Where do I even start with this stunningly elegant engagement shoot set amid the rugged beauty of the Grand Canyon National Park?! It’s to die for!!

Christiana and David got engaged in November 2018 at Antelope Canyon!

They got a few wonderful phone snaps of the event, but they wanted to commemorate the season of their lives more thoughtfully with a series of photos that they can look back on in the years to come.

Nature is a huge part of the lives of these two. David’s training to be a park ranger, maybe even a geologist someday, and they both love spending time outdoors.

Not normally in dress shirts, heels and full make-up, admittedly.

Christiana and David relocated from Tucson to Flagstaff not long ago precisely so they could be closer to nature.

They say they don’t come to the Grand Canyon National Park enough, and I hope this shoot reignited their love for this place!

Melody + Noah at sunrise in Sedona

Planning their Arizona wedding!

They’ve been together for over seven years, starting out as high school sweethearts!

Stories like theirs warm my heart. With all the different ways people meet nowadays, it’s rare and beautiful to find a couple that has grown together from when they were just kids!

Their lives are so deeply connected and their hearts intrinsically intertwined.

Marriage seemed like the next step, and the couple is busy planning their Arizona wedding.

Watching them interact was such a joy to me. They inspire me so much, as someone who frankly hasn’t had a relationship even half as long as theirs (despite my much more advanced years!)

Planning the Grand Canyon engagement shoot

I was planning to visit the Grand Canyon on vacation. Rather than miss the opportunity to shoot there, I put out a Facebook ad!

The way our paths met seemed truly serendipitous. I’m so glad to have connected with them!

With all the vacations I used to go on all over the States, my abiding thought was usually ‘I wish I had a couple standing right in front of me’.

I am a love documentarian – it truly makes my heart sing.

Be sure to pin this to your engagement photos inspiration board!

A stunning sunset shoot at the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. This was a really special shoot that meant so much to the engaged couple, Christiana and David. Looking for some inspo for an epic engagement shoot or even ideas for your proposal? Look no further than this amazing shoot in one of the most beautiful places in the United States! | #epicengagement #engagementinspo #engagementphotos #grandcanyon | Zoe Larkin Photography


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To be honest I’m always looking for an excuse to travel & claim a tax write off 😉 so let’s talk!

Arizona is one of my favorite travel locations! I went there 3 times in 2019… woah! I have got the desert bug for sure!!

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Glamorous Grand Canyon engagement photography

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