Let me level with you guys – as a wedding photographer I have a few pet peeves. One of them is this:

You’re standing at the altar or the arch – the most sacred spot, gathered together with your nearest and dearest community.

You’re a giddy mess of joy, nerves, excitement, a little sweat, happiness, sadness, relief – but mostly joy.

After the most moving speech by your officiant, and some thought-provoking readings about this journey of marriage you’re about to embark on, the time to recite your vows has come.

The big moment that your whole relationships has culminated in so far – the promises that you will make to one another for the rest of your lives.

This is it!

And you pull out… your phone.

Fumbling for your phone?

Yup, way to make this moment lack any sense of occasion!

OK, so I’m maybe being a little harsh and a tad facetious – it’s not the worst thing in the world. But seriously what would make this scenario way better? A beautiful (- and thanks to many cool Amazon sellers – inexpensive) vow book. 

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example of a wedding vow book available on Amazon
Thoughtful wedding details for an intimate forest wedding in San Francisco | Photography by Zoe Larkin Photography

What is a wedding vow book? 

A vow book is the ultimate keepsake, containing the personal vows that a couple makes to one another on their wedding day. This is where you’ll record promises for eternity, hand-written and memorialized in a pocket-sized book or card.

By the time you get close to the big day, chances are you’ll be a tad over budget and ever-so-slightly over it. However, making sure you get yourself a vow book is a worthwhile expense. 

Not only is it affordable but pretty fast too – thanks to Amazon. Sure, some of the personalized options will take longer but whatever style of vow book you purchase, you’ll get an instantly elevated experience when you recite your vows. 

Not just for you but your guests (and importantly, your photos, too). 

Vow books? More like WOW books! Here’s why! 

Why purchase wedding vow books?

Be fully present, not distracted by random notifications

When you get your phone out (especially on your wedding day) you will get sidetracked with random messages! It’s not your fault – phones were designed to steal our attention!

This is one day when you will not want to look at your phone (and nobody will mind if you don’t see their oh-so-urgent Instagram DM) so let’s run with that!

Here’s an example of a bride that had her vows on her phone. Not a big deal by any means (and no shade at all against this lovely bride, who wanted a super casual ceremony!) but I think the photo and the moment could be improved if she had a vow book!:

Example of a bride reading her wedding vows off her phone at SF City Hall
Example of bride reading vows off her phone | Photography by Zoe Larkin Photography

Obtain way better photos

Yes, it’s true, when we stare at our phones it doesn’t conjure up romance and emotion. It looks like you’re staring at your phone, just like you do every other day of your life.

Having your phone be such a prominent part of the ceremony will also date the photos. You’ll be looking back in the years to come and say ‘oh my gosh, how did we ever use those smartphones everyone had in 2021?’

Cherish and keep your vows after the big day

Such a biggie! Stuff that lives on your phone is… transitory at best. Are you going to print those vows out? Remember which notes app you use? Be able to retrieve your wedding vows in the years and decades ahead?

Especially if you have no videographer (and even if you do!), being able to see and keep those handwritten vows in a beautifully imperfect way, is priceless. 

Keep your vow book somewhere special so you can look back to the promises you made during life’s tough moments and when you need to be reminded. 

Not only that but a beautifully-chosen book can live on as part of your legacy. Imagine sharing your wedding vows with your grandchildren one day! 

Printer paper vows are easily misplaced, and may not even last beyond the shuffle of the big day. You run the risk of looking like someone presenting a report rather than making lifelong promises.

Example of a groom reading wedding vows from a sheet of printer paper
Example of groom reading vows from a sheet of printer paper | Photography by Zoe Larkin Photography

Be more inspired creatively when writing

When was the last time you actually wrote something by hand? I mean, aside from your shopping list or to sign a check in a restaurant?

There’s something that happens when you detach from tech, and sit along with your thoughts. A kind of creative force comes over you (or it does me anyway). I’m way better able to retrieve deeper, more whimsical thoughts when putting pen to paper than fingertips to keyboard. 

Many vow books have loads of pages, so you’ll have space for your initial thoughts and ideas, first and second drafts and the final vows. You can feel free to decorate and embellish how you wish, if that’s your thing. 

Flaunt your style

The whole wedding day is centered around this moment – when you actually share your promises with your partner. 

So, make it special and make it you! It doesn’t take much to pick out something that complements your wedding style and colors. Any size wedding can be elevated with this one simple, thoughtfully-chosen detail – it’s the exact opposite of lavish. 

When it’s all eyes on you, a vow book suits your unique style as a couple, and makes a statement. Getting some oh-so-very-you wow books is one of those little things that make a big difference. 

If you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to recite personal vows, then let this be a moment to announce who you are and what you stand for, in the most beautiful way possible.

Brides exchanging vows at CF City Hall
Marriers exchanging personal vows in SF City Hall | Photography by Zoe Larkin Photography

My curated list of wedding vow books for 2022

Here’s my selection of beautiful, simple vow books available on Amazon in 2022. This is what I love about Amazon – trusted name, great returns policy, delivered fast, with so many options to choose from and plenty of truly special, customizable choices.

The majority of vow books are His and Hers. It seems the more traditional aspects of the wedding industry are taking a while to catch up to the times. 

However, I’ve peppered this list through with customizable options that don’t mention ‘his’ or ‘hers’, plus plain, patterned, and name-only covers for something truly personalizable that doesn’t presuppose a heterosexual couple. 

My list has not only traditional vow books, but vow cards, notebooks, notebook covers and other vow book alternatives. So, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy! 

Wedding vow books - available on Amazon
Wedding vow books – available on Amazon! | Photography by Zoe Larkin Photography

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Best wedding vow books - available inexpensively from Amazon for 2022
45 best affordable wedding vow books to elevate your wedding ceremony – on Amazon for 2022 | zoelarkin.com
Cherish your wedding vows forever with these 45 wedding vow books available on Amazon - make your wedding vows last forever! (new for 2022)
Cherish your wedding vows forever with these simple, elegant and inexpensive wedding vow books on Amazon | zoelarkin.com

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45 beautiful wedding vow books on Amazon affordable

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