Wondering what you can send to a friend (or client) in the mail? I’ve been a raving fan of Greetabl, the gifting service for a couple of years now. And I couldn’t keep it to myself any longer. As a wedding photographer, I use Greetabl for client gifting, and I love it! 

If you’re looking for little gifts to send in the mail, Greetabl could be exactly what you need! Get started sending personalized, unique gifts by mail to friends or clients in the U.S. and Canada. Use my code ZLARKIN for 20% off your first Greetabl gift (or your first YEAR of Greetabl Insider)!

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As the concept is kind of new, I’m sure you have a lot of questions. So let’s dive in and hopefully your questions are covered here. If not, leave me a comment below!

Looking for holiday gifting ideas for clients and friends? Check out this year’s Christmas Greetabl!

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Greetabl gifting for wedding photographers - with promo code 20% discount
Your Greetabl comes beautifully boxed!
Greetabl images being unboxed - a great way to approach client gifting for small business owners in the US and Canada
Your Greetabl comes beautifully presented with your choice of gift inside!

Use code ZLARKIN for 20% off your first Greetabl including Insider Pro [Greetabl Promo Code]

What is Greetabl?

A Greetabl is a small, affordable gift in a box with a personalized greeting.

Yes, the box is an important part of the gifting experience! You can customize your box design, add photos to the box print*, choose the gift of your choice and send it to friends or family. Each Greetabl is unique as it’s custom-built by you! 

Greetabl is here when you need something more than a card and more personal than flowers.
Unboxing and review of my Greetabl! If you're looking for creative client gifting solutions, try out Greetabl and use my affiliate code for 20% off use code ZOELARKIN
Unboxing my Greetabl – so gorgeous!
Holding up the Greetabl message - someone wants you to smile inside the gift box
‘Someone wants you to smile’, reads the card when you open the box 😉

The gifts available are extensive and there are often new items in. Example gifts include:

  • Scented candles
  • Photo frames 
  • Bourbon toothpicks
  • Balloon party garland 
  • Keychains
  • Jewelry
  • Beard tonic
  • Champagne gummy bears
  • Enamel pins
  • Socks… you name it.

Being a custom gift box builder, the possibilities are endless. You can even choose your own box design* if you want to get really fancy.

Review of Greetabl by a small business owner using the gifting service for sending out small client gifts
The inside of the Greebl with customized photos and your choice of pattern

Watch my unboxing video of my holiday Greetabl!

How much does Greetabl cost? 

There are different tiers available (you can even get started on the basic tier, which has no annual subscription). 

If you just want to try it out, I’d suggest starting with the pay-as-you-go! With the Insider level (which is currently only $39/year), you’ll get free first-class shipping (usually $5.50), access to more designs and a quicker turnaround. You’ll also receive generous credits for each gift sent.

Top tip: Unless you’re going to hundreds of gifts out in one batch, and need a mail merge/ import facility, the ‘Insider’ level works great for wedding photographers!

On top of the annual subscription (if you choose it) there is the cost of the Greetabl itself. A Greetabl starts at $10 for each box you send. You choose what you’d like to add to each box. Greetabl’s inventory frequently has new additions, but a current snapshot shows gifts in the range from $3 – $46. So it’s totally up to you how much or little you’re comfortable spending.

For me, my Greetabls usually come in somewhere around $25 all told. (Which also plays perfectly into IRS rules about client gifting limits for tax deductions!)

how to use greetabl - a gifting service that works great for wedding photographers looking for creative client gifts
I added photos from the client’s engagement shoot and wedding into this gift!

What is so great about Greetabl?

This gift in a box is such a cute and novel idea. I love that the gifts are small, and all fit in the same box. A really neat feature is that 2 of the 3 sections where you can add your own custom photo (or logo) are perforated! 

As a wedding photographer, it’s a no-brainer! You can add photos from the couple’s engagement shoot into the box design, which they can tear off and keep. I usually add my logo to the far right position of the design, as that is the spot that isn’t perforated.

