Hey there, fellow wedding vendor! You’re receiving this blog post because I’ve just sent you a gallery of wedding photos from a wedding that YOU worked on and provided awesome work. I am so stoked to be working with you!

I want to see you and your biz grow and thrive, that’s why I’m sending you the finished images, so you can share, share, share away! In this quick(-ish) blog post I’m going over some best practices for when you share images created by Zoe Larkin Photography.

Every wedding photographer approaches vendor photo sharing differently. Each has a different way of working and rationale behind sharing (or not sharing) the images they create.

Building mutually beneficial relationships with wedding vendors

I see relationships as the currency of the wedding industry. I try my best to foster real relationships with wedding vendors in which we work together before, during and our clients’ big day.

It’s my belief that every wedding vendor should be able to use the images that showcase their creations. After all, without your unique talents, the wedding wouldn’t have been what it was.

If you catch me at a wedding and we’ve 30 seconds to take a shot of you working, go for it! The couple also loves to see the vendors that made their day so magical. It also makes for content that’s absolute *gold*! You, hard at work setting up florals/ running a venue/ creating dishes/ spinning records.

Anyway, I love to share images with vendors from weddings in which the couple have signed a model release. This permits me to share the images with you, as the couple have already signed off on this in their contract.

Sure they are ‘just a few pretty pictures’ but they are a photographer’s entire livelihood.

We photographers are all, to varying degrees, protective and particular about them. We’re honestly not trying to be difficult or demanding. Just protecting our work. It’s often misunderstood in the digital age.

I simply ask that in exchange for images you’ve received at no cost to yourself you agree to adhere to guidelines I’ve outlined below. This is in order to make this a fair trade, which benefits both my business and yours.

Rather than asking you to sign a formal contract, I’ve simply outlined the best practices. I politely request you read through the information so we are on the same page.

Please let me know if you have any questions if anything is unclear or you have an idea for using the images that isn’t covered here.

The #1 main request when sharing my images online

The most important condition of your use of my image(s) is that you post a live hyperlink (URL) back to my website, www.zoelarkin.com.

The reason why this is so important is because of SEO. It’s called a backlink and it adds authority to my website when you link to me from your website.

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This ultimately helps me increase my visibility in the search results by demonstrating to Google that my site is worth linking to!

All the cool DJs whose images I’ve used on this page will get a little boost because I’ve provided them with backlinks ; ). Great for their Google rankings and free publicity for them!

So, text that says ‘Photo by Zoe Larkin Photography’ is better than nothing but not really useful to me. I ask that the live link is present in order for the usage to be considered ‘permitted use’.

If you are adding a caption to the images (like the captions on this article), you can copy and paste this code to the ‘caption’ field, depending what website CMS you’re using (this will work on WordPress for example):

Photography by <a href=”https://zoelarkin.com/”>Zoe Larkin Photography</a>

Other best-practice conditions when sharing my images online

  • The use of filters on photos is not permitted.
  • Don’t crop or alter the photos, beyond forced cropping (for example on Instagram’s 4 X 5 portrait ratio). To avoid forced cropping issues, simply use any image editing program that allows you to create a canvas of whatever dimensions, then add the desired photo within that canvas.
  • Please don’t use these images for TV commercials, billboards, print ads. That is beyond the scope of free usage and will require a paid commercial license. I would also consider it appropriate in this case to get the couple’s express permission, as it’s beyond the scope of the signed Model Release.
  • Please don’t sell the images on, nor create assets intended for resale or other distribution, whether digital or physical.
  • Please don’t share photographs with any other businesses. If anyone’s interested in using them for any reason, please refer them to me.
  • Please don’t ask the wedding couple directly for the gallery link. This puts them in a tough position, because they’re already bound by the terms of our contract, which forbids this.
  • No assignment of copyright shall be implied. Copyright remains with the content creator.
  • No additional images will be provided. All content is provided “as is”.


Permitted uses examples

  • Social Media (like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn). Ads on these platforms are permitted, with credit only (see below).
  • Website usage on your own website (such as blog posts, page headers, portfolio, sales page or your homepage).
  • Email marketing & distribution (for example Mailchimp or ConvertKit newsletter)
  • Printed flyers and mailshots
  • PR Assets with restriction

Crediting Zoe Larkin Photography in social media posts.

