immediate future. In my experience, couples are spending much less on every aspect of their weddings. This is due in large part to the diminished guest count – and the tightening of budgets across the board.

What’s clear is that planning a wedding in 2020 or 2021 requires more flexibility than the wedding industry has ever seen before.

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This decision to downsize is not just rooted in financial and safety considerations as a record number of people file for unemployment benefits and lockdown and social distancing measures endure. The pandemic has also forced a broader reckoning among some brides, inspiring them to reevaluate their priorities. In doing so, certain aspects they once thought were non-negotiable have become superfluous at the height of a global pandemic.

NBC News, How coronavirus could change wedding culture — even after the pandemic ends

It’s my belief as a wedding professional, working in an industry facing this unprecedented challenge, that weddings for the foreseeable future will more intentional, more affordable and greatly downsized.

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Will big, lavish weddings be a thing in the future? Quite possibly. But for now, the trend is this. Couples are taking matters into their own hands. They are paring everything down, going simpler, smaller and more intentional. Everything’s more relaxed. Plans are held loosely.

(And vendors need to be able to respond to these new realities!)

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And there are a great many things to embrace despite the challenges of the current time.

For one – you can save a lot of money on your wedding now that we’re all making every penny count. With a realignment of values comes a shifted sense of priorities.

The rise of DIY weddings - couples are taking matters into their own hands and downsizing and doing their wedding planning themselves.

Show me the Amazon goodies!

Phew, that got a little heavy. The gist of it is, we’ll see a trend towards downsized and DIY-friendly weddings.

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So keep things simple AND sweet with these sweet Amazon purchases that will make your pandemic wedding a doozy! Many of these affordable items will find uses around your home for years after you tie the knot. So, without further ado, here we go!


Attire & Accessories

Ideas for wedding attire and accessories available on Amazon! Budget-friendly wedding clothes for your DIY downsized wedding, shop now from our curated collection of affordable wedding clothes | Zoe Larkin Photography
Attire and accessories – for him, her and them.

Ah yes, your wedding dress/ suit! If you dare to look, you’ll find a brave new world of the most gorgeous wedding outfits on Amazon. Sure, you’ll have to do a fair bit of digging around, making sure you don’t get stuck with a dud. Read the reviews, check to see if the designer is reputable and exists outside of Amazon.

The good news is, I’ve done the work for you. The items I’ve selected here speak for themselves. For more on this, check out my curated Pinterest board Rad Wedding Dresses‘.

Update: I created a separate post on the best boho wedding dresses on Amazon for under $200! I realized there were such incredible dresses out there (and some were, let’s face it, not so great – so don’t waste your time!). Instead check out my guide to my fave Bohemian-style affordable wedding dresses, linked below.

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Adrianna Papell Asymmetrical Jumpsuit

1. Adrianna Papell asymmetrical Jumpsuit

This gorgeous wedding jumpsuit from Adrianna Papell is new on the market! Featuring a zippered closure and striking symmetrical design with embroidered bodice, this jumpsuit brings a little bling and a very bold and modern bridal style.

The wedding jumpsuit trend is a really exciting one to get on board with, as DIY weddings tend to be non-traditional – so run with it!

Adrianna Papell strap wedding dress

2. Adrianna Papell sleeveless gown with beaded top

This simple, beaded gown also from Adrianna Papell features a pretty V-neckline, spaghetti straps, an embellished bodice and an ankle-length fit.

The floaty gown can be dressed up or down, and the tulle layers can be removed depending on desired level of pouf. Simple and stunning!

Dress the Population simple dress

3. Dress the Population simple ivory dress

The Los Angeles brand Dress the Population has been gaining a reputation since 2011 for eveningwear with a chic, spirited design ethos.

I love their affordable wedding collection, like this flattering polyester/ spandex wedding dress with a plunging V-neck, hidden back-zip closure and daring thigh-high side slits. You could seriously even dye this for use after the wedding!

Floral lace off-shoulder mermaid dress

3. Floral lace off-shoulder mermaid dress

Though this is a no-name brand, the price and 2,000 almost five-star ratings cannot be ignored! The mermaid dress with its fit n’ flare style is particularly flattering on curvy brides.

