And now for something completely different! Who’s heard of a Holga camera? This is my Holga, a medium format 120 film camera from Hong Kong. 

The Holga is known as a toy camera. It has an incredibly low-cost construction with a plastic meniscus lens (two spherical curved surfaces, convex on one side and concave on the other side). What does all of this mean for you? 

What you can expect from Holga wedding photos

First thing you’ll notice: yes, this camera is held together with tape. 🤣

The photos you get from this bad boy have heavy vignettes and sometimes have light leaks and other distortions too. 

Some folks really like how this camera captures a vintage, timeless feel. There’s nothing quite like the analog process that film is all about.

A wide tonal range, lots of grain, and an unpredictable element to the finished photos. 

I currently am using only black and white film, to add to the vintage feel of the images.

Where and why I picked up this analog camera

I bought this camera second-hand on eBay in 2018. No idea why – I felt like seeing what images I could get with truly the crappiest kind of camera – and to see if I could find some romance and beauty in imagery stripped down to the basics.

No fancy editing, no cropping or straightening, not even any color to make things ‘pop’.

order of Holga 120FN bought on eBay for under $20

It’s been a fun journey figuring out how to actually use this thing. There are very few settings on it (unlike a modern-day DSLR). It works entirely mechanically. 

It really is so incredibly low-tech, you literally have to crank the film for every exposure you take. The way you focus this camera? Simply stand the appropriate distance away from the subject! 

One person3 feet
Family 6 feet
Large group18 feet 
Mountain30 feet +
How far away to stand for focusing with Holga toy camera

I began bringing it along to weddings just for fun. Little did I know that I would start making images that really made me feel something. 

I started off using film back in high school in the 90’s and I love that I’m coming back to my analog roots! I love that there are only 12 exposures on each roll of film (120 film), so it makes each exposure even more precious.

photo of a Holga 120FN film camera and gallery of sample wedding images
Holga 120FN 120 film camera

Holga photos are unpredictable… that’s what makes them fun.

If you vibe with the serendipity of film, grab yourself some Holga photos!

Please note: Holga photos are delivered digitally only. The film is sent to a lab for processing, and the scans are sent back to me. I will then add these to your existing wedding online gallery.

Expect your Holga additions to take anywhere from 6 – 12 weeks. This is due to my lab where I mail my film to, taking several weeks as per their expected turnaround time.

Plus, as I will not shoot a whole roll of film at one wedding, I’ll typically shoot 3 or 4 weddings on one roll of Holga.

There is a small fee if you’d like to add Holga photos. This is more of a passion project for me, so the fee is nominal and helps me cover the significant costs associated with purchasing and developing the film.

120 film is come by to find and expensive to purchase.

Also, I currently am only using black and white 120 film, which believe it or not, is more costly to purchase and to develop than color film.

While I’ll do my best to come up with something cool, this isn’t a professional camera so the quality or outcome of the images isn’t guaranteed.

If nothing usable comes out on the film, I’ll apply the Holga photo fee as credit to your actual wedding gallery!

Please check your photography planning document to view the current price of this add-on to your package. Holga photos are only available with Zoe as your photographer, not associates.

Holga 120FN wedding photography gallery

2019: completely clueless (point and hope)

First iteration – before I realized there was a switch that changed the length of the shutter speed. I’d been using ‘bulb’ mode, which basically keeps the shutter open. Not my greatest moment, but I came up with some impressionistic images.

Shot on expired Ilford 400. Developed at Photoworks SF.

Trying out my Holga 120FN camera before taking it to weddings

Early 2021: getting the hang of it (quietly optimistic)

Shot on expired Holga 400. Developed at Photoworks SF. I still take unintentional double-exposures, but I swear one day I’ll do one on purpose.

Bay Area wedding photography with black and white film and Holga 120 toy camera
wedding photo taken with toy camera (Holga)
Holga 120 wedding photo sample

Later 2021: better focusing, deeper tones (enjoying the analog journey)

Changed suppliers for developing to Process One. Stocked up on a bunch of Holga 400 black & white film, my go-to, so I know what to expect.

Nailed in my focusing distances a bit better than before!

Also – spot my first light leak! 👇🏽

san francisco captured with Holga camera - wedding photos
san francisco trolley on Holga 120 black and white film
wedding photography with black and white film and Holga 120 toy camera
double exposure sample photo taken with Holga 120 toy camera
San Francisco wedding photos taken with a toy camera, the Holga 120
bride and groom on their wedding day in san francisco captured on Holga 120 black and white film by Zoe Larkin Photography

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Zoe Larkin
Zoe Larkin

I’m Zoe, a wedding photographer based in San Francisco! My style is candid, capturing authentic moments for my couples all over the Bay Area and Northern California. Creating content is my passion! Follow along the blog, Insta and my YouTube channel!

Wedding photos taken with Holga 120 toy camera

Wedding photos taken with my Holga (old toy film camera)

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