I am delighted to announce that Zoe Larkin Photography will now offering family photography sessions in the Bay Area for past wedding photography clients! Family lifestyle sessions will give you the chance to have beautiful, relaxed photos as your family grows.

You’ll have the benefit of working with someone whose style, presence and energy is already familiar to you. If you enjoyed the process of working with me as your wedding photographer, you’ll love what we will create for your new family.

cute + stylish bay area baby photos

As your family grows, you’ll want regular family photo sessions! | Photography by Zoe Larkin Photography

Who is eligible?

I’m keeping my family photography sessions solely for past wedding clients. I am not currently looking to expand my business in the direction of family photography per se. Weddings remain my focus and area of expertise.

However, I’ve decided to extend my services to past clients as I see more and more of you are having kids! I’d love the opportunity to continue working together in the years ahead, having already built a solid working relationship.

family photographer bay area

Candid, documentary and lifestyle are words that come to mind | Photography by Zoe Larkin Photography

Style of photography

Just like my wedding photography, my family photography style is candid and documentary-style. I love the idea of in-home lifestyle sessions. My favorite is capturing your family doing your normal day-to-day activities together. You’ll look back on these photos as the years advance and remember what life actually felt like when they were so little.

Think less: your baby inside of a boot or giant shell and more: parents snuggling up with baby on the bed.

family snuggling up to baby - zoe larkin photography

Snuggling with baby and enjoying this miraculous new stage of your lives is wonderful with new babies | Photography by Zoe Larkin Photography

In fact, I am as unobtrusive as possible during my family sessions. Sure, we’ll do some posed shots preferably outdoors (for older kids) where everyone looks at the camera and gives me a grin. But generally, I don’t favor the contrived photos or making everyone look or act a certain way.

I love the ‘lifestyle photography’ label – it’s your life, styled! Gone are the days of studio family photography with blasting lights, forced cheesy smiles and everyone dressed up to the nines. Just be your cute, imperfect real selves.

Each session is different and tailored around each family. As I’m not a family photographer by trade, we can keep things unique and personalized. Happy to be led by you!

bay area family photography at lands end, san francisco

An example of the wide variety of photos we can do – this shoot was just one hour in duration | Photography by Zoe Larkin Photography

Where does the family session take place?

I’ll visit your home or a pretty outdoor location such as a beach or park – but ideally your home. The key is for it to be somewhere meaningful to your family. Nowhere holds more memories than the private space you spend most of your time together.

Kids being themselves makes for the best family photographs

Want to head to a nearby park if your home is out of commission? No problem! | Photography by Zoe Larkin Photography

How should we prepare for the shoot?

If we’re at home please give your home a spruce up in advance. Put your favorite bed linen on the bed and clean up toys. For bed linens and clothing, you can’t go wrong with white and light neutrals.

I always favor light colors for timeless images that works the best with my style of photography. Try to avoid any graphical prints and visible logos – the eye is drawn there. Fancy new outfits aren’t necessary. Just wear something that you feel comfortable in!

natural, candid family photography by Zoe Larkin Photography

Natural, unposed moments that are true to your family – that makes my heart sing | Photography by Zoe Larkin Photography

What’s included and long does it last?

You’ll receive at least 60 digital files, edited in my signature style which you can find out more about on the link below. This is about weddings, but it’s the same process as far as the editing and delivery go.

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The sessions will last up to 1.5 hours so there’s plenty of time for snack & bathroom breaks plus any mini meltdowns. If it goes a little over, that’s fine.

I find the unrushed approach makes for better photos. Kids and even babies can be wary of a stranger’s presence, so there is definitely a warm-up period. I’ll be interacting with and observing them before they’ll feel comfortable in my presence. Relationship is everything in photography.

mother and baby and father and baby photography

Relationship is everything – it takes subjects a while to warm up to the camera being there | Photography by Zoe Larkin Photography

What should we do during the shoot?

Anything you like! To get the best playful interactions, it helps to be doing an activity. If you’re at home, the possibilities are endless! You could play with pets, make cookies, change outfit, build something, play your favorite sport. I’ll give some direction whenever the situation calls for it.

If we’re in an outdoor location, feel free to bring a picnic blanket and some favorite toys. The kids will soon forget I’m there or include me in playtime!

How much does it cost for a session?

I offer this 1.5 hour shoot with at least 60 digital images (usually a lot more – basically all the good ones!) for $1,000. CA sales tax is not levied on this product. It includes travel of up to 30 miles from 94110 (Mission District). Travel fees start at $100 for locations further afield.

family photography available for past wedding clients

When their little personalities start to show… It makes for the cutest moments | Photography by Zoe Larkin Photography

What isn’t offered?

Coverage of a particular event such as a birthday party, tied to a certain day. It’s possible there needs to be a little flexibility due to the nature of wedding bookings that are my livelihood.

I also do not do birth, Fresh 48 or newborn sessions as this is definitely a specialized skill – which requires 24/7 availability. I’d recommend hiring a professional that specializes in the specific type of photography. If you are looking for recommendations I would gladly give my professional opinion.

Kids at family photoshoot- bay area

Interested in booking your family shoot? Drop me an email! | Photography by Zoe Larkin Photography

Is Zoe even a family photographer?

Not by trade. However, I did start off my photography career by doing family photography – seriously! While I was waiting for opportunities to second-shoot weddings for other photographers, I scooped up some family photography gigs. Read more about that journey here:

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Folks are much more willing to give a newbie a chance doing their family’s photos than their wedding pics! Family photography is much lower pressure than weddings so even now, I appreciate the opportunity for these kinds of bookings!

Having built both people-skills and photography skills shooting weddings over the course of several years, it’s easy to transfer this to the quiet environment of a home. It’s even more awesome working with folks that already know, like and trust me!

Interested? If you are a past client get in touch and we’ll take it from there. Thanks for reading!

bay area family photography

Family photography now available for past wedding clients!

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