It’s adorned with a delicate lace shell and eyelash details that look beautiful against the shoulder and decolletage. This one even comes in colors like black, red and blue for non-traditional brides!

Jenny Yoo Inesse wedding dress

5. Jenny Yoo Inesse floaty wedding dress

Jenny Yoo, a New York City-based wedding dress designer, specializes in unexpected details and modern silhouettes that flatter and delight. There’s an incredible softness and a rich mix of high-quality textures to her work.

The Inesse dress comes in the softest, most feminine colors that can even be worn after the wedding. The circle skirt adds romantic drama and photographs beautifully. (Movement!! 💛)

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Short 2 Tier Lace Wedding Bridal Veil

6. Short 2-tier embellished lace bridal veil

The Amazon shop Elliehouse has super sweet and affordable veils, capes, skirts and other tulle items. The veil is characterized by the two tier design and exquisite mantilla lace appliques.

The seller even customizes the size and exact of the veil layers if you have something particular in mind – or want to match the exact shade of your dress! Yes, you CAN have super-traditional touches even with a rad, informal wedding!

Mesh fascinator for wedding red

7. Red mesh fascinator with birdcage veil

Fascinators are one of my absolute favorite bridal accessories. In the UK where I’m from, they’re indispensable for the MOB, MOG and just about everyone else. I’m glad to see them catching on more in the States!

This one attaches via a headband for tangle-free removal and maximum sturdiness. The satin, feather and mesh materials are surprisingly robust for something so delicate!

Feather Flower Fascinator Pale Pink

8. Pale pink fascinator with flower and feathers

This small, lightweight fascinator has a vintage style and comes in so many colors! Due to its delicate construction, it attaches by either a clip or broach. You can use it to pin your hair in place or keep it flyaways swept off your face.

This piece also looks great with a birdcage veil. Isn’t this one super subtle – somewhere in between casual and formal. Fascinators are great for elevating a simple outfit and imbuing it with a sense of occasion!

Peony artificial wedding bouquet

9. Artificial peony wedding bouquet with burlap

I picked this one because it looks so real! If you’ve ever tried to get peonies out of season, you’ll know the struggle. The bouquet is much cheaper than fresh (like, by orders of magnitude), and in the photos you won’t be able to tell.

You’ll be able to use this as home decor in a pretty vase for years to come. As well as soft-colored pink peonies, this lifelike bouquet also features berries and variegated green leaves like fern and eucalyptus.

bride and groom face mask with 2021 printed in gold - available on Amazon

10. Customizable Bride and Groom Face Mask

No pandemic wedding is complete without face masks – so better make them cute! 😷😷 These customizable ones are photo op-ready, with your names printed on them.

The Rae Mode Amazon store has a wide range of personalized and trendy items that are perfect for your low-key wedding day, such as camping mugs, bags, bottles, bridal bags, wine tumblers, compact mirrors, and apparel.

Artificial boutonnieres set of 6

11. Artificial wine-colored boutonnieres set of 6

I first heard of Ling’s Moment Amazon store because of their amazing silks for flatlay styling. Now I’ve just seen these SUPER cute boutonnieres for grooms/ groomsmen/ male family members.

Vintage Marsala (pictured) is my favorite color combination and could well set the tone for a red wine-themed wedding color palette. The dusty roses, dotted with gold leaves, pearl and greenery are exquisite – but it’s that rich ribbon that does it for me!

Calvin Klein men's suit separates

12. Calvin Klein men’s suit separates

For a more formal, super versatile suit, you can’t go wrong with classic Calvin Klein. Made with 94% Wool and 6% Lycra Spandex it works well for the San Francisco summer!

Available in black, gray and three shades of blue, your boo will be 2020 wedding-ready in this timeless suit. The modern shape is reflected in the pant’s lower-laying design which lays lower on the hips and is tapered from the thigh to the bottom opening.

Mens Linen Suit Jacket

13. Petty Ellis men’s linen suit jacket

Planning a more casual vibe for your quarantine wedding? (Think: picnic, backyard, barbecue, lounging in the park?) Then you’ll probably want a versatile but casual, layered look.

