I'm here to guide you through the process of getting married in our monument and offer helpful advice.

The rationale behind this is that a little planning goes a long way! Knowing what you need to do ensures a stress-free day without a hitch (except the two of you getting hitched, natch!)

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This short intro to crop ratios for print is for intended clients who are considering ordering wall art or albums. What is a Crop Ratio? Crop ratio means the ratio of one side of the image vs. the other side. The photos I take and deliver are 2:3 ratio. That means that the only way […]

Understanding crop ratios for print


April 2, 2019

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M + Y | Classically elegant intimate City Hall wedding

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March 27, 2019

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M + Y are a private couple, so a City Hall wedding with just closest family present worked perfectly for them. I adore working with couples who have a specific vision, and M + Y brought so much to their wedding that was so stunningly pretty. Even a little of that Southern California sunshine! I’d […]

How do we go about getting married at sf city hall? This is often the first question that comes to mind when couples dream about their future wedding ceremony in San Francisco’s most beautiful monument. 90 days before Book your appointment for your ceremony. 95% of couples will be booking what’s called a civil ceremony. […]

How do we get married at San Francisco City Hall?

city hall tips

March 7, 2019

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Darcie + Robert | Kid-friendly San Francisco City Hall wedding

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December 17, 2018

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Kid friendly San Francisco City Hall wedding This sweet, family-centered City Hall wedding ceremony was the epitome of joy and kid-friendly fun! Darcie and Robert decided to celebrate their tenth anniversary by getting married at City Hall, San Francisco, just a few months after their move up from San Diego where they’d previously lived for […]

You’re getting married at City Hall TODAY and you want some City Hall tips! Here’s my all killer no filler guide to getting awesome San Francisco City Hall wedding photos! Without further ado here are your City Hall tips! City Hall tip 1 Relax, breathe and take it in. The moment will be gone TOO […]

10 San Francisco City Hall on-the-day tips!

city hall tips

December 6, 2018

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Thinking of buying a Wedding Album? Here’s how it works


November 8, 2018

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Looking for a beautiful tangible printed wedding album that will hold all your treasured memories and have pride of place in your home? Well, wedding albums have definitely moved on since the days of the ringbound album with the clear plastic sheet you’d lift to stick your 4 X 6s into (totes showing my age […]

Candid city hall photos Candid city hall photos are my absolute favorite. I couldn’t have been happier to capture Rosie and Alex’s very emotional ceremony at SF City Hall. The story 6 years to the day after Rosie & Alex met, they got married at San Francisco City Hall. They said hi to each other […]

Rosie + Alex | Candid city hall photos

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September 18, 2018

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Winnie + Marc | A scenic San Francisco City Hall wedding

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June 26, 2018

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SF City Hall wedding Winnie and Marc met in the San Francisco dance scene of the late 90’s and early aughts. After thirteen years together, they got married! Of course, we met up before the wedding to learn more about each other. And I asked the question. “Why now?” I love to hear couples’ proposal […]

San Francisco City Hall destination wedding These two beautiful people flew up especially from Orange County, CA to celebrate their San Francisco City Hall destination wedding. They brought with them a small handful of close family including Steph’s father, Minh’s mother, plus siblings and cousins. Stephanie and Minh had been together for a year and […]

Steph + Minh | San Francisco City Hall destination wedding

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May 15, 2018

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Intimate City Hall wedding ceremony photography

city hall tips

January 12, 2018

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Intimate City hall wedding An intimate city hall wedding is all about celebrating the union of two people! It can be extremely simple and always so meaningful. There’s something refreshing about wedding stripped down to its most vital elements: vows, ring exchange and yes, the paperwork. We believe that simple doesn’t have to mean unimaginative. […]

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