Greetabl features perforated sections for personalized images such as wedding photos
Cut out and keep the photos from your Greetabl – perfect for client wedding and engagement photos

As someone that’s always struggled with client gifting, this takes all the friction out of it. The main issues I used to have were:

  1. It takes soooo long – coming up with ideas, waiting for items to arrive, prettifying, then going to the post office or mailbox to drop off. Not exactly seamless!
  2. Figuring out how to make the gifts look pretty – by the time I factored this in, a simple gift was now 3 X the price!
  3. Items I liked would never be in stock – at one time, I used Amazon to source little trinkets. But the items I liked would always go out of stock just when I was getting into a groove.
  4. Outer packaging – I would send gifts using USPS Priority Mail boxes – which, sorry USPS, look horrible! 

The ease of use of this gift in a box makes it a pleasure rather than a chore. Just looking at all the pretteh makes my heart happy. I’m seriously stoked to be able to take you through exactly how to send out a Greetabl.

Pretty bowl inside my Greetabl by Stacy Wong Handmade
This Gretabl featured handmade wooden ring bowls by Stacy Wong

Use code ZLARKIN for 20% off your first Greetabl including Insider Pro [Greetabl Promo Code]

How do you send a Greetabl?

Step 1: Choose your box and gift

Once you click onto Greetabl’s homepage, and click ‘create one’. Then you’ll see all the lovely box options.

screenshot of Greetabl for client gifting - box designs
Choose your box design under ‘build’ section of Greetabl’s custom box builder

After choosing your box, skip to the next tab – gift! This is the exciting part. Let’s see what they’ve got today!

Greetabl review for wedding photographers gifting ideas - screenshot of cute gifts on offer
This is just a small selection of the gifts Greetabl has available

Top tip: Don’t forget you can ‘add a bonus gift’ by clicking on the third icon at the top of the page after you’ve chosen your box + main gift.

bonus gift - screenshot of greetabl building a gift box and review of the cliient gifting service

Greetabl has recently extended its line of bonus gifts, to now include many different options at a range of different price points. So browse around and see what you come up with as an ideal gift for your friend or client!

Step 2: Add your custom message and photo / logo

After you’ve chosen your box design and your gift, you’ll get to the final design screen. Here you’ll add your photos and your custom message. When the recipient unfolds the box, they’ll see both your gift and your personal message inside.

Here’s what it looks like on the design side of things:

A beautiful solution for client gifting - custom boxes from Greetabl, choose your gift then add photos and customize box designs plus a personalized message

Notice you can change the typeface on the left hand side and add emojis there. Stuck for what to write? There’s a constantly-updated and timely list of suggestions to get you started, at the bottom of the page.

Top tip: For my wedding photographer friends out there, you can send your Greetabl when the client’s onboarded, or save it until after the wedding and use as a sneak peek when excitement is high

If you don’t have images of your own you want to use, that’s OK! Greetabl has a huge library of images and fun little messages, so you can find something that fits the vibe perfectly.

After that, you simply fill out the sender’s address and it’ll be billed to your card on file. Then in 3 – 10 business days. you’ll receive a very excited email or DM thanking you for the thoughtful gift, which only took you 5 minutes to design, select, customize and send.

Seriously, guys, it doesn’t get simpler than that.

Greetabl review for wedding photographers and other small business owners
Take your pick out of dozens of available gifts, and add a bonus gift if you like. This one features P.F Candle Co

Who is Greetabl for?

In my opinion, anyone can use Greetabl! Many of the gifts are more suited to female millennials but there’s so much of a range, there really is something for everyone.

Unboxing and review of Greetabl - use promo code ZOELARKIN for 20% off when you sign for your Greetabl
The beautiful presentation has a lot of visual appeal, making the unboxing half the fun!