This light-colored linen jacket will set the tone for your whole look. Perry Ellis is an American brand that has been redefining sportswear since 1976. The passion, optimism and playfulness shows through in pieces like this, which are now very affordable on Amazon.

Floral bow tie set

14. Floral bow tie and pocket square set

This playful and fun men’s tie set is perfect for an informal wedding! It features a tie, a pocket-square and a ready-tied bow tie. Little touches like this make a big impact to your overall look, immortalized forever in your photos.

There are several cute colors that fit with the most popular wedding palettes and themes. There are fewer opportunities for fun details as a groom, so any chance you get to add personality, color and fun into your groom’s look, do it!

Minimergency wedding day kit

15. Minimergency wedding day kit

I absolutely love this dreamy little glittery little cube bag that comes with 21 essentials and incidentals for every wedding day mini emergency! Meant for bridesmaids, I think this pack is essential for prudent DIY brides, too.

The 21 items include a mending kit, dental floss, double sided tape, stain remover, a safety pin, pain reliever, earring backs, tampons… you name it! I can’t tell you how many times girls getting ready have gotten into a tizzy because they didn’t have one simple item that wouldn’t solved all the issues in 5 seconds flat!!

Reusable Collapsible large tote bag

16. Reusable CleverMade large tote bag

CleverMade provides innovative solutions for everyday life – basically well-designed items that just make everything better! I’ll be honest, a pet peeve of mine is couples’ brightly-colored, random plastic or canvas shopping bags full of their wedding stuff. Yah, I said it.

Despite our best efforts, they always end up in the background of the photos, as we move around a lot while shooting. Items need to be within view if we’re in a public space.

This 30L bag keeps items safe while blending into the background. You can even get an insulated version! And this large lightweight is only 1.25lb when empty – with an impressive weight capacity of 30lb!

Wifey wedding gold sequin jute tote

17. ‘Wifey’ gold sequin jute tote bag

Probably my favorite feature of this bag is the rope-like handle! In fact the bag’s materials overall are top notch and extremely durable: 100% jute fabric which is eco-friendly. An alternative version of this large bag reads ‘Mrs, Est 2020‘. Might as well embrace the doomed year, right?!

The gold sequin is really eye-catching and tasteful without being overly loud. And who doesn’t need some bride-swag at a time like this, when so many finishing touches are cut from budgets?

Decor & Furnishings

Ideas for decor and furnishings available on Amazon! Budget-friendly wedding decorations for your DIY downsized wedding, shop now from our curated collection of affordable wedding accessories and furnishings here | Zoe Larkin Photography

With DIY weddings, I’ve seen many couples skip out totally on decorations. That’s cool if it’s what they want, but I am here to make the case that a little carefully curated decor can go a really long way!

Do you need cascades of the most expensive, elegant roses flown in from Colombia by charter jet? Sure, that’s cool if it’s your thing but… seriously, NO. In my humble opinion, minimalist is the way to go!

Even if it’s just a simple, unadorned wedding arch, a few wicker baskets, a macrame hanging or lanterns in a tree, these items bring a touch of class and a sense of occasion that is indescribable. So, I’ll stop trying to describe it 😉 But if you don’t believe me, check out my curated Pinterest board Wedding Ceremony Ideas and Inspiration‘.

Gold and white confetti balloons

18. Gold and white confetti balloons

These cute balloons can be used as simple decor to embellish even a public space with minimal set-up or hauling of stuff (and very simple tear-down too, aka popping the balloons and disposing of the latex!)

You can use air or helium to fill these. And they’re ultra-thick so have been reported to last up to two weeks! A tip for these is to add two drops of water in the confetti ones and swirl around to allow the confetti to stick. Works a charm!

Cotton Fabric Bunting

19. Cotton fabric bunting garland

With a downsized wedding, you want to keep things simple, pretty and tasteful. You don’t want to be lugging crate-loads of stuff. So decor that is easy to set up, lightweight and adds a subtle pop of color and style – that’s your best friend.

Bunting is one of my fave ways of injecting some festival vibes into even a public space. My suggestion is the cotton fabric type, as it’s too easy to tear or rip the paper ones. You can use these ones indoors or outdoors. A top tip is that bunting also makes for the cutest nursery decor 👶🏾 just sayin’!

