Jessica + Jericho | Muir Woods & Muir Beach fun foggy engagement

November 27, 2018
sweet engaged couple squeezing on muir beach

Jessica and Jericho (or as they are now and forever known, #jessicho), chose the serenity of Muir Woods and Muir Beach for their 1.5-hour engagement shoot earlier this year. The couple have been together for 7 years and counting! Jericho popped the question, on top of a cliff at Pacifica at sunrise, no less, last December. The time just felt right to make things offish.

The independent-minded couple met at Jericho’s cousin’s birthday party when they were just 18. Jericho took Jessica’s hand and led her to the dance floor, and never told her his name! Luckily through some Facebook stalking, Jessica found him, and it wasn’t long before she found herself on her first official date with him.

Their relationship endured through 4 years of long-distance love, when Jessica left for Long Beach State to go to college and Jericho remained in the Bay Area, where they are both from. Through tough times and good, they are now happily living in Pleasant Hill and planning their awesome wedding!

After connecting, Jessica, Jericho and I chatted on video call to get a feel for one another and so that I could get to know a little about them and their vision for their engagement shoot in a relaxed and informal way. I love hearing my couples’ stories and ensuring that we put something together that really honors who they are as a couple.

February is a great time of the year to shoot as it’s much less crowded than the high tourist season, and was not too chilly, either! Wedding photographers generally have much more time to spare than in the busy wedding season, and I offer engagement shoots during the weekend as well, which I cannot do during the May – November busy season.

We started out at Muir Woods, where we found some cool spots and also utilized the couple’s knowledge about the area. It’s a great idea to select spots that hold meaning to you as a couple – but equally, places that are just so scenic or iconic work well, as you can’t go wrong in a beautiful setting like this.

The outdoorsy couple decided to combine a hiking spot they enjoy together with the relaxed feeling of the beach. The light on beaches is, in my opinion, second to none and beaches are my favorite place to shoot. Fog is my favorite type of weather to shoot in, so we lucked out! The reason I love beaches is that pastel color tone, that changes between a soft warm light at sunset to a cool blue when it’s overcast or foggy. It’s like a blank canvas to play with.

Jessica wore a red satin-dress that really ‘popped’ in the pictures, set against both the complementary greens of the moss and leaves, plus the intense fog that we encountered at Muir Beach. It was also comfortable enough to move around in and even run towards the camera for some fun shots 😉

For more information on engagement shoots with me, visit this page, which takes you through the process of working together in detail, and gives a few helpful tips on where to shoot, what to wear and how to prepare. If you’re ready to talk about booking, get in touch!

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