My social media handles are:

Instagram @zoelarkinphoto
Facebook @zoelarkinphoto
Pinterest @zoelarkinphoto
Twitter @zoelarkinphoto
LinkedIn @zoelarkin

You can also add a hyperlink to www.zoelarkin.com on the platforms that allow it.

The only platforms I am active on currently are Instagram and Pinterest. I don’t regularly log into Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter but we appreciate the credit there also. : )

Note for Instagram mentions

Credit must be given to Zoe Larkin Photography as the author of the work, every time it is posted to social media. Don’t worry about that bugging me if it’s months or years later. I still would like to be tagged.

Please tag at the time of posting. The tagging should be done by ‘mentioning/ tagging user’ within the picture AND in the caption that accompanies the picture underneath. Both methods should be used if you can remember to do so. Thank you!

Tips for best, best, best practices (we’re talking gold star)

I get it, we’re all busy, we’re all tired. But in the spirit of vendor cooperation, a little courtesy goes a long way and can undoubtedly help your business.

I don’t want to rant. I’ll leave that to this totally over-the-top article on Secret Life of Weddings that did the rounds a couple of years back.

As photographers, we are often the second vendor to be booked, after the venue (and sometimes planner if they have one). I’m often in the position to recommend other vendors.

The sad fact is, if I never hear a word from you, it’s tough to recommend you when I have nothing to go on! Instead, let’s build relationships! OK we may not go out to brunch once a month, but at the very least we can chitchat about that awesome wedding, lift each other up and exchange a few words of gratitude.

You’d be surprised that probably 80% of the times I’ve sent wedding galleries out to vendors, I’ve heard not a single word back. It can be incredibly frustrating and disheartening to know that after all this work I put in, and how excited I am to have new vendors to tell my clients about, I am met with indifference.

I’ll continue to do it, but it makes life much sweeter when we know our significant efforts are appreciated.

So, please:

  • Be mindful that photographers have taken the time to share images with you. Just like you, we have an enormous amount of work we do (after every wedding), not to mention running businesses in an extremely competitive, creative space.
  • Honor the photographer’s requests when giving you free images to use to promote your business. If in any doubt, ask.
  • Express your gratitude with a word of thanks, an offer to take them out to coffee or a little something that will make their day. Don’t just use the images without even acknowledging the person bothered to give them to you. Or even worse, not even bother to use them.


Don’t be shy to share!

I love sharing my work with fellow vendors and hope to see my photography on your Insta and website soon. Share away ; )

I also love to hear feedback for example if I could have captured your creation in a different way, please tell me. It would be foolish to go on making the same mistakes.

It may be a little intimidating but remember, I’m here to help you succeed. I’ll always be happy to make the time to chat on the phone and answer any questions. Some photographers threaten lawsuits if their incredibly restrictive rules are broken. I’d never do that. I do understand that with the best will in the world, sometimes credit isn’t given.

If happens.

What is important to me is that we can keep in touch and build a great working relationship. And you remember me when someone you know is getting married 😉 Relationships are everything in the wedding industry. I share images with you in the spirit of building relationships.

Wedding vendor photo sharing is a tricky subject. I respectfully thank you for your adherence to this informal agreement.

Looking for new photographers for your vendor referral list? Read about my services here: Bay Area Wedding photographer – Info, pricing, about & portfolio then contact me to chat! Hope we can begin our relationship here.

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Wedding vendor photo sharing! 📷 Want to make your fellow wedding vendor, the photographer, really happy? Read my guide on the BEST practices to follow and create a mutually beneficial relationship where wedding photographers are STOKED to work with you, and ALWAYS send you our clients' wedding galleries! 💐🎛️📋💒🍽️🍲💃🏿 Whatever your wedding expertise, you will benefit from professional photos. So don't get on your wedding photographer's bad side! | #weddingvendors | Zoe Larkin Photography

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Wedding vendors: best practices for photo sharing

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  1. Gwendolyn Andersen says:

    This is so beautifully and articulately put. Thank you.

  2. Kirk Wilder says:

    You really are super photographer and business person. Connecting all these dots and making our vendor hustle as simple as possible is just rocking. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kirk Wilder @ ACME Floral Co.

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