Cotton Tassel Kilim boho rug

20. Cotton tassel kilim boho rug

This black and white, unlined boho-style rug comes in a variety of different sizes. My thinking for these long-shaped ones is that they make great aisle runners! Create your own aisle to add a sense of occasion, and then keep or give away these cotton rugs.

They work really well outdoors and can be washed in the washing machine. Lay a few down together (maybe even mismatched ones!) for an instant aisle. If you’re a sucker for geometric patterns like I am, grab yourself a few of these inexpensive rugs!

Hand Woven Rug aisle décor

21. Hand woven gray cotton rug

This neutral rug is simple and chic, with a subtle geometric pattern this time woven into the fabric. It’s a cotton blend – 45% cotton, 45% polyester and 10% viscose.

Another idea for rugs at socially-distanced weddings with a laid-back vibe is to allow each guest or group to have their own rugs to sit on during the ceremony or picnic! That way, each person or family can keep their distance as per their own level of comfort.

Vintage Boho distressed Area Rug

22. Vintage Boho distressed area rug

Even before the pandemic, I saw couples using rugs to carve out an aisle or ceremony spot. Especially if you don’t have a backdrop, you want some sort of focal point for the ceremony. Not only does it give more of that all-important sense of occasion, it also looks more elegant and wedding-y in the photos!

Looking for a rug that has a low pile and a distressed feel that wouldn’t look out of place in a park, woodland or other public setting, this rug’s perfect. It has a ridiculously affordable price tag, too!

Picnic Blanket large VonShef

23. Large striped VonShef picnic blanket

VonShef is a British brand that’s now available everywhere thanks to Amazon! Their sleek designs and dedication to both form and function is really fun to behold.

This large 58″ x 71″ waterproof, striped picnic blanket is cute and easy to transport with its faux leather straps. Sure, you can get more expensive ones but if you’re looking for a few sweet blankets for your socially-distanced wedding picnic, I’d grab a few of these while you can!

Macrame Wall Hanging Decor

24. Macrame Wall Hanging Decor

I’ve had one of these in my office for the past 3 years since I moved to the States, and I freakin’ love it! And the trend is still just as strong now, but the price has dropped quite a bit. If you have a narrow wall space in your home, this is a perfect decorative touch.

As you’ve probably gathered, I absolutely love decor that can be easily repurposed like these macrame wall hangings. But how could you use these at your DIY wedding? Easy – hang them on a tree or a wall, or even on your ceremony arch. They add a subtle movement which is quite magical outdoors.

Metal Tealight Mini Candle Lantern

25. Metal tealight holder lanterns, set of 6

Aren’t these Moroccan tealight candle-holders so cute? I can see these being used to light up your aisle for a sunset ceremony! LED tealights would work best for these beauts, and they can be used indoors or outdoors.

Note: these are SMALL (4 1/2″ tall) so for a wedding even 12 or 18 would not be amiss. There’s a rad assortment of colors (even a multipack), so mix it up a little, or stick with the classics!

Metal Pergola Arbor wedding arch

26. Metal pergola white wedding arch

This metal arch is simplicity itself and makes a nice touch to your yard, training flowering plants up it. Decorate this metal tubing wedding arch with fresh (or faux) flowers, or get creative with low-cost, eco-friendly options, too.

Drape the arch with fabric offcuts, use foliage from your favorite tree, dried or artificial flowers, string lights, paper streamers, pampas grasses, macrame hangings… the list is endless!

Print at Home Wedding Invitation Kit

27. Print-at-home gold foil wedding invitation kit

Just because your wedding is smaller than originally planned doesn’t mean doing away with traditions that float your boat! Sure, digital invitations are a thing, but old-fashioned invitations in the mail add a certain je ne sais quoi.

This set of 50 5 X 7 inch invitations are set on smooth, heavyweight ivory cardstock and feature a cascading gold foil dot design.

Paper invitations aren’t on everyone’s list of downsized wedding priorities, but when you look at the cheap price you may decide to squeeze these in to your wedding plan if timing allows!

Sequin Tablecloth 50 X 80 inch rose gold

28. Rose gold sequin tablecloth 50 X 80 inch

This rad glittery tablecloth comes in a bunch of colors and a variety of sizes. Transform the a drab folding table into an eye-catching display or dining table with this reusable tablecloth.