Greetabl is particularly great for:

  • Small business owners (that live in, and send gifts within, the U.S. or Canada)
  • Creatives and bloggers that love to put their own spin on things
  • Wedding photographers! Greetabl allows us to showcase our work in unexpected ways that will thrill our clients 😉
  • Anyone that wants to be better at remembering friends’ birthdays
  • One-off gifting purposes and special occasions
  • Anyone that wants to spread a little joy without breaking the bank!

My next question is are there any downsides to Greetabl? None that immediately come to mind (and they all pale in comparison to the benefits, but:

  • The turnaround time can be a little long – up to 10 business days. However, with the insider level you can add notifications which give you plenty of time to create your gift if it’s for an annual occasion. You can also upgrade to faster shipping options.
  • Some of the gifts are a touch similar, and suit one demographic more so than others.
Reviewing and photographing my Greetabl - a great gifting solution for wedding photographers in the US and canada
Add your own branding and choose the perfect gift – couldn’t be simpler!

Greetabl promo code [new for 2020]

If you’re looking for a Greetabl coupon for 2020, look no further! Click the button below (my affiliate link) to be taken directly to the Greetabl site where you can begin crafting your own. You’ll save 20% too.

And there you have it! I have honestly loved using Greetabl over the past couple years, and will continue to do so. Tailoring my gifting so specifically not only to the occasion, but also the aesthetic, the tastes and personality of the recipient is both convenient and actually fun to do.

I always find myself feeling happy when I see on my to-do list that I have to send a Greetabl. It’s a joy to spread joy!

Greetabl for Christmas and holiday gifts

It’s never too early to start planning your Christmas/ holiday gifts! For a sneak preview of what Greetabl has in store for your Christmas gifting this year, check out this sample below. I mean, come on, how cute is the box print for 2020?!

Greetabl for christmas gift ideas 2020 - preview of the box designs and gifts available for your wedding photography client gifting needs
Greetabl's holiday gift ideas 2020 - preview of the box designs and gifts available for affordable client gifting this holiday season
Ideas for affordable Christmas gifting with Greetabl's festive gift in a box. Great gift ideas for clients, friends for Christmas 2020 gifting ideas
Christmas gifting idea for wedding photographers in the US - use Greetabl for the holidays 2020 and preview Greetabl's festive designs. Get 20% off with my exclusive code

Very festive and uber cute!

Thanks to Megan and the team at Greetabl for gifting me with these three gorgeous gift boxes for styling and promotion purposes. You guys rock!

Greetabl ring bows styled on a green leaf by wedding photographer Zoe Larkin Photography
Tasteful gifts, beautifully presented with bonus photo keepsakes, and it takes less than 10 minutes to order

Featured Gifts

Amber & Moss candle by P.F Candle Co

Wooden bowls by Stacy Wong Handmade

*Depending on your tier 

Greetabl Review & how to use for client gifting (20% off code) |  Wondering what you can send to a friend (or client) in the mail? I’ve been a raving fan of Greetabl, the gifting service for a couple of years now. As a wedding photographer, I use Greetabl for client gifting, and I love it!  It takes the friction out of gift-giving and gives you back the pure joy of making someone smile with an affordable and customized gift that suits both their personality and the occasion | zoelarkin.com
Greetabl Review & how to use for client gifting (20% off code) | zoelarkin.com
How to use GREETABL, client gifting service perfect for wedding photographers. Have you heard of the all-in-one easy and customizable gifting service, Greetabl? If you're looking to send a small gift in the mail, Greetabl's cute gifts start at only $10 then you choose your design, add a gift of your choice and personalize it with photos and messages. Enter your recipient's address and voila - joy will be shared! Get 20% off with my exclusive discount code! | #clientgifting | zoelarkin.com
How to use GREETABL, client gifting service perfect for wedding photographers! | zoelarkin.com

Use code ZLARKIN for 20% off of Greetabl including Insider Pro

greetabl review by a small business owner - using greetabl for your business client gifting

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Greetabl Review & how to use for client gifting (20% off promo code)

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