If you’re looking for cute supplies for your home office, you’ve come to the right place. Maybe you’ve found yourself working from home, or are finally getting around to creating that office you’ve always dreamed of. Either way, cute desk accessories can make a huge difference, even inspiring you with your endeavors.

As a wedding photographer, I’m used to working from home. I’ve been doing the home office thing for a while. I’ve also moved house a few times, and I know first-hand how important it is to carve out an area that feels perfect for you.

Create a space you feel happy and inspired to work in, day after day. You don’t need to break the bank or go for a full-on remodel to spruce up your space. Through my journeys in amateur interior design, I’ve found that sometimes the smallest changes have an impact.

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Home office desk accessories that brighten your workspace

Many of us are experiencing prolonged working from home for the first time recently. We are hurriedly (or not so hurriedly) creating workspaces in corners of bedrooms, converting our closets or transforming that junk room into something resembling a home office. And we need office supplies and accessories, that are both functional and beautiful. 

For me, I’ve been working from home in my small service business for a few years now. I’ve been through many iterations of a home-working set-up now, in a few apartments. I know how important it is for the office environment to feel like a space you actually want to be in. It can make a huge difference to motivation and productivity.

The biggest change for me was getting my own office almost a year ago. However, even if you don’t have that luxury, you can still add touches that make your workspace feel like you. Check out these desk accessories and office supplies that elevate any space.

modern minimalist desk and office accessories for home office working
My favorite cute office and desk supplies! | zoelarkin.com

Modern and minimalist office supplies

All the items on my 60 cute office accessories for working from home have a few things in common. Yes, you’ll see a lot of millennial pink, a personal fave color of mine that has endured for years. Add to this dusty sage green, monochrome and an abundance of neutral tones that apply to this curated collection.

Some of my other current fascinations (OK, obsessions) also made it onto this list: hexagons, concrete, felt, fur and rose gold. For me, a big part of interior design is combining textures in a pleasing way: marble and sheepskin; wood with metal; concrete with gloss. 

My curated list – feminine vibes meets industrial chic

As a photographer by trade, I learned to appreciate the beauty of juxtaposing textures not even that long ago. I got a sheepskin rug from Ikea, but ended up using it as a styling backdrop for just about everything. The interplay of textures with neutral / light colors really appeals to me. It seems modern and upscale and hip. Since then, I’ve grown increasingly fascinated with minimalist design and styling. 

This curated list was also created with timelessness in mind. I am drawn to a mixture of minimalism and modernism. You’ll see a twist of mid-century modern and other vintage touches peppered throughout. All of this makes for feminine and hipster vibes aplenty. In short, they cute. 

If your aesthetic is anything like mine, you’ll appreciate a beautifully-designed object in and of itself. Basically, this stuff sparks joy. It’s my hope and belief these accessories will outlive the trends.


Hopefully that has given you some inspiration and ideas for transforming your home office or workspace simply and cost-effectively. 

These days we are all spending more time at home, at our desks and trying to figure it all out. Surrounding yourself with just a few cheerful, inspirational & beautifully designed accessories and decor for your office makes you smile.

Oh, and you definitely don’t need to overhaul everything to incorporate a few feminine, modern touches to your home office

What do you like from this list? My personal faves are the gorgeous vintage fan, anything by ban.do, and this stunning lamp that combines several of my obsessions in one gorgeous object! Let me know your favorites that you have your eye on in the comments! 

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Grab some affordable inspiration for your cute home office/ workspace situation with these 60 accessories - all available from Amazon! You don't need to spend much to create a tasteful and beautiful workspace vibe. Small changes make BIG differences, so check out this curated list for the best in cute, cheerful home office accessories. These carefully curated, beautifully designed items showcase minimalism + modernism, with a few vintage, midcentury modern touches | #officedecor zoelarkin.com
60 cutest home office desk accessories – modern, minimalist & feminine | zoelarkin.com
Looking for ways to brighten up your home office? These 60 cute desk/ office accessories are sure to bring a smile to your face each time you sit down to work. This list of desk supplies - all available on Amazon + priced affordably, elevate your home office. If you're a fan of cute decor, felt, concrete, geometric shapes, neutral pastel shades, faux fur and rose gold, this will give you SO much curated home office inspiration! | #officedecor #homeoffice #workingfromhome zoelarkin.com
Accessories & desk supplies for your home office – 60 cute ideas available on Amazon curated by Zoe

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60 cute supplies & accessories for your home office (on AMAZON!)

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