If you can’t have the finest wooden tables at your intimate wedding, consider this heavily-embroidered, dazzling tablecloth!

Happy Wedding rose gold balloon

29. ‘Happy Wedding’ rose gold balloon

So cute! Not only is this festive decor, it would also make for a cool backdrop for a photo wall/ makeshift photo booth!

Each letter is 16 inches high so there’s no chance of missing this statement balloon. This is a new item on the market, and there’s nothing else quite as cute with the same message. So let me know if you tried it!

Rose Quartz Healing Crystal

30. Rose Quartz Healing Crystal

Uh, Zoe, why is there a CRYSTAL on this list of wedding decor?! This actually has multiple uses – hear me out!

First off it’s a fab item to use as a weight. I’ve seen groundsheets flying all over the place – likewise tablecloths. San Francisco is a very windy place, people! Keep your fabric items in place with this aesthetic crystal that comes with good vibes included 🔮 ✌️

Also: general decor (aisle markers, altar ornaments, table centerpieces, favors… )

Sandalwood fan favors for guests

31. Sandalwood fan favors for guests, set of 48

If you’re getting married somewhere HOT, keep it cool with these sandalwood fans. You’ll get 48 expandable fans which you guests can take home as favors after your wedding.

They’re very lightweight and fold up tiny. It’s been reported that a small proportion of every batch don’t function quite right, but with 48 in your order, you can get rid of any duds ahead of time.

Single color wand streamer ribbons

32. Single color streamer ribbon wands

As an alternative to confetti which is normally not permitted in public places any longer, use these fun streamers!

The ribbons are almost 2 feet long meaning they will create a beautiful effect when all your guests are waving them once you’ve said ‘I do’, and you’re recessing up the aisle.

I have to say, these look really cool in photos. And much easier to work with than confetti!

Minimalist guest book with foil stamping

33. Minimalist guest book with foil stamping

An 8.5 X 8.5 inch wedding guest book with 32 internal pages (64 sides) of matte 180 gsm paper! This is a beautiful guest book with no-frills packaging and completely blank pages, suitable for hand-written messages, drawings, as well as Polaroid photos to be pasted in.

I love (OK, sensing a theme here!) how gosh darn SIMPLE this book is, with a paper cover, silver lettering and timeless style.

Folding Bamboo Chair Set of 4

34. Folding bamboo chair, set of 4

Depending on your wedding plans, you may or may not need chairs. These folding bamboo chairs are likely cheaper than renting chairs that are likely to be inferior.

As photographers we love it when weddings are not ‘plastic chair weddings’. If clients ask me about their chair choices, I always advise spending the extra. Use wooden chairs for the greatly enhanced appeal in your photos.

For a downsized, pandemic wedding, you will not be spending much on 8 or 12 of these chairs, that will easily find a home after the big day. (Who doesn’t need more folding chairs?!)

Food & Drink Service

Ideas for food and drink service items for wedding available on Amazon! Budget-friendly wedding plates, picnic baskets, cups, glasses and more for your DIY downsized wedding, shop now from our curated collection of affordable food and drink items for intimate weddings | Zoe Larkin Photography

Okay the fun stuff – booze and food, amirite?! You want to be prepared, yes, but you don’t want to be encumbered with a 24-piece bone China dinner set when you’re having a casual picnic. Exaggerating slightly, but for sure consider matching how you’ll serve your food/ drink with the ambiance of the event.

Plastic disposable stemware is the best solution for some. For others, it just won’t do, whether for ecological or aesthetic reasons. So have a think about what’s going to be the best choice for your unique celebration.

Picnic hamper or cooler? Disposable or ceramic plates? Sit down at a table or lounge around on picnic rugs? Eat a meal or just have a ‘cheersing’ moment? 🥂

At the risk of making your head explode, I give you my curated Amazon selections for food & drink service / storage.

YETI 10oz Wine Tumbler

35. YETI vacuum-insulated 10oz wine tumbler

YETI is unsurpassed in all things cooling! Spread a little joy and wine in this incredibly aesthetic wine tumbler! Don’t know about you, but if I went to a wedding as a guest and got to take home my own YETI insulated tumbler as a favor, I’d be stoked 😉

The way these vacuum-insulated tumblers feel in your hand is quite lovely and well worth the splurge, given it’ll last a lot longer than the wedding day!

As YETI says, ‘now, enjoying your wine in the wild is simultaneously hard core and laid back’. Couldn’t agree more! 🍷

YETI Tundra 35 Cooler

36. YETI Tundra 35 cooler

This may not be the *most* affordable cooler around but it has a bunch of features that make it the best on the market. This YETI cooler will probably last you the rest of your life. So, I guess that makes this cooler your first family heirloom.

It’s portable enough for one person to haul while still having an impressive carrying capacity of up to 20 cans with a recommended 2:1 ice-to-contents ratio.

It has cool-sounding T-Rex Lid Latches constructed of heavy-duty rubber which means no more busted latches. The cooler has has Rotomolded construction which means armored and virtually indestructible.

Steel-Belted large cooler

37. Steel-belted large retro cooler

I don’t mess around when it comes to coolers. This retro-inspired Coleman one is another market leader.

This bad boy has a 54-quart capacity that accommodates up to 85 cans. And a feature I love – a built-in bottle opener! 🤯

Amazingly, Coleman’s premium insulation offers 4-day ice retention in temperatures as high as 90°F. So if you’re planning a Joshua Tree elopement, this ought to do the job (also please hit me up).

Disposable Gold Glitter Plastic Champagne Glasses

38. Gold glitter disposable champagne flutes, set of 100

Great for the all-important toasts, plus you’ll have enough to bust out more a little later in the day.

The gold glitter gives a little extra something in my opinion. I also love how the champagne goes all the way down to the bottom – inside the stem, essentially. That’d be a nightmare to wash, so thank goodness these are disposable!

Stemless Plastic Champagne Flutes

39. Stemless Plastic Champagne Flutes, set of 24

Can you get any more refined than these shatterproof stemless champagne flutes? 🥂No? OK then!

I love that these disposable glasses actually LOOK like glass. These easily add an upscale touch to even the most casual picnic-style wedding, because who doesn’t want to sip champers while feeling absolutely fabulous?!

Gold plastic plates with gold silverware

40. Gold plastic plates with gold silverware

A 100-piece set of gold or gold-rimmed silverware and plates! Set contains 20 dinner plates, 20 dessert plates, 20 forks, 20 knives and 20 spoons 🥄. You can reuse these or treat them as disposable and recycle them.

The high gloss, shiny finish looks like real China and matches with the elegant gold cutlery. Lovin’ the refined, modern touch that this affordable dining set brings!

Clear acrylic cupcake stand

41. Clear acrylic cupcake stand

This clear plastic tiered cupcake stand holds about 24 – 30 average-sized (3″) cupcakes It has a minimalist feel, barely-there kind of feel to it.

It’s made from food-grade acrylic plastic making it safe even to place food directly onto. And yes, you can use this for other items not just cupcakes! I kind of like the idea of a mini empanada bar myself. 🥟 Anyone…? No?

What’s more is that this cupcake stands folds away for easy storage, and can be reused for less formal events in your home.

Wicker picnic basket set

42. Wicker picnic basket set

A super cute, all-in-one picnic hamper set with plaid blanket, ceramic plates, stainless steel cutlery, cotton napkins, salt and pepper shakers and wine glasses, all encased in a classic willow wicker basket. A joy to behold.

If you’d rather stick with eco-friendly, robust, reusable items rather than disposable, you can’t go wrong with this timeless picnic set. And oh, my goodness, would this make for the cutest wedding picnic photos!


Tech & Equipment

Ideas for wedding tech including streaming items and tech gadgets and accessories available on Amazon! Budget-friendly wedding technolog for your DIY downsized wedding, shop now from our curated collection of affordable tech items such as lights, camera, speakers, tripods, streaming cameras and more | Zoe Larkin Photography

The final section in my affordable Amazon wedding buyers’ guide is the all-important tech. With recent world events, it’s clear that many couples are opting to stream or record their wedding for all those that couldn’t be there in person. That’s probably the biggest change as far as wedding tech goes.

So whether you want to GoPro livestream the whole thing, or use your cellphone on a tripod with a mic to record the event for posterity, I’ve got a few solutions here together with ideas on how to use them.

I’ve also got tips for sound systems and lights, again keeping things simple and affordable, while still having a big impact. I feel I’ve got a good handle on where you should splurge and where to save – mostly through my own experience & learning from my mistakes.

So, into this new wedding tech world we go – let me know if you’ve got any first-hand experience using these items so I can share with readers!

GoPro HERO7 with 720p streaming

43. GoPro HERO7 with 720p streaming

Maybe like me, you’ve never considered a GoPro before. Well, isn’t live-streaming your wedding the perfect opportunity to try one out?

WEAR your camera and be sure to capture everything YOU see. What this GoPro has over cellphone footage is gimbal-like stabilization. There are tons of cool features like voice commands, timewarp (stabilized time lapses while you move around a scene), shooting 4K60 video and live-streaming via the app. Oh, and you can also take this guy underwater?!

There’s actually a newer model which streams 1080p, but for most folks, the older model is sufficient (and saves $$$) if you just want something reliable to livestream your wedding on and you’re not, like, getting into vlogging as your next major hobby.

Gorillapod flexible tripod

44. Gorillapod flexible tripod

I’ve been eyeing these flexible tripods for a while now, and let me tell you, they’re unique. And COOL. The legs bend in crazy ways, so you can wrap them around anything or angle them any way you want. Use it as a monopod, tripod or even with a camera as a mini photobooth!

As with all tripods, it can be used with any camera or a phone. You can even mount a flash or video light instead. It’s a versatile item that you’ll no doubt find use for years afterwards. Keep scrolling to check out the smartphone mount.

Lightweight Tripod for camera or phone

45. Lightweight Tripod for camera or phone

Even as a professional photographer, I use a tripod so rarely that the most basic (aka cheapest) one suits my needs just fine. And that’s with camera/lens combo that weighs about 45lb (or at least it feels like it).

So what I’m trying to say is unless you specifically need a tripod that can withstand very high winds, this Amazon Basics one is great! And if you’re worried about stability, a few sandbags are no bad thing.

As is, it’s compatible with video cameras, digital cameras, still cameras and GoPro devices. It’s also easy to use with your cellphone, with the adapter below.

Manfrotto universal smartphone clamp

46. Manfrotto universal smartphone clamp

This very affordable bit of kit will keep your expensive smartphone safe! I just picked up one very much like this for my YouTube channel, and it works well. Mine was a little more expensive and all-metal, but this one is comparable.

It’s compatible with any cellphone up to 3.2″ wide. Check out the silicone rubber pads for secure grip. The Manfrotto name fills me with confidence as they’re the best in the business for tripods and other professional photography gear. If you’re a photography dabbler, you’re no doubt familiar!

Microphone clip on with long cable

47. Microphone clip on with long cable

A couple of things you need to bear in mind. Firstly, you need a long cable if the logistics of your space and your event allow that (otherwise a Bluetooth mic may be what you need, but that’s a lot more tech to figure out than this plug-and-play solution).

Secondly, test the mic and make sure you’re familiar with how it works in advance. If you’re going DJ-less, it’s up to you or your planner to ensure it’s picking up sound correctly. If you’re using your phone to record/ stream, you’ll almost definitely need some kind of amplification, and a lapel mic is the easiest way of doing that.

A warning: I have a VERY cheap mic that I got for recording YouTube videos. Sadly, I’ve had to redo a voiceover because I realized afterwards that there was a loud buzzing sound that wasn’t present for my audio tests prior to recording. It’s worth investing in a more reliable but still affordable mic! This PowerDewise one has almost 6,000 reviews and a rating of around 4.5 stars. It’s a trusted brand. On my WishList as my next mic purchase!

Sound-activated rainbow party lights

48. Sound-activated rainbow party lights

Who doesn’t love some sound-activated party lights? And you won’t believe the bargain price on this one. You have 3 sound-activated modes and 7 lighting modes. It’s kinda like having a disco ball but without having to install the darn thing and then never be able to move it.

Check out the user photos – this tiny gadget can light up and transform a large room! I seriously want one.

With almost 90% 4- or 5-star ratings from well over 5,000 reviews, this cool party light is a no-brainer.

Outdoor string lights with bare bulb

49. Outdoor string lights with bare bulb

From a raging party light… to a serene, upscale and elegant bare-bulb string light. These ones are great for outdoors and are you can add a dimmer to create the right ambiance for your event.

At 48 feet long, these will look great criss-crossed across a patio or dancefloor area, and add more visual interest than the conventional LED string lights. It takes 11W S14 (large screw-in) incandescent bulbs. The Edison bulb, exposed-filament effect gives a neat vintage vibe which will look super romantic in your wedding photos (BOKEHHHHH!)

Bose Soundlink bluetooth speaker

50. Bose Soundlink bluetooth speaker

Woop, woop! We gettin’ the party started up in here or wuttt?! If you need a sound system for your small wedding, better make it one that can pack a punch without being this huge item to lug around!

Let’s be real, there are a LOT of crappy, off-brand Bluetooth speakers out there. And they’re just that – crappy. This is one item you won’t be purchasing especially for the wedding but will use in your home or yard for years. It has 8 hours of play time from one charge, a wireless range of 30 feet, is water-resistant AND you can even pair two SoundLink speakers together!

90% of 12,500 Amazon reviewers give a 4 or 5 star rating for this product! For an intimate wedding in a smaller space, this quality Bluetooth speaker is ideal.

Don’t forget to invest in stuff that will save you headaches

One thing that is fast becoming the norm for 2021 weddings is livestreaming the big day. As you’ll see from my list, some of my top items are all geared around recording or livestreaming your wedding.

However, one important consideration when figuring out your wedding livestream is whether it’s worth the possible disruption to your day (or inconvenience to a guest) to DIY your livestream. If you’re going to have one, please remember that technology can be one of the most unpredictable and stressful factors on a wedding day. And with pandemic weddings, time is often tight.

I highly recommend looking into LoveStream (my personally recommendation for wedding livestreaming in the United States) who will take care of every aspect of your wedding livestreaming – all remotely. And you can even get 10% off the wedding streaming package of your choice with my LoveStream discount code ZOE10.

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To sum up

Folks, that’s it! Comment below if you got inspiration for your DIY downsized wedding. Did I miss anything? What would you add to this list essential Amazon wedding purchases?

Do you love a good curated list of lovely stuff that’s available on Amazon? If you have a home office space, check out my list of the 60 CUTEST home office supplies!

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I know, it can seem a little overwhelming when this so-called ‘simple’ wedding now needs so much stuff, so much planning! If it gets a bit much, don’t feel afraid to call in the pros! It is a great idea to chat through with a wedding planner (who can usually supply a BUNCH of decor and other items) for even the tiniest wedding.

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With a few smart Amazon purchases, you can definitely make your intimate wedding personal, meaningful and completely stress-free. Pandemic or not, your wedding is a special time that you deserve to savor and truly enjoy!

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Planning a DIY downsized wedding? It's easy to overlook what you really NEED, while keeping things affordable + practical. I understand the challenges (& joys) of intimate, DIY weddings and will thoughtfully guide you through some items that I'm sure you never considered, but will be lost without! So let's keep things REAL and use Amazon (aka our best friend) for affordable wedding purchases that will last well beyond the big day! #wedding #weddingplanning |
What to buy for your DIY downsized wedding? Shop our curated Amazon finds! | Zoe Larkin Photo
I'll take you through my 50 essential Amazon purchases that are all super affordable! Downsizing your wedding doesn't mean settling for second best. When you go DIY, you can choose to be super intentional with the items you choose for your intimate wedding, whether you want inspiration for attire, food & drink items, lighting or gadgets! DIY weddings are beautiful and practical. Now you can use Amazon for budget-friendly wedding swag! #wedding #weddingplanning |
50 affordable Amazon finds for DIY downsized weddings | Zoe Larkin Photo
Ideas for weddings purchases for your Downsized pandemic wedding! These items for décor, clothing, tech and food/drink accessories are available on Amazon! Budget-friendly wedding, shop now from our curated collection of 50 affordable Amazon wedding items! | Zoe Larkin Photography

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50 affordable Amazon finds for DIY downsized weddings

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